Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 12/02 Recap

They say love makes you crazy, therefore you can’t call her crazy, cus when you call her crazy you’re just calling her in love! Blam! …..

Oh, don’t mind me. I’m just singing the Season 2 Crazy Ex-Girlfriend theme song I’m adorably obsessed with. But it looks like I’m not the only one adorably obsessed, and Rebecca’s not the only one ‘in love’ this episode. Like a bottle of awkward mixed with chiseled falling from the sky, Trent (Rebecca’s pretend ex-boyfriend from Season 1) is back in West Covina, and he’s in the business of infiltration. Infiltration of the heart, that is. So open up and get ready to [dry] swallow, we’ve got a fake crazy ex-BF on our hands.

Preparing to Swallow

At the episode’s open, we see Trent at a surf shop buying ‘bro’ essentials (or, all the random bro clothes and surf gear he is going to wear in order to fit in with Josh and his friends). Why? Because he believes infiltrating Rebecca’s guy group of friends will give Rebecca a chance to see him, be like ‘OMG he’s so normal,’ then fall madly in love. Yeah, I thought Rebecca was bad, but she has nothing on Trent.

Small Pill

Where the more logical people are in West Covina, Rebecca and her new girl group of friends (Valencia and Heather) hang at the local bar, Home Base, after Heather snags them seats. Meanwhile Josh and his gang have trouble getting seats, as they can’t afford the new cover charge implemented during game time (relevant later). The girls all gush at how great it’s been being around each other and decide they are now a new #gurlsquad. Yep, gurl with a U and they do a very sexy #squadgoals song reminiscent of an updated Spice Girls video.

Crazy Ex Girlfriend -- "Who Needs Josh When You Have a Girl Group?" -- Image Number: CEG206a_00157833b.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Gabrielle Ruiz as Valencia, Rachel Bloom as Rebecca and Vella Lovell as Heather -- Photo: Richard Cartwright/The CW -- ©2016 The CW Network, LLC All Rights Reserved.

After seeing their new girl clique posted on Instagram, co-workers Darryl and the desperately awkward Mya hint that they would like to be included in Rebecca’s girl time fun. Ignoring them, Rebecca focuses her attention on Paula. Though it appears that Paula is just minding her own business and has lots of important law school things to do, Rebecca comes to the conclusion that Paula feels left out and replaces by Rebecca’s new #gurlsquad. Coworker Crazy Karen mentions she knows a woman named Angelique who throws sex parties. From there, Rebecca devises a plan to have her new girls and her old girl come together as one in a not forced blend of fun because obviously Paula wants to be included too (she doesn’t).

Crazy Ex Girlfriend -- "Who Needs Josh When You Have a Girl Group?" -- Image Number: CEG206a_00157586b.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Gabrielle Ruiz as Valencia, Rachel Bloom as Rebecca and Vella Lovell as Heather -- Photo: Richard Cartwright/The CW -- ©2016 The CW Network, LLC All Rights Reserved.

Although Paula is actually busy and has to study for a test, Rebecca lays on a guilt trip about missing her and Paula. Paula agrees to come under the guise of seeing Rebecca’s new place; unknown to Paula, Rebecca’s decided to have a girl group sex party.


If you haven’t caught on, the placebo section is always full of the fake ish that Rebecca decides to pull, but apparently Rebecca’s not the only crazy trick in town anymore. Trent, all bro’d out ends up at Josh’ store and all the way in the office backroom by saying that he got lost on his way to the bathroom. Josh realizes he recognizes him as Rebecca’s ‘Ex’ and Trent is like ‘yeah bro, I’m totally here on business’ (ugh I hate his fake bro vibe). On his way out, Trent asks if Josh was going to be at Home Base for the game, but Josh reveals that he and his actual bros are shut out because of the price increase. Trent says he actually already has a table for his ‘clients’ he purchased on his expense account and wouldn’t mind if Josh and his bros join and they all be bros! Josh says great, and Trent’s plan is full steam ahead! At least that’s how I would feel if it actually included Rebecca, which at this point, it doesn’t.

Things don’t get any better at Home Base for Trent. As awkward as they come, Trent says White Josh and Hector’s names before he is even introduced to them. Instead of admitting he’s a stalker, he says he’s racist instead. They ignore the weirdness for a while, as Trent is providing free food and beer, but as Trent is continually lying and feels 5 seconds away from holding their hands and gazing into their eyes, the guys eventually decide to bail. Josh last, as he was preoccupied texting Anna, who he met at the Electric Mesa.

The Big Pill

Though Paula’s new bud Sunil warns her against going, Paula decides to give Rebecca’s night a chance, because at least Rebecca is making time for her. During the tour of Rebecca’s newly renovated apartment, there appears to be slight structural problems, like a giant chip of plaster falling off the wall. Paula realizes that she recognizes Rebecca’s place as the house where a whole bunch of people were murdered. Nevertheless, Paula decides to get comfy and is all geared up for a nice quiet chat, just her and Rebecca. But, Heather and Valencia enter with their new, very pink ‘#gurlgroup4evah’ T-shirts.

Obviously not expecting Paula, Valencia and Heather didn’t bring her a shirt. Paula, obviously not expecting them, didn’t bring any girl group giggles to give, and the night starts off with an awkward bang. Paula, who should have been studying for her test, is obviously not having fun and noticeably attached to her phone. Though crashing and burning, Rebecca keeps trying to make her old friend mesh with her new ones. Heather points out that Rebecca shouldn’t force Paula to be a part of the group, as the negatives of forcing things becomes the theme of the entire episode.

Speaking of which, Daryl and Mya are back at the office thinking of ways to force themselves into Rebecca’s girl group and Rebecca’s party.

Trent, hitting a wall with the boys is left sitting alone at the bar, when the sales associate from the surf shop recommends that if in fact he wants to impress Rebecca, he should just go to her. #duh.

After verbally admitting she wants to hang herself at this party, Paula makes her way to the bathroom and gets locked inside, so Rebecca decides to kick down the door. She succeeds in kicking down the door, however the entire roofing of the bathroom comes with it, and Paula is trapped inside.

Crazy Ex Girlfriend -- "Who Needs Josh When You Have a Girl Group?" -- Image Number: CEG206b_0432b.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Donna Lynne Champlin as Paula, Rachel Bloom as Rebecca, Vella Lovell as Heather and Gabrielle Ruiz as Valencia -- Photo: Mike Yarish/The CW -- ©2016 The CW Network, LLC All Rights Reserved.

This inspires Heather to do a great rendition of ‘Trapped in the Bathroom’ to the style of R.Kelly’s Trapped in the Closet, in which everyone tries to lift the fallen bathroom beams to get Paula out of the bathroom. Everyone fails to lift the beam, and they come to the conclusion that they should call 9-1-1; finally, a great idea to a night on its final breath.

Wanting to be helpful, Rebecca tells the trapped Paula that she is going to text her husband to let him know that she is okay. Paula urges her not to worry and basically not to pick up her phone, which only makes Rebecca more curious as to what is there. She finds out that Paula has been texting Sunil the whole time about what a horrible night she is having and how Sunil should make up something to come and save her.

Rebecca is hurt that Paula never gave the night a chance, now that she was trying to include her. Of course Sunil shows up in the nick of time to attempt to lie. This only makes things worse and with nowhere to go, Rebecca and Paula have it out. A year’s worth of friend issues come to the surface, including Rebecca’s complete selfishness (finally!). Paula also throws back that Rebecca only wanted to include her to make herself feel better.

Enter Trent… Although no one knows wtf he is doing in West Covina or at Rebecca’s new apartment, all is ignored when Trent says he can help Paula get out, as 9-1-1 doesn’t seem to be showing up any time soon. Strong man Trent lifts the beams and frees Paula.

Paula and Rebecca continue arguing, and Paula finally admits that she had an abortion that she didn’t feel comfortable sharing with Rebecca. The roomful of people is frozen at this point. Darryl and Mya walk in with a boombox to get the [now-dead] party started, and they begin a rehearsed dance routine. Most AWKWARD NIGHT EVER.

The next day at work, Paula and Rebecca don’t speak and it is truly heart-breaking. And if I haven’t said the words awkward enough in this post, to ease her troubled mind Rebecca decides to partake in the man candy that has fallen into her lap. She invites Trent into her bed to have sex and immediately after he thanks Rebecca for taking his virginity. Yes. Awkward. Trent may not be going anywhere folks.

And of course, neither am I. Stay tuned for more Crazy-good times Friday nights at 9 on Atlanta’s CW! Or, at the very least, come here and check out the recap so things don’t get awkward between us.

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