Arrow 4/26 Recap

“Dangerous Liaisons” or The Key

Previously on Arrow: The former city District Attorney Adrian Chase was secretly the masked criminal Prometheus who has spent the season making Oliver and Team Arrow’s lives hell. Adrian’s motivation for doing so was that when Oliver first became the Green Arrow he killed Chase’s dad, so he now seeks revenge. Ollie was briefly kidnapped by Prometheus and forced to admit that his crusade to protect the city was secretly his way to fulfill his blood lust. Chase was exposed as Prometheus and is on the run after he killed 2 federal agents who were his protection detail when it was erroneously believed he was being stalked by the Green Arrow.

Our show begins with Team Arrow along with Argus (headed by John Diggle’s wife Lila) looking for Adrian Chase, who they’ve tracked down to an arcade. As they search the building, numerous booby traps are activated which allows Chase the time to escape.

Oliver, in his duties as Mayor, has to answer to the press and his constituents about the man-hunt and is asked some pretty hard-hitting questions. How could he work so closely with Adrian and not know he had a secret side? Little do they know, right?

In order to get some extra help, Felicity made contact with her friends in the hactivist group Helix. One of the main hackers, Helena, tells Felicity that it would help their search if she had access to Argus’ intel. Felicity is like “No problem”, and immediately signs on to the Argus database using a Helix computer. They think that Chase was able to give them the slip because he had someone tip him off from inside Argus. Our very next scene is of a guy entering an elevator at Argus HQ with the doors closing.  As the doors open his lifeless body spills to the ground, the first person we see on the scene is Helena.

ar519b 0375b Arrow 4/26 Recap

Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW

Curtis (Mr. Terrific) and Felicity review the elevator’s security video that show the poor guy – who actually had no connection to Chase – being tossed around the elevator like a rag doll. The elevator was sped up and stopped on purpose. The tech-duo realize that the elevator’s computer had been hacked which caused it to go haywire. When Felicity sees the code that caused the malfunction, she immediately realized it was Helena’s handiwork, so she rushes over to Helix to confront her.

ar519b 0396b Arrow 4/26 Recap

Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW

Helena tells Felicity that she wasn’t trying to kill the guy but knock him out. Considering this was her first time trying to pull such a stunt, it didn’t go according to plan and “whoops” he died. She then tells Felicity it was all part of a plan to free Caden James, the founder of Helix, who had been “renditioned” (when you covertly detain, question and torture a suspect) by Argus several months before without criminal charges or a trial. Helena needed the key around the neck of the Argus guy she killed to free Caden once they found him. And Helena dropped one more nugget – she tells Felicity that she needed to help Helix free Caden to gain access to a biometric computer program he’d created that can identify individual heart beats. Team Arrow could use that tech to track down Chase. So the indignation Felicity initially had about Helena killing an innocent man quickly went out the window.

Back at city hall, Deputy Mayor Quentin Lance and Renee, aka “Wild Dog”, meet with family members of Prometheus’ victims to try to placate them. Renee isn’t really feeling it because talking about all that death is a downer to him, which is surprising to Quentin since he learned Renee’s backstory from blabbermouth Curtis. You see, Renee himself has experienced personal loss. His wife was killed right in front of him and their young daughter in their apartment by a drug dealer. Since his wife’s death, Renee’s daughter was taken away from him by children services after the child was accidentally burned by some hot water. In that time, Renee hadn’t even attempted to see his own daughter which incensed Quentin who, himself, was a father of 2 girls, one of whom was the masked vigilante Black Canary (who Damian Darhk killed last season).

ar519b 0336b Arrow 4/26 Recap

Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW

In the Arrow Lair, Lila tells Curtis and Oliver that Argus is under some type of attack (as we know, by Helix) and that everyone who had a key like the one that Helena took is currently under guard with the exception of one person. Lila then asks for Team Arrow’s help to escort that person to a secure location. At the appointed time, the woman with the key is driving into town but is soon under attack. Helix hired a group of mercenaries to take the woman down and get her key. A gun battle erupts on the streets between the mercs and Team Arrow. One of the mercs is able to grab the key from the now unconscious lady, when Ollie is about to take him out. Before he can, Diggle tells Ollie to stand down because he’d just received a call from Felicity asking for the guy to be let go. This doesn’t sit too well with Ollie, but he lets the guy go.

ar519b bts 0624b Arrow 4/26 Recap

Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW

The team reconvenes at the Lair and Felicity explains what she’s been doing with Helix, all in an attempt to get to Chase. Oliver tries to chastise Felicity for her decision but she reminds him of all of HIS questionable dealings.

Now that Helix has the two keys they need to free Caden, Lila decides to set a trap for them. What she doesn’t realize, however, is that the hackers are smart. WAY smart. At the location of the trap, Helix doesn’t show up. They instead, with Felicity in tow, go to the REAL location where Caden is being kept. When Lila realizes  that her plan has failed, she informs Oliver who rushes off to the real spot, and he comes face to face with Felicity. Before he can reach her, she erects an electronic barrier that would cut Oliver if he breaches it, thus allowing Helix to free their leader and escape.

ar519a 0031b Arrow 4/26 Recap

Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW

After the mission, Felicity makes her way to the Helix HQ only to find everyone and most of the equipment gone. Helena shows up via teleconference on a remaining monitor and lets Felicity know that due to her close connection to Team Arrow and Argus, Helix couldn’t actually trust her. But, they left a parting gift – the biometric scanner. A somewhat humbled Felicity makes her way back to the Arrow Lair. She tells Oliver what happened, and they decide to use the scanner they were gifted. When it turns on, it indicates that Chase was there in the Arrow Lair! A flash of light and an explosion ensue, and our show ends.

ar519a 0008b Arrow 4/26 Recap

Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW

What does Chase have in store for Oliver and Felicity? Tune in next Wednesday night at 8 for an all-new Arrow on Atlanta’s CW! Be sure to follow @ATLCW and @ATLBlerd on Twitter, so we can live-tweet the show.

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