The Flash 3/28 Recap

Magic Trick 

Two security guards patrol their normal route and discuss the future of (recently bought out) Stagg Industries. An unknown man emerges saying that he plans to abscond with some of the technology because Stagg no longer needs it. The guards begin firing their pistols, but the mystery metahuman teleports behind bulletproof glass. He then steals the piece of technology and uses some trickery to ensnare the guards in a water tank to drown.

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Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW

Joe, Cecile, Barry, and Iris double-date over coffee at Jitters to discuss the engagement. Cecile advances the conversation and offers Hamilton tickets to the newly engaged couple, but the date she proposes is after the day that Iris is supposed to die. Iris’ trepidation alarms Cecile, but Barry confidently says they will attend.

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Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW

Cisco vibes and sees the future: Iris’ death still hasn’t changed. Barry, Joe, and Julian depart for Stagg Industries (the location where our metahuman has done his magic trick), but before they leave Caitlin tells Julian an envelope came from the Central City Opera. He was intending to take her on a date but declines in the wake of their broken trust. Back at the crime scene, they find no evidence. Cisco calls Barry and tells him that a robbery is in progress at Core Industries. Barry zips to the scene and finds the metahuman attempting to escape with another piece of modern technology. He begins taunting Barry, tells him he’s from the future (64th century), and performs a brief magic trick. Barry attacks, but he grabs a fake arm. Gypsy breaches in and blasts the metahuman, but he manages to do his best “Now You See Me” impression and disappears behind a shower of playing cards.

Abra Kadabra

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Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW

Back at Star Labs, Gypsy identifies our newest metahuman, Abra Kadabra, and briefs the team of his capabilities. She also seems hell-bent on bringing him down. Barry realizes that Kadabra could be the key to saving Iris. Cisco attempts to vibe Kadabra’s location, but fails, so he tracks him another way. While working, Cisco slowly approaches Gypsy to talk about their “relationship”. She deflects the conversation, and a metahuman alert from Mercury Labs prevents the conversation from further developing. The Flash, Kid Flash, Cisco and Gypsy combine to take Kadabra out. Yet, when they attack, it’s just a hologram.

fla318b 0005b The Flash 3/28 Recap

Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW

With all the power-yielding heroes gone, Kadabra appears at Star Labs. Joe draws his pistol and fires, but Kadadra transforms his pistol into a water gun and causes an explosion that knocks them down. Joe manages to get a hold of an even larger gun, but when he fires, Abra disintegrates and the shot goes through him. While Kadabra is distracted, Caitlin sneaks an alert which allows Barry to charge in and cuff Kadabra. Upon seeing that magic won’t to get him out of Barry’s grasp, Kadabra offers to tell Savitar’s greatest secret in exchange for freedom.

Whats the Secret?

In the meantime, Kadabra is locked in a metahuman containment cell, but Gypsy wants to take him back to Earth 19. She allows them to keep him for now, but menacingly tells Kadabra he will die for his sins. Gypsy leaves and Barry begins questioning Abra. Long story short, Kadabra says he won’t tell them Savitar’s true identity if they intend on turning him over to Gypsy.

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Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW

Caitlin tends to Julian’s wounds from Kadabra’s blast and attempts to break the ice between them. She asks for his forgiveness, but he declines. Barry begins feeling his hand is forced to free Kadabra, yet Iris tells him that isn’t the correct option. Joe proceeds to have an isolated conversation with Kadabra where he offers to set him free in exchange for the prized information. Upon opening the cell, an alert is sent to Cisco, so Gypsy breaches to the cell. Her arrival serves as a distraction, so Kadabra disappears and heads to the Time Vault to collect an unknown item left by Harrison Wells. Joe confronts him and attempts to shoot him. Kadabra hurls a grenade causing an explosion that leaves Caitlin impaled by a steel rod. Caitlin is the only doctor in the squad, so the team has a major predicament on their hands now that she is the one wounded. She places full faith in the fact that Julian can perform the necessary surgery under her direction, which he does.

fla318c 0225b The Flash 3/28 Recap

Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW

Time Machine

Gypsy and Joe engage in a heated verbal altercation about why he freed Kadabra. Cisco catches the tail-end of the conversation, so Gypsy tells him she wants justice because she used to have a partner that Kadabra shot and killed. After having some time to think, Gypsy theorizes that Kadabra is stealing technology gizmos to build a time machine and return to the future. The mystery globe from the Time Vault happens to be the power source and last necessary component for his time machine. With Kadabra’s machine up and running, he makes a mad-dash towards a wormhole, which is his access point to the future. Barry and Wally depart in a furious chase. Kadabra manages to knock Wally out, leaving Barry as the sole hero. As Kadabra makes his final approach, Barry takes his speed to the next level, gets ahead of the time machine, runs up a building, swan dives through the cockpit and apprehends Kadabra. This is, by far, the coolest take-down to date.

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Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW

Although the team achieved victory in capturing another metahuman, I’ve never seen them look more defeated. Turning Kadabra over to Gypsy effectively means they can’t glean the information needed to save Iris. Barry literally begs for Kadabra’s help, but he declines and marches away with Gypsy to meet his ultimate fate.

Killer Frost Returns

Joe tells Iris that he should’ve been stronger on behalf of his family and is lost about how to save her. Barry overhears this and says that he is going to run to the future, so he will be prepared when the time comes.

Julian sits at Caitlin’s side through her recovery and confesses an admiration for Cailtlin’s courage. Cisco brings Caitlin Jello in hopes of comforting her. They share lighthearted conversation before Caitlin begins convulsing. Julian rushes to perform vigorous CPR, but Caitlin is completely unresponsive, so Julian snatches the power dampening pendant from her neck. She instantly heals and awakens as Killer Frost.

So as it appears the news headline of “Killer Frost Still at Large” sweeps to the forefront of the plot. What problems will Killer Frost cause, and will the crew be able to tame or harness her abilities for good? Barry plans to run to the future; nothing good ever comes from that. Will the timeline be disrupted? Will he screw up the future even more? More answers when The Flash returns to Atlanta’s CW on Tuesday, April 25th!

– Taylor Gibson

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