No Tomorrow 12/06 Recap

Both Hank and Kareema’s brother, Rohan, are heartbroken over their recent break-ups. While Hank attempts reconciling with Deidre, Rohan is undergoing Kareema’s 5 break-up stages. Once completed, Rohan will be over Sophia – or so Kareema thinks – and she can finally tell her brother that she’s the other “man” in Sophia’s life. Hank, puzzled by the abrupt end of his relationship, asks Deidre for an explanation. Rather than be honest, Deidre uses work as an excuse. However, it’s not long before she begins dating someone new.

No Tomorrow -- "No Truer Words" -- Image NOT109b_0340.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Jonathan Langdon as Hank and Sarayu Blue as Kareema -- Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Hank and Kareema follow Deidre and her date to a dance class. There they learn that Deidre’s mystery man is her TWICE ex-husband.  Evidently, every time they win a dance combination, they get remarried. I’m sorry, but when my future ex-husband and I get a divorce, it will be a one-time deal. There’s no need to make the same mistake twice. To prevent the marriage from happening, Hank and Kareema enter the dance competition. Despite their best efforts, and a semi-funny montage paying homage to “Dirty Dancing”, the pair does not place in the competition. Kareema then tries to sabotage Deidre’s dance routine but fails. The ex-spouses win the competition and celebrate by getting engaged. After the competition, Hank confronts Deidre. She confesses to ending the relationship as a precaution. She’d rather be unemotionally attached to her ex-husband than have her heart broken by Hank down the line. Having made it to the fifth and final stage of his break-up with Sophia, Kareema tells Rohan about her relationship with Sophia. Not surprisingly, the revelation does not go over well, and Rohan leaves Kareema alone in a restaurant.

Meanwhile, Evie learns that Cyberhugs is charging a 5 percent processing fee on every charitable action and vows to look into the issue. However, her investigation goes on the back burner when she visits Xavier and notices him purchasing rations. When she questions him about the canned foods, he reveals the purchase is in preparation for the mass chaos that will be sparked by Professor Fields publishing his research. He has no idea that Professor Fields threw away his research, so in the spirit of honesty, Evie breaks the news to Xavier. Angry with Evie for keeping this from him for a month, Xavier storms out of his trailer. Feeling guilty, Evie enlists Timothy for help, and he pitches Xavier’s research to his editor. However, rather than focus on the science behind Xavier’s theory, Timothy’s editor wants him to portray Xavier as a deranged conspiracist. He tells Evie about his boss’s plan and how he is not going to write the article but questions her on how much she really knows about Xavier.

No Tomorrow -- "No Doubt"-- Image Number: NOT103a_0108.jpg -- Pictured: Tori Anderson as Evie -- Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Evie refocuses her attention on Cyberhugs, and it doesn’t take long for her to uncover the truth about the 5 percent processing fee – Fern is embezzling money from Cyberhugs. She confronts Fern, giving her 24 hours to return the money before Evie involves Deidre and most likely the authorities. Instead of accepting responsibility, Fern flees to Uruguay, leaving Evie as the sole Cyberhugs employee and generator of its charitable funds.

Knowing that Timothy can’t write a smear article on Xavier, Evie thinks of Plan B. She sends out a mass email to Cybermart’s top buyers to meet at a central location so that Xavier can spread the word about the apocalypse. However, instead of revealing the whole truth, Xavier encourages the crowd to reconsider their lives if they knew they only had 6 months left to live. Using chalk, the crowd creates their own apocalist. This uplifting moment is short-lived though. In an effort to legitimize Xavier, Timothy uncovers a huge secret – Hamish Stegner is Xavier’s real name. He tells Evie about his discovery, and the episode ends with a devastated Evie demanding answers from Xavier.

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