Jane the Virgin 11/21 Recap

It’s Getting Cold in Here…

If you are caught up from last week, you know that our HBIC is back. That’s right, Petra is un-petrified. Additionally, Miami and the Villanueva’s make way for one more, as Jane’s worldly cousin Catalina stops by unannounced. And, like a fool, Rogelio falls back in love.

Ice Queen Freeze

Last week on Petra’s awakening, she didn’t immediately come out and say she was Petra. No, not at all, in fact, she said she was Aneska, why? Because if she said she was Petra all the work that Aneska did as Petra to get the shares from Rafael would go straight out the window. But, what? Why would Petra want to take all of Rafael’s shares of the hotel from him? Quite simply … anger. Having been frozen in time but able to hear and see everything she knew, not only did Rafael have sex with Aneska, he was with her all the time and had no idea that she wasn’t Petra. How could Rafael have been married to her for years and not know the difference? Yeahhhh, no clue right? He didn’t have one either.

After using Scott to find buyers for Rafael’s shares, Petra dumps him one last time. Scott, who still unknowingly had originally fallen in love with Aneska before they switched back, was not going to take Petra’s abuse lying down (anymore, that is). He serves Petra with a sexual harassment suit, which if you can imagine, wouldn’t look good for the reputation of a hotel owner attempting to sell. Petra asks for Rafael’s help but, in return, he wants his shares back.

Eventually having no choice, Petra agrees. In addition, Rafael tells her no more blackmailing. Rafael and Petra then gang up on Scott and let him know if he goes through with his suit, it will be two against one — a battle that he’s likely to lose. Scott concedes and all is right with the world again. Little does Petra know, Rafael went to Scott in secret, spilled the beans about the Aneska/Petra switch, and they concocted the sexual harassment suit idea together. Oh, how I love a smart, sneaky, bad boy!

Snowball of a Cousin

You know who else loves a smart, sneaky, bad boy? Cousins that fall from the sky out of nowhere and land on your door step with British accents.

Yep. Jane’s cousin Catalina show up on Jane and Michael’s doorstep the day that they are moving out of their old place. Something tells me she’s going to be knocking down some things in her short stay. First up? Jane’s ego.

Getting to know her trendy, cool, well-traveled, artistic, adventurous, spontaneous cousin, Jane begins to feel slightly boring.  Don’t get me wrong, Jane’s totally excited that she showed up out of the blue. However, now that Jane is a settled married woman with a child, she started thinking about wanting to travel and have adventures. Michael reminds her that that isn’t exactly practical with his job and with Mateo. Jane accepts that and moves on.

Then of course, Catalina runs into Rafael. Though Jane tries to deny it, there is an instant spark between her baby daddy and her new-found cousin. Being a gentleman, Rafael asks for Jane’s permission to take Catalina out and claims that he won’t date her if Jane is uncomfortable with it. Being honest with herself, Jane IS uncomfortable with it and she tells Rafael that he can’t date her cousin. Jealous much, Jane? This obviously doesn’t sit well with Michael (Jane’s HUSBAND!), but Jane assures Michael that she’s not jealous of Rafael but of how Catalina makes her feel about herself. Michael, as a core part of Jane’s life, doesn’t think that’s any better.

Jane The Virgin -- "Chapter Fifty" -- Image Number: JAV306b_195b.jpg -- Pictured(L-R): Gina Rodriguez as Jane and Brett Dier as Michael -- Photo: Michael Desmond/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Next up to get CATapulted by Catalina? Abuela (see what I did there?). As Catalina is Abuela’s sister’s granddaughter, Abuela has wanted nothing to do with her at all. However, not liking the feeling of being so distant from Jane, she tries getting to know Cat. Starting off, Abuela and Catalina both cooked the exact same dish, arepas. You might think this would set things off on the wrong foot, but surprisingly it didn’t. The dinner was actually going well, until Catalina started telling stories from her grandmother. She recants how Abuela STOLE Mateo Sr. from her grandmother, smacking everyone at the table in the face with her words. Insulted, Abuela insisted that wasn’t true. Not only that, but Catalina was just like her own grandmother, bringing lies into her house … and dry arepas! With that, Abuela storms off. Abuela later assures Jane that she is okay and that their relationship is still good, however she should keep an eye out on that cousin of hers. She reminds her of her sister, a master manipulator.

Jane The Virgin -- "Chapter Fifty" -- Image Number: JAV306b_028b.jpg -- Pictured(L-R): Andrea Navedo as Xo and Ivonne Coll as Alba -- Photo: Michael Desmond/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

After spending an exciting night out on the town with Michael singing karoke, Jane realizes that she shouldn’t feel threatened by her cousin’s greatness, as she is happy with her own life. She gives Cat her blessing to date Rafael, so Cat immediately meets up with him and jumps his bones. Aloud, Rafael wonders if Cat is trouble… It looks like we are going to have to see.

Cold Feet

Jane The Virgin -- "Chapter Fifty" -- Image Number: JAV306a_033b.jpg -- Pictured: Andrea Navedo as Xo -- Photo: Michael Desmond/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Now that Xo has realized her life’s dream of opening a dance studio and must find an actual studio, leave it to Rogelio to want to find the most magnificent place! The problem? Immediately after signing the paperwork, Xo sees her estranged MARRIED ex-boyfriend go into a suite next to her studio. After combating each other in a 90s-style dance-off, Rogelio and Xo look into each others eyes. Ro realizes he’s still in love with Xo. Xo realizes she needs to give her ex a piece of her mind and that she really appreciates her and Rogelio’s friendship.

After a talk with his new fellow handsome bff Rafael, Rogelio realizes that he can put the fact that Xo didn’t want to have kids aside. He runs to her studio to tell her he’s still in love with her, just in time for him to see her kissing her ex. She did tell him off btw. She told him off, found out he was divorced, and now we are here with Rogelio’s heart on the floor. He walks away, realizing he must continue on his original mission of spreading his seed.

And on that note, that concludes this recap of Jane the Virgin. Don’t miss the mid-season finale next Monday at 9 on Atlanta’s CW.

Jane The Virgin -- "Chapter Fifty" -- Image Number: JAV306b_067b.jpg -- Pictured(L-R): Andrea Navedo as Xo, Gina Rodriguez as Jane and Jaime Camil as Rogelio -- Photo: Michael Desmond/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

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