No Tomorrow Finale Recap

In the season finale (or series finale) of No Tomorrow, loose ends are tied up for Evie and Xavier. After being stood up by Xavier, or so she thinks, Evie meets a handsome doctor named Graham on her flight to Iceland. Despite hitting it off on the plane, Evie declines Graham’s offer to join him on the trip to Iceland. With all that has happened with Xavier, Evie is ready to forge her own path – alone. The two wish each other luck and say goodbye. Throughout the trip, the two continue to bump into each other, but Evie is steadfast in her wanting to be on her own and the two agree to leave it up to fate.

Now awake from his tranquilizer-induced slumber and having missed his flight, Xavier forces Jesse to help retrace their steps in order to find his phone and passport so that he can get to Evie. While scaling a road sign to retrieve Xavier’s pants, the cousins are busted by the police and thrown into jail. Just as his future is looking grim, Professor Fields appears out of nowhere and has Xavier released. Having confirmed his asteroid theory, she pleads with him to help her find a solution.

As for the rest of the gang, it’s life as usual at Cybermart. Deirdre removes all soda and unhealthy snacks from the vending machines so that employees can lead a healthier lifestyle. Not wanting to make the same mistake twice, Hank is supportive of Deirdre’s initiative – even if it’s causing him to go through withdrawal. However, it’s not long before Hank gives into temptation and downs several sugary soft drinks. It also doesn’t take long for Deirdre to expose Hank. Upset, she admits that the initiative was more for Hank than the rest of the employees; Deirdre’s pregnant and she wants to make sure Hank is around for a long time.

Evie returns to Seattle for a job interview. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long for Evie to realize the position is not right for her. Rather than settle for a mediocre job, she politely stops the interview and thanks the hiring manager for her time.  Meanwhile, Professor Fields asks Xavier if he would be willing to relocate to Washington D.C. so that he can help find a solution to stop the asteroid from hitting the planet.

After having been separated for the better half of the episode, Evie and Xavier finally see each other. He asks her to move to Washington D.C. with him, but Evie has her own plans – she’s moving to the Philippines for her dream job. Knowing this is the end – for now, and maybe forever – the former couple do one last thing on their apocalist. While it is bittersweet, it’s comforting to both to see the other pursuing the goal they had from the very beginning. Xavier gives Evie his apocalist and promises to come back for it in four months when he has saved the world and they can finally be together.

The finale ends with Professor Fields going public about the asteroid at a press conference, with Xavier in the background. At the same time, Evie boards her plane to the Philippines and her new life, and is seated next to Graham, who is moving to the Philippines to volunteer for Doctors without Borders – the same non-profit organization Evie now works for. I guess fate must be telling Evie something.


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