No Tomorrow 11/29 Recap

At the end of last week’s episode, Evie was finally awarded her dream job and now works for Cyberhugs, Cybermart’s nonprofit organization. Unfortunately, with great power comes a brutal workload. Not only must Evie excel at her new Cyberhugs duties, she must also maintain her responsibilities as Quality Control Manager. The first challenge in her new role comes when a disgruntled representative of Habitat for Rodentia shows up unannounced and forces Socrates, a rodent, on to Evie as punishment for his organization’s funding being taken away.

With two jobs, and now a rat to take care of, Evie doesn’t have much free time to spend with Xavier. Rather than find someone else to hang out with, Xavier gets a job at Cybermart working in the warehouse. His hope is that by working together the two will spend more time together and he can assist Evie in increasing productivity, which will lighten her excessive workload. Meanwhile, Deidre and Hank are now Cybermart official, with both signing an employee dating agreement and attending a seminar. In the spirit of fairness, Deidre forces Evie and Xavier to attend the seminar as well.

It doesn’t take long for Xavier to realize that life at Cybermart is completely devoid of fun. In an effort to boost morale on the warehouse floor, Xavier encourages his fellow co-workers to embrace their passions and approach work in a more spirited manner. This results in the employees skating around in rollerblades, taking naps and practicing yoga. When Deidre witnesses this, she instructs Evie to fire Xavier. However, productivity has skyrocketed, and Evie persuades Deidre to change her mind. There’s just one catch – Deidre doubles their quotas. The employees must now do double the work in the same amount of time, so that the Seattle branch can continue to stay afloat.

When Evie tells Xavier about doubling the quotas, he incites a strike. None of the warehouse employees will work unless the double quotas are eliminated, sick days are reinstated, and more vacation is given out. Hank, supportive of the protest, tries his best to tow the line between his co-worker’s demands and Deidre. Not one to be challenged, Deidre enlists Hank as a double-agent.

The two couples are at odds, with Evie and Xavier accusing the other of not understanding where the other one is coming from. She thinks he’s being selfish, while he thinks she is choosing her career over him. Meanwhile, after an internal struggle, Hank refuses to spy for Deidre. Hurt, she forces him to choose between her or his friends. Knowing the situation is a lose-lose, Hank begrudgingly chooses his friends.

No Tomorrow -- "No Rest for the Weary" -- Image NOT108B_0286.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Ellie Harvie as Ingrid, Joshua Sasse as Xavier, Simon Arblaster as Oliver and Elizabeth Bowen as Peggy -- Photo: Liane Hentscher/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Deidre, now more fed up than ever, hires scabs to replace her employees. When Xavier learns this, he and his fellow protesters plan a defense. Sleep-deprived and stressed over how to prevent the confrontation between the scabs and protesters, Evie has a dream where Socrates spouts wisdom and she’s trapped in her own personal rodent cage. Evie, startled by the dream, has an epiphany. Moments before the opposing sides come to blows, Evie interjects and suggests the two sides try trading places. In hopes of preventing bloodshed, everyone agrees, including Deidre.

Deidre spends the next day scanning packages, loading shipments, and doing other labor-intensive tasks, while a volunteer from the other side spends a day in her stilettos ensuring the branch remains profitable. After living in the other’s shoes for a day, the two sides compromise and the strike is lifted.

Influenced by the strike, Evie demands that Deidre hire a new Quality Control Manager so that she can focus on her Cyberhugs duties. Deidre agrees and elects Hank the new QC Manager while breaking up with him at the same time. Apologetic, Evie admits to Xavier that she needs to better juggle her work and personal life. The episode ends with Evie taking a much-needed personal day, and she gets back to tackling her Apocalist with Xavier.

Also in this episode:

Kareema continues to see Sophia, her brother’s fiancé, ignoring Evie’s advice. One evening, her brother sees an anonymous “sext” on Sophia’s phone and calls off the engagement. Without a green card, Sophia must go back to Venezuela. Sophia’s looming departure causes Kareema to realize she’s in love for the first time ever. Not wanting to lose Sophia, Kareema proposes to her and she accepts.

Stay tuned for more No Tomorrow, Tuesdays at 9 on Atlanta’s CW!


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