Arrow 3/29 Recap


Previously on Arrow: Ollie was captured by the D.A. Adrian Chase – who was secretly Prometheus – while rescuing his girlfriend Susan who’d earlier been captured by Prometheus. While in captivity, Prometheus tortured Ollie and got him to admit that he enjoyed killing, and his crusade as the masked vigilante was just an excuse to fill his desire to commit murder. After Ollie admitted this, Adrian lets him go.

Our show begins in the Arrow Lair where Ollie has just returned after his imprisonment. Still nursing his injuries, both physical and psychological, Ollie tells the team to leave. Go home. Vamoose. He tells them that he’s shutting the team down after having to face the hard truth that he’s a murderer. Diggle stays behind to try to talk some sense into his friend, but Ollie is having none of it.

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After being kicked to the curb, Team Arrow find themselves at Felicity’s apartment trying to figure out their next move. The group decides that even though they don’t have their leader, they’ll still protect the city without Ollie.

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Speaking of Ollie, he’s back at the Mayor’s office conducting his mayoral duties with Quentin Lance when Adrian walks in as if nothing has happened between them. Chase even thanks the mayor for allowing him some time off to grieve his wife’s death (who, by the way, he killed himself and blamed on the Arrow). Chase gives Ollie the chance to exact some revenge: he gives him a knife, but Ollie doesn’t fall for this ploy leaving Chase to walk.

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Felicity is working her own angle to bring down Chase with the hactivist group Helix. The group has hacked into security cameras around the city finding Chase but only one in his guise as Prometheus. The problem with the image is Chase is using technology to obscure his face. They realize the tech Chase is using is from a company called Kord Industries (that we previously saw on the most recent Flash episode) and have to gain access to it.

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Back at the Mayor’s office, his “girlfriend” Susan shows up; this is the first time they’ve seen each other since their ordeal. Ollie lets her know that despite his feelings for her, they can’t be together due to how dangerous his life is and how he places those he cares about in danger.

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Knowing he can’t kill Chase/Prometheus himself in either of his identities, and not wanting to place his team in danger, Oliver calls in a favor from his Russian gangster family, the Bratva of which Ollie is a Captain. The Bratva’s leader Anatoly and Oliver have a friendship that spans years. Oliver lets Anatoly know his dilemma and asks for a favor: kill Chase. In return, Oliver will turn a blind eye to the Bratva’s criminal dealings in the city.

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While Ollie is making deals with the Russians (only thing missing was Paul Manafort) the rest of his team are still at work protecting the city. They receive an alarm from a building and suit up in low-tech gear and head out. When they confront the thieves, it turns out that it’s the Bratva who are stealing pills. Diggle has met Anatoly before and knows that Oliver put him up to the theft.

Diggle confronts Ollie trying to remind his friend that this isn’t how they conduct business, but Oliver is hearing none of it. Again he tells Diggle to stand down which you KNOW isn’t going to happen.

Having received their payment in pills, the Bratva attack Chase’s motorcade while he’s under police protection. Once again Team Arrow – minus the Arrow – show up to stop them. While a gun battle rages between the two sides, Chase tries to make his escape but is tackled by Curtis who was lurking in the bushes. As we know Curtis is NO match for Chase, but his attack was a diversion; while the two tussled, Curtis deployed one of his T-Spheres that has the ability to copy the tech Chase is using to mask his image from cameras. Getting what he needs, Curtis runs off relatively unscathed.

The next day back in the mayor’s office, Ollie, Chase and an agent from the Federal government are talking about how best to protect Adrian. It’s decided he’ll be under federal protection but before he leaves Ollie tells Chase that the issues between them aren’t over.

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Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW

Felicity spends a lot of her time with Helix and seems to be developing a close relationship with one of the female hackers. Curtis tracks her down and provides them with the info he got from his T-Sphere. It’s encoded and the only way it can be broken is by going to the original source: Kord Industries.

After all the talks between Oliver and Diggle, his Honor finally realizes the error of his ways and tries to call off the hit on Chase by Anatoly and the Bratva.  Anatoly says he won’t kill Chase, but he’ll still be stealing the pills he needs to synthesize a street drug that’s more powerful than heroine.

While the Bratva are robbing a pill factory, Team Arrow, minus Curtis and Felicity, show up to put a stop to it. Anatoly knew Oliver would show up, so he made contingency plan: hold the workers hostage under armed guard. The team rescues the hostages and Oliver incapacitates several of his Bratva brothers leaving only Anatoly behind. Because they were friends, Oliver sets off the alarm instead of killing Anatoly who escapes.

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While that was going on at the pill factory, Curtis and Felicity were at Kord Industries and were able to get the device they needed to decrypt the information and were able to clearly show that Adrian Chase was Prometheus. This information is taken to the police who have a warrant taken out for Adrian’s arrest. At the Federal safe-house, the marshals get an alert on their phone, but before they can do anything, Adrian kills them both and makes his escape.

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Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW

Is Team Arrow done for good? What’s going to happen to Prometheus? You’ll have to wait a few weeks to find out. Arrow returns to Atlanta’s CW all-new Wednesday, April 26th. Be sure to follow @ATLCW and @ATLBlerd on Twitter, so we can live-tweet the show.

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