Arrow 3/22 Recap

“Kapiushon” or Ollie’s Secret

Previously on Arrow: We learned that Oliver’s nemesis, Prometheus, was secretly the city’s District Attorney Adrian Chase. Chase kidnapped Ollie’s new love interest, Susan, and held her hostage in an abandoned building. Team Arrow arrived to rescue her, but in the process Oliver was himself taken hostage by Prometheus and Talia Al-Ghul, daughter of the former League of Assassins leader R’as Al Ghul. Both Adrian and Talia hold a grudge against Oliver for killing their respective fathers and seek revenge.

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Photo: Robert Falconer/The CW

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Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW

The episode begins with and contains several flashback scenes of Oliver in Russia with his Mafioso brotherhood, the Bratva. There was an internal power struggle between different factions. His enemy in Russia is Kovar (played by Dolph Lundgren) who’s attempting to take over Russia through a coup. Oliver and his Bratva brothers try to stop Kovar from poisoning millions as part of his ruthless plan.

In the present, Chase is holding Ollie in his secret hideout and torturing him in a variety of ways. First, he holds his head under water the amount of time his own father was submerged after Ollie shot him with an arrow. Then, Chase puts 3 arrows in Oliver’s shoulder simulating one of Arrow’s previous kills. All the while, Chase keeps asking Oliver for a “secret” he hasn’t told anyone. Chase seems to know the answer, but Oliver is dumbfounded as to what Adrian wants of him.

To help spur his memory, Chase brings in Evelyn, formerly Artemis, who we hadn’t been seen since she betrayed Team Arrow early in the season. Oliver had trained her to be another bowman, but she had her own ideas and went off with Prometheus. During the time of her absence, Chase was torturing her to make her more compliant.

As Oliver is bound and shackled in his cage, Chase puts Evelyn in with him and throws a knife on the ground with this warning: one of the two must die and whoever survives gets to go free. Chase leaves the two to figure out what they’re going to do next. A clearly downtrodden Evelyn says she can’t live under Chase’s thumb any longer and picks up the knife to attack Oliver but he quickly disarms her.

Miffed, Chase reappears and once again asks Oliver to admit to his secret. Still not knowing what’s wanted of him, Oliver appeals to Chase to let Evelyn go. And he does – by snapping her neck. At this point, Oliver seems broken as Chase continues to torture him. Adrian runs down a list of people Oliver has killed and why: the list his dad had in Season one.

The two adversaries yell back and forth, and Oliver finally admits what Chase wanted to hear: Oliver kills even when he doesn’t have to because he enjoys it. Chase got Oliver to admit that his whole crusade to keep the city safe was a lie; a cover for his psychopathic desire to kill. Then, Evelyn gets up. Chase didn’t kill her after all, and she’s still working with him.

Knowing that he’s been played and that he finally said out loud what was in his heart, Oliver asks Chase to keep his promise and let him go. Adrian, being a man of his word, does but not before he leaves Oliver a reminder of their time together by taking a small blow torch to Oliver’s tattoo he earned as member of the Bratva signifying his status as a captain.

When Oliver comes to after blacking out from the pain, he finds that he’s alone and unchained. He makes his way back to the Arrow Lair, where Curtis, Felicity and Diggle are going crazy trying to find their boss who’s been missing for about a week. Oliver stumbles in and lets his team know that he’s shutting everything down; he no longer wants to be the Arrow.

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Photo: Robert Falconer/The CW

In the final flashback scene of the episode, Oliver stopped Kovar’s plan to gas a roomful of Russian elites and dignitaries, and during their one-on-one battle, Oliver won and stabbed him in the heart. Malcolm Merlyn, one of Kovar’s business partners, is then seen with Kovar’s “body” (he wasn’t dead after all). So you just know that at some point in the future, Kovar will make an appearance to make Ollie’s life difficult.

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Photo: Robert Falconer/The CW

Has Oliver really hung up his quiver and cowl for good? Will the team be able to bring Chase to justice?  Tune in next Wednesday at 8 for an all-new Arrow on Atlanta’s CW. Be sure to follow @ATLCW and @ATLBlerd on Twitter, so we can live-tweet the show.

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Photo: Robert Falconer/The CW


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