Legends of Tomorrow 3/07 Recap

“Land of The Lost” or Welcome Back Rip Hunter

Previously on Legends of Tomorrow: The Legion of Doom (Eobard Thawne, Malcolm Merlyn, and Damian Darhk) banded together to find the Spear of Destiny, the mythological spear used by a Roman soldier to pierce the side of Jesus Christ while he was being crucified. The Spear allegedly contains mystical properties that the Legion wants to use. The only person who knows where the Spear is located is Rip Hunter, former leader of the Legends, who had the spear broken into four parts and spread throughout time. In order to further safeguard the locations, Rip is under self-induced amnesia. After the Legion captures Rip, his memory was restored but his personality was overridden. He’s working alongside the Legion (and against the Legends) to track down the spear, but the Legends recaptured Rip and are now holding him captive in what was once his own ship.

As our episode starts, Nate Heywood is expressing concern to Amaya Jiwe (Vixen) for his grandfather, the 1940s-era hero Captain Steel. Amaya can relate as she was a teammate of Steel’s in the past before joining the Legends.  Rip entrusted one of the pieces of the spear to Steel, and Nate fears the Legion may have caught up to him and are doing unspeakable things to his grandfather in order to make him divulge the location of the piece he’s guarding.

In the brig, Rip is contemplating ways to escape and tries to convince the ship’s artificial intelligence (Gideon) to let him go. Because he’s no longer captain, Gideon is under no obligation to follow Rip’s commands. That is, however, until Rip recites a secret phrase [as if he’s looking for a mission report from December 16th, 1991] that overrides Gideon’s programming. He forces “her” to release his cell door and lock the ship down, trapping the Legends wherever they were at that moment.

While the team tries to break free from their locations, Rip has free run of the ship and heads to where they’re keeping an amulet they use to track down the spear. After he gets the amulet, Rip is trying to make his escape from the ship but is cornered by the Legends who let him know that he has nowhere to go. Rip is like: “Ya know what, you’re right”, then orders Gideon to self-destruct as he throws the amulet in the air blasting into a million pieces with his gun and knocking himself unconscious. Jefferson, half of Firestorm and resident mechanic, runs to the engineering department to stop the self-destruct countdown. He’s successful but not before the ship is damaged and winds up on Earth in the Paleolithic Era, where Ray was previously trapped on a past mission.

lgn213a 0295b1 Legends of Tomorrow 3/07 Recap

Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW

The team has to figure out their next move. First order of business: fix the ship. Turns out a part they need just so happens to be in this time period from Ray’s previous mission, so he, Nate (Steel), and Amaya traipse off into Jurassic Park to get it. Remaining on the ship, the rest of the team has to figure out what to do with Rip. Rory (Heat Wave), who’s not known for his intellect, comes up with the idea to “hack” into Rip’s mind to try to bring his original personality back. Rory knows it will work because he says the Time Masters did it to him. After confirming the plan with Gideon, the team hooks Rip up to an apparatus straight out of the Matrix, and Jefferson and Sarah jack into his brain to bring him back to his old self.

lgn213b 0072b Legends of Tomorrow 3/07 Recap

Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW

lgn213b 0211b Legends of Tomorrow 3/07 Recap

Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW

In the jungle, the trio try to find the piece they need.  When they have time away from Ray, Amaya and Nate try to get frisky with each other. Ray, feeling the sexual tension between the two, tells Nate out of earshot of Amaya, that it’s a bad idea. Ray reasons that their relationship could alter Amaya’s original destiny that produced a daughter and granddaughter, who ended up being the modern-day Vixen.  If Nate somehow prevents her from continuing on her original path, Vixen the Younger along with all the people saved will never happen.

lgn213a 0349b Legends of Tomorrow 3/07 Recap

Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW

Meanwhile, Sarah and Jefferson hack into Rip’s tortured mind and find themselves on a mental projection of their ship, where they come face to face with “evil” doppelgangers of themselves. They are defending Rip much like antibodies fight off infections. They first face copies of Ray and Rory, who Sarah decides to take on solo leaving Jefferson free to try to find the real “Rip”. That didn’t go so well; Sarah is soundly defeated and imprisoned on the brig where the “real” Rip is being caged. Jefferson ends up in the engineering department, where he finds a mental manifestation of Gideon who just so happens to be a HOT woman. The two decide to team-up and head off in search of Sarah and Rip.

lgn213a 0028b Legends of Tomorrow 3/07 Recap

Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW

Back in the brig, Sarah gives Rip a pep-talk and lets him know he’s needed back in the real world because he’s just that important. She reminds him that he’s the one who put the Legends together and how he’s responsible for protecting the Spear. Jefferson and Gideon arrive to help Rip and Sarah escape. The four head off and are opposed by faux Firestorm, Atom and Sarah. Before they can do any damage to the REAL Jefferson and Sarah, Rip steps in the way and mentally blasts the fake beings out of existence allowing the two to escape back to the real world with him not far behind.

On the planet, the trio find the piece they need but before they can make it back to the ship, Vixen has to use her powers to have a heart-to-heart convo with a T-Rex who’s still rather peeved at Ray after he ate the T-Rex’s egg during his last stay. All together again, Rip is back in charge with his personality back to normal and again in charge of the team who set off to try to find the remaining piece of the Spear.

Will the team find the spear before the Legion of Doom? Tune in next week to find out. Also, be sure to follow @ATLCW and me @ATLBlerd, so we can live-tweet the show together!

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