The Flash 3/21 Recap

So Barry manged to get Wally out of the speed force, which leaves a question: after seeing Wally suspended in midair and stripped of his speed suit, will he still have speed? Also, after Iris’ change of heart, how long can Barry run -as he always does in the face of adversity- from putting that ring on it. These are two things to watch for in this episode.

Everything is Better in Song

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Photo: Katie Yu/The CW

Now that Barry and Iris are on the outs, Barry slips into a minor depression while watching musicals which launches a quick flashback where Barry’s mother tells him that “everything is better in song.” Cisco attempts to raise his spirits but fails, before HR summons the team to Star Labs because a breach has opened. The crew arrives and sees a guy named Mon-El, Supergirl’s “boyfriend”, holding a comatose Kara. J’onn J’onnz is also with them and briefs Team Flash that a villain put her in this state. Cisco is on the case to find said villain, but he appears at Star Labs before Cisco begins the task. Our newest villain, the Music Meister, has done his homework and is well-educated on the crew’s identities and abilities. He begins trash-talking Wally by calling him scared, and pushes Wally down a hallway. Barry attempts to sneak up behind him, but the Music Meister choke slams Barry then hypnotizes him with wavy eyes.

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Photo: Katie Yu/The CW

Musical Madness

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Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW

When Barry awakens, he is donning a dapper suit and appears to be in a bar/pub, where Kara is performing a ballad. After her performance, they meet backstage and begin discussing how it’s possible for both of them to be stuck in the same dream. Nevertheless, they encounter a fiery and aggressive man named Carter Miran who says he is the boss and threatens them (with a knife) into singing better. Shortly afterwards, the Music Meister begins antagonizing them. He is clearly driving the plot. Kara throws a right hook in his direction, but he vanishes before she lands the punch because he isn’t technically there in the dream. He informs them that they are in a movie musical, so they MUST perform their way out. If they die in the movie, they die in the real world.

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Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW

As Barry and Kara begin trying to figure out the script, two revolver-donning gangsters arrive to kidnap them and take them to see the boss men (played by Joe and Professor Stein), but before the boss men arrive they discuss the status of their struggling relationships. Joe hands Barry a picture of Milly, a curly haired Jazz inspired Iris, and demands that they find her. Barry and Kara find Milly making out with the club owner’s son, Tommy Miran (played by Mon-El). They are engaging in a forbidden love because their fathers are arch enemies, but Barry and Kara convince them to tell their parents of their relationship and true feelings. Instantaneously, Milly departs to reveal her confession. Upheaval erupts, but Barry and Kara manage to pacify the situation using their real-world love struggles as motivating factors to deliver powerful speeches. Things remain calm for a matter of minutes before each father (of the two in the forbidden relationship) declares war.

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Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW

Power Play/the Power of Love

Back at Star Labs, Cailtin notices that Barry and Kara’s powers are decreasing. The Music Meister is draining and transferring them to himself, and uses his newly-acquired laser vision to break into a bank. Wally, Cisco, and J’onn (who transforms into the Martian Manhunter) prepare for battle. Cisco breaches them to the bank, and the Music Meister challenges Wally to a personal speedster duel, so at least we know Wally still has his speed. The crew collaborates to pull a breach and beat-down maneuver, where the Martian Munhunter emerges from a portal and powerfully punches the Music Meister’s lights out.

Iris and Mon-El pay a visit to the Music Meister’s containment cell to demand that he fix Barry and Kara. He says he can’t fix them because his powers don’t work that way, but if they (Iris and Mon-El) love Barry and Kara enough they have the power to figure out how to save their respective loves.

Superfriend/Super friend

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Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW

Barry and Cara attend a rehearsal where it seems they create an impromptu song called “Superfriend”. The song is loaded with innuendo, and it’s outrageously tickling to watch Barry prance around tap dancing in retro-musical fashion. Their song ends, and the fathers prepare for showdown. They meet on a dark street, exchange disapproval of their love and engage in a shootout. In typical Barry fashion, he runs [without thinking] into the crossfire and is struck in the chest. Kara sees what happens and does the same thing. She is also shot. As Barry and Kara lay dying, their bodies in Central City reflect they are losing power, so Iris coaxes Cisco to vibe her and Mon-El into the dream. He manages to pull off his most thought-defying breach yet. Upon arrival, Iris and Mon-El see Barry and Kara dying in the street, and each bestow a kiss on their respective lover which brings them back to life and back to Central City.

fla317c 0139b The Flash 3/21 Recap

Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW

Runnin’ Home to You

The Music Meister emerges yelling and clapping Bravo and says he’s proud that they learned the lesson of love. He appeared evil but actually wanted to help our 2 leading superheroes mend their downward spiraling relationships – not to mention he helped Wally get over the trauma of his speed force journey. After Kara and her boyfriend depart, Iris takes Barry back to “their” place, where she hasn’t changed a thing. He tells Iris his mother’s theory that musicals make everything better and sings her a personal ballad that can best be summed up as he wants to keep running home to her. Upon finishing his song, he takes a knee and proposes yet again. YES! the love that we all want to see continues!

With their love back on track, we get back to the most pertinent question of the season: how Will Barry prevent Iris’ death?!? Having Wally tackle the task is out of the question, so Barry will have to get resourceful to overcome this seemingly impossible feat. How will he do it? Be sure to tune in to Atlanta’s CW next Tuesday at 8 to find out!

– Taylor Gibson

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