The Flash 1/31 Recap

Welcome back. Here we are in the present, trying to determine if the future can be changed. How ironic?! There really isn’t much that needs be said, so let’s get into it.

New Dealer

A deal is being made for some futuristic guns, but Barry arrives to spoil the the fun. The bandits launch a few shots at Barry, which he dodges. HR emerges (from behind an abundance of smoke) carrying a vortex cannon and gets ready to blast away and save the day, but it’s not a dire situation because it’s just a scene for a novel he is writing. Cisco snaps HR back to reality as a crime alert sounds off. The Electric Gang (weak nickname I know) are screeching away in a dark SUV. The Flash and Kid Flash chase in hot pursuit. Barry begins to circle in a vortex-like fashion serving as a distraction for Wally to get ahead of the vehicle and neutralize the driver. Their heroics saved a bus full of cheerleaders, so Barry lets Wally take the credit and pose for the picture.

Cisco says he still hasn’t found a way to change the future, but he believes he’s found the way to track it. Julian encouraged them to create a 3D rendering of the scene where Savitar murders Iris – one might think they had sophisticated technology to do so, but they simply had legos. Based off the rendering and Barry’s current speed, Julian projects it’s “impossible” for Barry to save Iris.


The shadowy woman from the end of last episode breaks into CC Jitters, where she steals a coin that HR used to pay for coffee. Two policemen try to apprehend her, but she blasts them both into oblivion before creating her own portal to get away. At the scene, Barry can’t find any clues, which leads him to believe that the culprit is new. It doesn’t take very long to identify the culprit because she, Gypsy, boldly waltzes to Star Labs and demands that HR come to her at his own will. He stalls, so she creates a portal, breaches her way into the laboratory, and shoots HR in the chest with a stun gun. Cisco vibes to stop her from shooting again and subtly tried to ask this attractive metahuman on a date to talk out a resolution. In fairness, she puts on a quick display of her portal creating powers and hits Cisco with a surprise blast. Kid Flash charges in for a takedown, but her beaming blast stalls his speed and halts him dead in his tracks. At this point she explains that she is a bounty hunter who has come to detain HR because interdimensional travel is illegal in Earth 19 and is a crime punishable by death.

HR slips away to pack his belongings. Cisco follows and inquires why HR would risk his life to travel. HR felt like a fraud and wanted to have the opportunity to rewrite his own story. Gypsy returns to collect HR, but Barry and Cisco won’t let him go easily. As a result, Cisco challenges Gypsy to trial by combat (a.k.a. a fight to the death) for possession of HR, and is granted 24 hours to prepare for battle.

Metahuman Crime Fighting Team

Barry leaves to discuss these recent events with Iris. The conversation takes a turn and Barry pleads with Iris to stop tracking Central City’s newest arms dealer. She agrees, but then backslides and asks Wally to help, using the crime fighting team they formed in Flashpoint as her persuasion tool. Wally accompanies Iris to CCPD where she surprises him with the task of using his speed to unknowingly photograph a case file. Iris somewhat interrupts a conversation between Joe and Cecile (I think many of us forgot she even existed) and distracts Joe with talk about making their family “bigger”, which leads him to believe that she and Barry are contemplating having a kid. She spins the conversation back under control by clarifying that she was thinking of getting Barry a pet.

After securing the case file, Iris and Wally head to a warehouse believed to be the arms dealer’s hideout. She sends Wally on a dummy mission and he (stupidly) decides to enter alone. She snoops around and eventually finds a stash of weapons. Simultaneously, the arms dealer discovers Iris and threatens to kill her. Due to the fact that she doesn’t believe she can die before the Savitar occurrence, she boldly stares down the barrel of a gun and basically dares him to shoot. Wally is forced to dash in and disarm the subject.

Joe is (understandably) livid about the whole situation, so Barry steals Iris away for a private conversation. Iris reveals that she isn’t afraid of death, but is actually scared of dying (like her mother) without leaving a mark on the world. At least now we understand why she was so hell bent on challenging danger.

Preparing for Battle

The crew begins assisting Cisco to improve his skills because he is CLEARLY the underdog. It’s no secret that Cisco isn’t particularly fond of HR, so HR questions why Cisco would risk his life. In some sort of twisted way Cisco would like to finally be there for a Harrison Wells. Nevertheless, training gets off to a rocky start, so HR proposes that they get rid of Gypsy before the battle happens. Somehow, HR was able to place a tracer on Gypsy. He heads to her location and says that the fight won’t be necessary because he’s willing to turn himself in. Meanwhile, Barry positions himself to sneak in for a surprise takedown. The ruse fails (miserably) and Gypsy takes HR with her as a precaution to insure they don’t try anymore stunts.

Julian analyzes video footage and noticed that they could predict Gypsy’s signature move, the breach and blast, because her feet leave the floor to initiate the move. With this new information, Cisco departs for more training until Gypsy sends her location.

May the Best Vibe Win

Cisco arrives for battle dawning the Reverb goggles and a custom suit. He makes small talk, but Gypsy gets right down to business and blasts him with a quick attack. He returns to his feat and they both launch beams at one another. The beams collide and eventually cancel each other out. The fight amplifies and they engage in an interdimensional battle – they literally battle on three different earths. Gypsy prepares to do her signature move, but Cisco knocks her off balance and pins her with a continuous wave. Just like that, the fight is over. I thought it was supposed to be a fight to the death, but meh, this will do. She relinquishes HR and tells Cisco that he is supposed to take her life. He declines (because he clearly likes her), she returns to her Earth, and life goes on.

Setting up Saviors

Back at Star Labs, HR thanks Cisco for his heroics and engages him in a discussion about the past Harrison Wells. In summary, Cisco says he learned to be ready and that it’s his job to show up when needed. The conversation moves forward and Cisco throws a heavy dose of foreshadowing as he tells HR that one day HR’s crazy way of thinking will save his behind.

In the comfort of the home, Barry and Iris also have a conversation about the article she published about the arms dealer and Kid Flash’s role as Central City’s new super savior. It dawns on Barry that Kid Flash has already changed one thing in the future and pauses for a second – clearly illustrating he just developed and idea. So although Barry assures Iris  “The Flash will save you,” we get the feeling he thinks otherwise. As a result, he visits Wally at Star Labs and tell him to prepare because Kid Flash will save Iris.

The stage is set for an intriguing future mainly by posing two questions. What crazy idea will HR generate that saves Cisco, and what will be Kid Flash’s role in saving Iris? For answers to these questions and more, be sure to tune in next Tuesday night at 8 on Atlanta’s CW!

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