Legends of Tomorrow 3/21 Recap

“Fellowship of The Spear” or Hey, Aren’t you JRR Tolkien?

Previously on Legends of Tomorrow: The Legends are in a race against the Legion of Doom (Eobard Thawne/Reverse Flash, Damian Dahrk and Malcolm Merlyn) to acquire the Spear of Destiny (a spear used to pierce the side of Jesus as he was being crucified) which allegedly has mystical powers. The spear was broken up into four pieces by Rip Hunter, scattered through time, and is being guarded by members of the Justice Society in order to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. Both teams have pieces, and it’s just a matter of time to see who can collect them all.

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Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW

Our show begins with a flash-forward to 1916: World War I France in the midst of battle. The Legends have an intact spear, but we quickly learn how this happened. We’re shunted back three days and find our team on the Waverider trying to determine how best to find the remaining pieces gathered by the Legion. Rip, who was once in the thrall of the Legion, tells his comrades that the Legion is operating outside the time stream in a place called the Vanishing Point, so this is where they head.

Once at the Legion’s base, the Legends break off to find the missing pieces. Ray Palmer shrinks down to his Atom size and finds the only occupant of the base, Eobard, and keeps an eye on him for the rest of the team. While Sarah and Mick search, our firebug is reminded of his last visit to the Vanishing Point which is when his former partner Snart, aka Captain Cold, sacrifices himself for the good of the team. Snart’s death effected Mick to the point that, on previous missions, he saw visions of him which he believes was all in his head.

Elsewhere, Rip and Firestorm (the combination of Dr. Stein and Jefferson Jackson) find an obelisk they feel would be a good hiding spot. After a failed attempt by Rip to break it with a traditional gun, Firestorm uses his nuclear powers to transmogrify the obelisk into jelly beans and, low and behold, the fragments of the spear are there.

The team hightails it back to their ship, as Eobard receives an alert that something is amiss. Despite his speed, he’s not fast enough to stop the Legends and has to watch as they fly away with his prize.

On their ship with the intact spear, the team tries to figure out what to do with it. They know it’s too powerful to be kept intact, so the talk turns to destroying it. That’s all Rory needs to hear and lights it up with his fire gun, but to no avail. Although the spear wasn’t destroyed, a message was revealed.

Resident historian Nate Heywood remembers stories of the spear and how it could possibly be destroyed. He tells the team of the legend of Arthurian Knight Sir Gawain who allegedly found the Holy Grail, but Nate surmised that it was something else entirely based on a paper he read written by someone who’d studied the myth extensively: John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, better known to the world as J.R.R. Tolkien, the author of the Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings trilogy.

The Legends knew that Tolkien served in France during WWI, so instead of waiting to a time AFTER that when he was a well-known writer, they hop to the middle of a war zone to try to find him in the hectic mass of humanity.

lgn215b 0197b Legends of Tomorrow 3/21 Recap

Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW

While the team searched for Tolkien on the battlefield, Amaya and Rory were in a field hospital looking for him themselves. Rory then sees his deceased partner and follows him out of the hospital tent. Thinking Snart is a figment of his imagination, Rory tells him the Legend’s entire plan and is soundly mocked by his partner. Snart plants seeds of doubt in Rory’s mind about his new teammates and how they don’t really trust him. As Rory tries to dismiss what he’s being told as his own self-doubt, Snart punches Rory right in the jaw to let him know he’s not an apparition.

lgn215b 0155b Legends of Tomorrow 3/21 Recap

Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW

In the trenches, the team stumble across Tolkien as he’s suffering from rheumatic fever and whisk him away to the Waverider to cure him and ask him questions. Not concerning themselves with changing the future, Rip and the Legends explain their mission to Tolkien and ask for his assistance.

lgn215a 0140b Legends of Tomorrow 3/21 Recap

Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW

Tolkien leads them to a church that has clues as to what Sir Gawain actually found and where it was located. Out of nowhere, Damian Darhk and Snart show up with a cadre of German soldiers to try to stop the Legends and grab the spear. A battle soon rages, and as bullets are whizzing about, Tolkien takes a rubbing of slab that contains a map, and the Legends make their escape.

Using the Legend’s vast library, Tolkien tells the team that what they’re searching for is actually the blood of Christ that Gawain returned to Camelot, which is hidden smack dab in the middle of the battlefield. Instead of going back or forward in time when it was nice and calm, the team has to try to convince the German and English sides to stop fighting long enough for them to gain access to what they need.

lgn215a 0267b Legends of Tomorrow 3/21 Recap

Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW

Having no such luck, Rip uses a microphone to speak to the battlefield convincing both sides to have a brief truce, so wounded could be tended to. The team then goes on the hunt with the spear that lights up when it’s near the blood of Christ. They easily find what they’re looking for when again the Legion shows up. Rory, who happens to be holding the spear, listens to his old pal Snart, who was apparently plucked out of the time stream before his demise and changes sides.

With the spear in their possession, Eobard whisks his partners away but not before Snart throws a grenade that renews the battle. As the Legends dodge bullets left and right, Nate drops the one thing that can destroy the spear, and it is destroyed by an errant bullet.

Now that the Legion has the spear and the magic spells to make it work, they set about to change reality.

How will they do that? Tune in next week to find out. Also, be sure to follow @ATLCW and me @ATLBlerd on Twitter, so we can live-tweet the show.

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