The Flash 3/07 Recap

With all the Gorilla City madness of the past 2 episodes, it almost became easy to forget that Savitar is the arch-villain this season. Nevertheless, he’s back and planning to create chaos in a major way. With that being said… let’s get into it.

Finally Fast Enough?

The episode begins with our three speedsters on a exhibition race to test Wally’s growth. The final leg contains a simulation to see if he can close the distance necessary to reach Savitar. The simulation confirms that he’s now fast enough to save Iris, but Wally’s celebration is short-lived because he sees Savitar’s likeness in the distance.

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Photo: Bettina Strauss/ The CW 

Julian returns to Star Labs from his travels abroad. Barry and Iris greet the team with coffee and reveal the news of their recent engagement. Joe’s silence – which is hilarious juxtaposed against everyone else’s excitement- alarms Iris, but he steps forward to tell her that he’s happy she’s marrying the “best man he knows”. Afterwards, Joe pulls Barry aside to ask why he didn’t first seek his permission. Barry admits that his proposal was spontaneous and surprising, but a fire alarm sounds before the conversation moves any further. Jesse is preoccupied, so Wally and Barry depart for the scene. While en route, Savitar appears and begins to rough Wally up, slamming him against walls, cars, and virtually anything else that’ll serve as a backboard. Barry sees Wally’s struggle but can’t see Savitar.

Wally confesses that these visions have been going on for about a week, but he wasn’t comfortable speaking about it. Beforehand, Savitar’s approach seemed limited to mental manipulation, but this most recent episode crossed into the realm of physical punishment. Barry thinks that Savitar might be spying on the crew through Wally, so Barry isolates him from the team’s planning. Barry feels its necessary to speak to Savitar, so he wants to use Julian but he declines. Caitlin reassures Julian that she won’t view him any differently, and they share their first kiss – how cute, but we know a kiss with Caitlin is a certified death sentence. The crew hooks Julian up to a machine, and Savitar begins speaking through him. Savitar tells Barry that he’s selfish and hurls insults at the entire team. Savitar goes on to say that he created himself, and that he is closer to his freedom than he has ever been. He then antagonizes Barry personally, which forces Barry to pull the plug allowing Julian to return to normality.

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Photo: Bettina Strauss/ The CW

Leave no Stone Unturned

The crew begins theorizing if they actually got rid of the Philosophers Stone (PS). Barry runs to a location where a group of followers seems to be worshiping and offering tributes to Savitar. One of the followers holds a box that looks just like the PS, so Barry knocks him out, seizes the box, and takes it back to Star Labs for testing.

HR continues to coach Wally, yet his most recent test results show that his speed has regressed. HR thinks it’s because of fear, and Wally says he wouldn’t be afraid if he could see what happens to Iris. As a result, HR and Wally ask Cisco to vibe him to the future. Reluctantly, Cisco agrees and allows him to see how Iris’ death plays out. After the vibe ends, Wally angrily approaches Barry and demands that he tell Iris the real reason he asked for her hand in marriage. Barry confesses that their was no ring on her finger in the original vision, and his proposal might change the future. Naturally, Iris leaves saying that she needs time to clear her head.

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Photo: Bettina Strauss/ The CW

fla315a 0223b The Flash 3/07 Recap

Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW

Julian approaches Caitlin for a conversation. He feels that he caused the state of the team’s current affairs. In turn, Caitlin reveals that she is the reason why the PS is still around. She took a part of the PS to see if she could drain her power. Since it’s determined that Savitar must still exist on this Earth, Barry wants to find him immediately. YET AGAIN Barry asks Julian to vibe and help find Savitar’s location. His location seems to be ALL of Central City, so Cisco sets out to isolate it.

fla315a 0090b The Flash 3/07 Recap

Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW

Joe swings by to comfort Iris and confirms that Barry’s love for her is pure. Iris asks Barry to come to the house and tells him that she isn’t angry with him, but their relationship will always be tainted because he proposed out of fear not love.

Now you See Me, Now you Don’t

Jesse reaches Joe’s house just as Wally prepares to depart for Star Labs, but she stops his attempt and begins prying for information. Wally is concerned that Savitar might have some kind of hold over him since he got his powers from the PS. As Jesse comforts him and reassures him that he’s not alone, his mother appears and echoes the same sentiments – the Kid is really losing it. This is another vision that only Wally can see because Jesse witnesses him have a conversation and hug a person who is [clearly] not there. His mother begins telling him that he will never be fast enough, and Savitar reveals his latest manipulation attempt.

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Photo: Bettina Strauss/ The CW

The Crew reconvenes at Star Labs where they determine they can’t find Savitar because he is actually locked in the speed force, which also clarifies why only speedsters can see him. In essence, Barry almost freed him by throwing the PS into the speed force. Fortunately, he can’t escape because he doesn’t have the entire stone – thank you Caitlin for saving the day in a strange twist of fate. Jesse arrives and tells the team that Wally left to pursue Savitar. Meanwhile, Wally whizzes through the city, and Savitar eventually confronts him. He repeatedly antagonizes Wally telling him that he isn’t fast enough to throw the final piece into the Speed Force, which was a reverse psychology tactic to force Wally to hand-deliver the one thing he actually needs. Once Wally throws the remaining piece, he gets sucked into the Speed Force along with it. Moments later, a portal opens and Savitars literally crawls out!

Future Flash

Savitar begins giving us clarity right away – so let’s see if I can keep this tidy: Barry inadvertently created Savitar’s escape route with his creation of Flashpoint by allowing Savitar to create Kid Flash and make him fast enough to assume his place in the speed force. Upon realizing what was done, Barry demands that Savitar tell him how to free Wally and lashes out in a furious attack. In the midst of their fighting, Savitar confesses that he is the “Future Flash” and stabs Barry in the shoulder. Barry phases and cuts Savitar’s blade, so Savitar fleas. When Barry returns to consciousness, he is greeted with the unpleasant image of Joe holding the remaining piece of Wally’s charred speedsuit. Barry instantly apologizes and Joe assures him that it wasn’t his fault.  In the fallout of Wally’s disappearance, Jesse breaks down in tears. And as Iris offers a consoling [left] hand, Barry sees that she isn’t wearing the engagement ring.

fla315b 0018b The Flash 3/07 Recap

Photo: Katie Yu/The CW

My heart sunk deeper from this closing sequence than from any other point of this season. Not only is the plot getting emotionally heavy, but it’s heating up faster than a Bunsen burner. Is Wally really trapped in the Speed Force? Has Iris called off the engagement? If Savitar really is the Future Flash, why does he want to kill Iris? As usual, the stage is set for many answers to arise, next Tuesday at 8 on Atlanta’s CW.

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