Jane the Virgin 11/28 Recap

Sequence of Suspense

There’s something stirring in the waters of the Villanueva family pool and in this episode, we finally see something peeking through the surface. And guys….I’m nervous.

Setting the Stage

Studying suspense in one of her writing classes, Jane teaches Michael the sequence of suspense: 1) Show the audience something that the protagonist doesn’t know (like a ticking bomb under a table). 2) Introduce that secret to one of the characters to see what they will do with it. 3) Diffuse the tension. This comes into play later, as our handy Jane narrator introduces us to a simple envelope – an envelope that will change everything. (dun dun dun)

It had been two weeks since Jane told Catalina she could stay with Michael and her, and to say that Catalina had outstayed her welcome would be an understatement. For some reason, Catalina’s whirlwind experiences, name-dropping, and loud talking were getting a little old. Especially since when she wakes Mateo in the middle of the night. Jane politely asks if she could hit the road, and Catalina complies, claiming she had a gala that she was co-chairing. (convenient)

Jane The Virgin -- "Chapter Fifty" -- Image Number: JAV306b_028b.jpg -- Pictured(L-R): Andrea Navedo as Xo and Ivonne Coll as Alba -- Photo: Michael Desmond/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Nevertheless, Abuela guilts Jane on a simple Sunday visit, when she turns down going to church. Abuela says she’s more worried about Mateo’s salvation than anything, and that Jane should be taking him to church as Jane is responsible for his spiritual upbringing.

Rafael’s Ticking Bomb

Aside from cozying up with Catalina, Rafael wracks his brain for the mystery that is his mother, Mutter, who literally died with a secret (a secret code, which translated into a bank account number). Almost cleared to go back to work, Michael does some digging and finds out that the bank account number actually leads to a convent in Italy! Apparently someone has been depositing 10,000 dollars into the account every month since 1984!

Let’s pile on some more shall we? Jane decides that Mateo knowing religion is very important to her and insists that Mateo goes to church. Though completely against the idea, Rafael agrees and decides to take Mateo to church with Jane and Michael. Understandably, Mateo is fussy during the service, so Rafael takes him out into the hallway for a break.

Chasing after Mateo in the hallway, Rafael sees a statue at the end of the hall and immediately has a flashback of himself in a church as a child with tears in his eyes, a statue head at the end of a dark hall, and his mother takes his hand. You can see it in his eyes, he’s spooked by the memory. (great acting right there)

Does the secret envelope have something to do with this? Absolutely!

So Many Secrets!

Interestingly enough when Jane goes to see Rafael, Catalina is still there… Apparently, she didn’t have a gala to run to after all? Jane has a feeling she’s hiding something, which doesn’t get any better when she sees a bag of rolled cash and jewels on the floor! When Catalina leaves the room, Jane examines the bag but is caught red-handed. Jane questions Catalina about the cash, but Catalina has a logical explanation. Cash is safer, and she plans on using those as well as the money from the jewels (that are family heirlooms) to send back to Venezuela. Jane just can’t escape the guilt trips this episode.

However, this story was likely a front as at the episode’s end, Catalina greets an old man at her door who chastises her for running off with his jewels. She then embraces and kisses the man…Sugar Daddy, maybe?

After doing some research, Michael finds that the church that the checks were getting routed to reported a series of art had gone missing in the early 80s. Michael shows Rafael printouts of the art, and Rafael recognizes them.

Raf takes Jane and Michael to his father’s vault where he kept precious material. Rafael admits that he knew the paintings may have been stolen, however he hid them because he didn’t want to tarnish his father’s legacy. Rafael, looking as if his world was crashing down around him, asks Michael not to tell the police.

Meanwhile, Raf is slowly getting bits and pieces of his memory back; his mother speaking to him, as well as an Italian-speaking nun. More vividly, he remembers the statue at the end of the hall, a head with a veil. Michael, with the research skills of a 2nd year law student, finds the exactly statue from Rafael’s memory.

The statue was located in a convent right there in Miami. Rafael decided to take a tour to see if it would jog his memory. Jane decides to go with him, so that Rafael didn’t stick out like a godless rich guy; needless to say, he did. And the nuns knew exactly who Rafael was (dun dun dun). I think I’m getting good at that.

Building Suspense

 A nun takes Jane and Rafael on a tour of the church, however she immediately makes a private phone call to a very serious, scarier-looking nun elsewhere that she was sure Rafael Solano was at the church. The scary nun said she would return to the convent immediately. We soon learn that this scary nun is Sister Constantine, a.k.a Mother Superior. Taking a detour, Rafael notices a hallway with the statue from his memory and has a full-on flashback where his mother announces, “sister Constantine, you will go to jail.”

Rafael notices a door marked, “Mother Superior” and lets himself in. Down the hallway, Sister Constantine says she’s heading to her office. (ahhh! rule 1 – I’m biting my nails).

Unsuspecting, Rafael continues to go through mother superior’s things in her office. Meanwhile, Jane in the hallway, finds out mother superior is back! (rule number 2!)

Jane immediately begins texting Rafael to find out where he is, but of course there’s no cell service in the church. Jane quickly has someone point her way to Mother Superior’s office, she stalls the first nun she sees in that direction. The problem? Unknown to Jane, that wasn’t Mother Superior. WRONG NUN JANE!!

Sister Constantine walks in on Rafael going through her desk, and the tension is high! Constantine says she knew this day would come, and she tells Rafael to take a seat (tension diffused). That was a close one!

Constantine confesses that when she was in Italy, she made a deal with Rafael’s father to steal the art in exchange for money for the orphanage. She fashioned herself a modern-day Robin Hood. This deal was working until Rafael’s mother found out and blackmailed her. Every month, she would give her money in exchange for another dark, dark secret. Constantine hands Rafael the secret envelope.


What was in the envelope? Well, Rogelio, who had absolutely nothing to do with that plot line at all, doesn’t know, BUT before I tell you what was in the envelope, I will quickly catch you up on him.

Jane The Virgin -- "Chapter Twenty-Seven" -- Image Number: JAV205b_0264.jpg -- Pictured: Jaime Camil as Rogelio -- Photo: Greg Gayne/The CW -- © 2015 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Rogelio gets a matchmaker and goes on celebrity dates (one of which was Denise Richards). We find out Rogelio isn’t ready to move on from Xo, as he #bruceblocks Xo by telling Jane about her rekindling her relationship with Bruce. Jane confronts her mother about being with a man that treated her poorly and kept that he was married a secret. Xo finally admits that Bruce didn’t hide the fact that he was married. Jane walks away disappointed. I can’t blame Xo for not telling #judgyjane, though it looks like in the end, Rogelio kills two birds with one stone as he finally tells Xo it’s hard to see her move on and decides that he will have a baby with his matchmaker!


Back to the envelope – Jane visits Rafael, as he has been down ever since they came from the convent. Besides telling Michael that he will turn himself and the stolen paintings in, there appeared to be something else.

Jane The Virgin -- "Chapter Twenty-Four" -- Image Number: JAV202a_0115.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Justin Baldoni as Rafael and Brett Dier as Michael -- Photo: Greg Gayne/The CW -- © 2015 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Opening the envelope, Rafael reveals a birth certificate. Apparently, Mutter lost a baby around the same time that Rafael was born and she bribed the nuns to take a baby from the orphanage….HIM. Rafael is NOT a Solano after all!

I’m sorry Jane writer’s, but can Rafael catch a break? Aside from literally getting shot in the chest (Michael took that bullet), EVERYTHING always happens to Rafael! It’s getting quite upsetting.

P.S. Seriously, can my boo catch a break? We’ll all have to wait and find out when new episodes return after the New Year! See y’all then.

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