Legends of Tomorrow 3/28 Recap

“Doomworld” or House of M

Previously on Legends of Tomorrow: the Legends acquired the pieces of the Spear of Destiny, a mystical object with magical reality-altering powers, from the Legion of Doom (Malcolm Merlyn, Damian Darhk, and Eobard Thawne/Reverse Flash, along with new addition Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold). The Legends sought to destroy it and needed the help of 20th century writer, J.R.R. Tolkien, who at the time was in the middle of a World War I battle in France. Tolkien studied Arthurian legends and surmised that the Holy Grail found by Sir Gawain actually contained the blood of Christ, and the Legends knew they could use that to destroy the spear.  After acquiring the blood but before the spear could be destroyed, Rory changed sides to team up with his old partner Captain Cold, thus giving up the spear to the rest of the Legion.  The Legion plucked Snart from the time stream prior to his demise in order to use the bond he shared with Mick against the Legends. Now in possession of the spear, the Legion recites an incantation that changes reality.

The show begins with Amaya and Sarah chasing an unknown hooded figure through buildings and across rooftops. The figure jumps off a high perch and appears to break his/her leg when (s)he lands, but that doesn’t stop a fight with Amaya and Sarah. Unfortunately the hooded figure is overmatched and quickly captured. When the hood is removed, it’s a masked Felicity Smoak (resident tech genius code-named “Overwatch” on Arrow, Wednesdays at 8 on Atlanta’s CW).

Sarah and Amaya take Felicity to the mayor’s office which is occupied by – get this – Damian Darhk. After some perfunctory words, Damian orders Sarah to kill Felicity which she does by snapping her neck. Damian then takes her mask and puts it in his trophy case which contains the masks of the rest of Team Arrow along with the Flash’s cowl.

lgn216a 0326b1 Legends of Tomorrow 3/28 Recap

Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW

The Legion convenes at S.T.A.R. Labs (headquarters for Team Flash, Tuesdays at 8 on Atlanta’s CW), now run by Eobard Thawne. When the Legion reordered reality, Thawne made himself a renowned scientist responsible for advancements in several fields. The rest of the Legion wants a chance with the spear, but Eobard isn’t having that. He tries to convince his partners that they don’t need it because they now have everything they want; Damian is the mayor with his enemies dead and Malcolm has his hand restored along with his deceased wife and son, plus Thea (Oliver’s sister) recognizes him as her father. You would think this would be good enough.

lgn216a 0311b Legends of Tomorrow 3/28 Recap

Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW

lgn216a 0280b2 Legends of Tomorrow 3/28 Recap

Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW

Elsewhere, we see Leonard Snart and Rory leaving a bank heist. As they’re running away, they’re suddenly surrounded by cops. When it looks like a battle is about to start, the cops put up their weapons and apologize to the duo. See, in THIS reality, they can do whatever they want whenever they want with no interference. This doesn’t sit too well with Rory who thrives off the thrill of the chase. After all, what’s the point in stealing if you’re allowed to?

Also at S.T.A.R. Labs is Jefferson Jackson who works as a supervisor over a project Eobard is having built by none other than Professor Stein. It’s Jackson’s job to basically torment his Firestorm partner, making his work-life a living hell. They’re not the only ones at S.T.A.R.; former billionaire and genius Ray Palmer also works at the tech company but not as a scientist – he’s a janitor responsible for unclogging toilets and general low-level maintenance. This isn’t quite the glamorous life Ray’s used to, but then he doesn’t know the difference.

lgn216a 0321b Legends of Tomorrow 3/28 Recap

Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW

Someone else, however, does know that something is amiss. As Eobard is talking with Snart and Rory, a commotion spills into Eobard’s office and it’s Nate Heywood tussling with S.T.A.R. Lab guards. When the dust settles, Nate tells Eobard he’s seeking his help and relays his conspiracy theory that something is wrong with this reality based on certain signs he’s found. Because Eobard is recognized as a genius, Nate feels he’s the one person who can fix reality.

Eobard is genuinely impressed that even though reality has been changed, Nate retains an inkling of his past existence and knows that things are wrong. Of course Eobard can’t have this so he orders Snart and Rory to kill Nate. Willing to comply, Snart and Rory walk Nate outside. Before Snart can do the deed, Rory has a change of heart and tries to convince Snart not to kill follow through with the task. His pleas fall on deaf ears and before Snart can flash freeze Nate, Mick knocks him out and the two make their escape to where janitor Ray lives.

Nate explains his conspiracy theory to Ray, who doesn’t think it’s so far-fetched. Ray has had his own confusion and doubts about the new reality that lead him to create, what we’ll call the “brain gun”. The brain gun affects the mental acuity of those hit by it. Instead of allowing it to be used on a rat that Rory has some affection for, he picks up the gun and uses it on Nate who immediately gets his memory back then punches Rory for betraying the team. The gun is then used on Ray with the same reaction: memory back, punch Rory.

lgn216b 0203b Legends of Tomorrow 3/28 Recap

Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW

At the Mayor’s office, Snart and Damian are trying to figure out what to do about their absentee partner; turns out Snart has a tracking device on him, so Damian send Amaya and Sarah. When they arrive at Ray’s place, the obligatory fight ensues: Amaya and Sarah against the three guys. And the ladies kick butt! While Sarah is distracted, she’s shot with the brain gun, immediately gets her memory back then, of course, hits Rory.

Amaya, however, makes her escape and heads back to the Mayor’s office. Despite the head-start Amaya had, the now memory-refreshed Sarah appears beside her just as Damian asks Amaya what happened. Sarah is trying to get Amaya alone, so she can give her a dose of the brain gun but Damian pulls Sarah away and starts talking about his favorite hero kill. He mentions killing Sarah’s sister, Black Canary, aka Laurel Lance. As he drones on and on about the kill, Sarah blows her cover and punches him.

Damian then uses his restored magical powers and stops her before she can cause any real damage, and orders Amaya to kill Sarah. As Amaya is about to comply, Sarah pulls out the brain gun and shoots her, restoring her memory. Amaya then starts shooting wildly, allowing her and Sarah to escape.

lgn216b 0385b Legends of Tomorrow 3/28 Recap

Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW

The team find Jackson, restore his memory then once again hideout in the basement of Nate’s mom while they try to figure their next move. Through Jackson, they realize the reactor he’s having built is probably going to be used to destroy the spear.  They also figure out the incantation needed to actually control the spear because Rory recognized the phrases were in Aramaic.

The Legends are off to the reactor to try to gain the spear but leave Rory behind because Sarah feels he can’t be trusted. Even though Rory is responsible for setting the pieces in place for the team to have their memories restored, Sarah reminds him he’s the sole reason they’re in the fix in the first place. Feeling unwanted by the Legends, Rory returns to Snart and the Legion and tells them their entire plan. The Legion also wants to destroy Eobard, but realize he’s too powerful on his own so they’ll wait for the Legends to run interference.

At the reactor, Eobard is about to throw the spear in when both the Legends and Legion arrive. Instead of simply dropping the spear in the reactor, Eobard goes off on his bad guy monologue which gives Snart the opportunity to blast him with his cold gun. Then a melee ensues between the two teams. The spear changes hands several times. Nate ends up with it, as he battles Damian and uses it to knock out Eobard.

The Spear finally comes to rest in the hands of Rory, just as it had on that battle-field in France when he betrayed the Legends. Snart tries to convince his partner to give it to him, but Rory finally realizes that he’s viewed as nothing but a trained dog. Rory then gets the spear to Amaya who begins to recite the incantation to activate the spear’s power. Before she can finish, Snart hits her with his freeze ray. As the rest of her team looks on in horror, Snart breaks the frozen Amaya in to a million pieces and claims the spear.

Before Snart can do anything with it, Eobard regains consciousness and reclaims his prize. Once again in front of the reactor, he wastes no time and drops it in. He then tells the combined teams that they’re no match for him; this new reality is set in stone and there’s nothing they can do. And then – he lets them go.

The one person missing is Rip Hunter who we learn at the end of the episode is miniaturized in the Waverunner, which is kept as a souvenir on Eobard’s desk in S.T.A.R. Labs. Rip is able to get the waverunner’s power back up and will be helping his team next episode (SEASON FINALE!!!). Tune in next Tuesday at a special time (8 PM) to find out if the Legends can undo what the Legion has wrought.  Also, be sure to follow @ATLCW and me @ATLBlerd on Twitter for our weekly live-tweets!

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