Arrow 3/15 Recap

“Checkmate” or The Prometheus Problem

Previously on Arrow: we learned last week that Oliver’s season-long nemesis, the masked vigilante “Prometheus”, is secretly DA Adrian Chase. Adrian is seeking revenge against Oliver for killing his father when he first started out as Arrow. As part of his nefarious plan, Adrian kidnapped and is holding hostage Susan, Ollie’s current love interest.

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This episode begins with Ollie trekking through snow-capped mountains to a secluded chalet. When he enters, Ollie is immediately set upon by black-clad ninja-like warriors. Of course, he holds his own until the master of the house calls off the attack. Turns out the master of the home is “Mistress” Talia, one of Ollie’s former teachers. She tells Ollie her WHOLE name which is Talia Al Ghoul, daughter of Ras Al Ghoul, former head of the League of Assassins that Oliver killed (seems he does that to a lot of fathers).

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Photo: Katie Yu/The CW

Ollie sought her out because he recognized Prometheus’s fighting style as being similar to his own. Talia admitted to training Prometheus and divulged that he was, in fact, Adrian Chase. Ollie high-tails it back home with this new-found information and finds Chase in the middle of a meeting with city leaders. Now that the secrets are out in the open between them, they trade barbs back and forth while the councilmen sit by unaware of what’s going on.

After the meeting, Ollie in his Arrow guise confronts Chase in the City Hall parking garage. Chase is feeling rather cocky and dares the Green Arrow to kill him. At this point, Chase is the only one who knows where Susan is and he’s the only one preventing her from starving to death. So Ollie’s choice is kill Adrian thereby condemning Susan to a slow, torturous death or let him live so Adrian can perhaps torture her for real. Decisions, decisions.

Team Arrow meet in the lair to decide how best to handle the situation. Conspicuously absent is Felicity who’s spending her extra time with the hacktivist group Helix. They’ve proved to be very useful to Felicity in the past by providing her with information she’s used to help the team on past missions, so she’s trying to learn all she can from them.

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The team decide to split up into teams of two to handle the Prometheus Problem. Mr. Terrific (Curtis) and Canary look for clues at Adrian’s mom’s house. What they find is a video of Prometheus holding a knife to Sarah’s throat threatening her. Deputy Mayor Lance and his assistant Renee (Mad Dog) head to City Hall, and they run into Chase himself. Lance and Renee want soooo bad to end the Adrian threat right then and there but know that they can’t.

Since Adrian is at City Hall, this means his personal residence should be empty, so Lance calls Ollie giving them the green light to do some snooping. It wasn’t, however, as empty as they thought because Adrian’s wife is there. Ollie tries to convince Mrs. Chase that her husband is up to no good, but she’s not buying it. While that is going on, a SWAT team arrives to usher Mrs. Chase out of the residence. Before Ollie, can be captured he sets off a flash bang and escapes.

At City Hall, a hastily called press conference is held with Chase expressing public concern on the invasion of his house by the Green Arrow, who’s STANDING RIGHT THERE! Then Ollie steps to the mic and says the Green Arrow has to turn himself in or else he’d be shot on sight. Talk about awkward.

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Photo: Katie Yu/The CW

Again back at the Arrow Lair, Felicity FINALLY shows up and Ollie takes her to the side to have a heart to heart with her. He expresses his concern about all the secrets she’s been keeping (as if he’s one to talk) and his issue with Helix. But it turns out they were useful yet again and were able to provide Felicity with Adrian’s real name, which is Simon Morrison.  The group also was able to get Felicity to hack a Homeland Security drone for their purposes as payment for the stuff they’d provided her.

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Photo: Katie Yu/The CW

Ollie takes the information he learns about Chase to Captain Pike of the police department. Ollie instructs him to investigate the DA as the throwing star killer. But before Pike can follow through, he’s stabbed outside the precinct by an unknown assailant (I have my theory, but I’ll save it) and rendered comatose. In Pike’s hospital room Ollie and Adrian verbally spar but because they’re in their public personas, nothing can be done. Ollie goes back to the Arrow Lair and throws a Queen-sized tantrum, knocking things over and destroying stuff.

Using the information she gleaned from Helix, Felicity is able to track Susan down to an abandoned building. So the team – minus Diggle who’s on a secret mission for Ollie – head over and proceed to search it floor by floor. The building is of course booby-trapped; Mad Dog and Black Canary are briefly corralled after they accidentally set off an explosive device, but Curtis soon rescues them.

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Photo: Katie Yu/The CW

Ollie finds Susan and allows her to escape, while he continues the search for Prometheus. Finding him, the two again have a verbal sparring session when Diggle returns from his secret mission: find and bring Chase’s wife to the spot, so she can help stop Chase’s madness. It seems as if Oliver’s plan is working as the couple embraces, but it was all a ruse by Adrian who stabbed his own wife in the gut.

Diggle scoops up the prone Mrs. Chase and rushes her out of (further) harm’s way, as Prometheus and Arrow go at it. The two seem to be evenly matched, until out of the shadows Talia appears and shoots Oliver in the leg, incapacitating him. The team heads to where they think Arrow is finding only a blood spot. They head to the police station where they find Chase once again. He claims to be in mourning because his wife is dead due to her wounds, and Chase claims Arrow caused the death.

The show ends with Sarah free but Ollie in chains at the hands of Prometheus. How will this play out? Be sure to hit us up next week for further exciting adventures. Also, be sure to follow @ATLCW and @ATLBlerd on Twitter, so we can live-tweet the show together.

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