Jane the Virgin 11/07 Recap

A Time of Change

With the biggest change going on in the United States today (if you live under a rock, it’s ELECTION DAY!), I figured it was fitting that the content of last night’s episode focused on all the changes in the Jane universe. The biggest change, if you didn’t see it last week, Jane is no longer Jane the Virgin. That’s right, she and Michael finally “did the deed”. Of course, they had a little bit of a rocky start figuring out what would tickle Jane’s fancy the most (if you know what I mean), but now they are off to the races and they (along with everyone else) are adjusting to the other many changes around them.

House Warming

Jane The Virgin -- "Chapter Forty-Eight" -- Image Number: JAV304b_0310 -- Pictured(L-R): Andrea Navedo as Xo, Ivonne Coll as Alba and Gina Rodriguez as Jane -- Photo: Tyler Golden/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Settling into their new home, Jane and Michael send out house warming e-vites. Xo and Abuela look it over, while Abuela internally sulks over missing Jane. Meanwhile, Xo contemplates what she’s going to do for a new career, as she decides she’s putting singing on the back burner.

Jane The Virgin -- "Chapter Forty-Eight" -- Image Number: JAV304b_0303 -- Pictured(L-R): Diane Guerrero as Lina, Jaime Camil as Rogelio, Andrea Navedo as Xo and Ivonne Coll as Alba -- Photo: Tyler Golden/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Enjoying the freedom (and sex) in their new home becomes short-lived as Jane and Michael are interrupted by a realtor attempting to show their place. For them, this made no sense as they have been diligent in making payments to their $1000 rent payments. The realtor promptly points out that the problems is: rent is actually $2000 a month. They realize that someone has been paying part of their rent.

Jane The Virgin -- "Chapter Forty-Eight" -- Image Number: JAV304b_0036 -- Pictured(L-R): Gina Rodriguez as Jane and Brett Dier as Michael -- Photo: Tyler Golden/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

They go after the usual suspects: Xo, Rafael, Rogelio… none of them are paying for the house. Jane then runs into their original realtor at the Maribella, who is actually looking for Petra. Petra, the one who has been paying the other half of their rent and obviously can’t do so now.

After Jane gets the realtor to tell her what’s going on, Jane confronts Petra (Aneska). As one could imagine, Aneska (posing as Petra) knew nothing of the arrangement Petra made to pay Jane’s rent in secret. Jane thanks her for being so kind but lets her know they will not be taking her money any longer. She then decides she should give their relationship one more chance – Jane reluctantly invites Petra, and her new boo Scott, to dinner.

As predicted, the awkward dinner takes a left as Jane asks “Petra” if she’s only with Scott because she’s being blackmailed. Insulted by Jane’s accusation, Aneska and Scott storm off (Jane and Michael’s first and last dinner guests).

Trouble in Paradise

Realizing that they can’t afford the house without a strict budget, Michael and Jane sit down and crunch numbers to realize they would still be short around $200. At work, the servers plan a walk-out of Scott’s new Flamingo event, as they can’t stand his dictatorship any longer. Scott offers Jane a $1000 a month to convince the servers not to walk, but she declines to sell her friends out.

Trying to be a good team player, Michael makes some calls to try and get the budget down. In doing so, he finds out Jane lied about having to pay for Mateo’s baby gym classes that Rafael is actually paying for. Jane admits she padded the budget for a rainy day. Upset that Jane would lie to him about their money situation, Michael and Jane get in their first real marital fight… yeah, Jane doesn’t exactly come out looking like the good guy here.

Jane The Virgin -- "Chapter Forty-Eight" -- Image Number: JAV304b_0204 -- Pictured(L-R): Gina Rodriguez as Jane and Brett Dier as Michael -- Photo: Tyler Golden/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

At Scott’s Flamingo event, dressed in a hideous Flamingo dress, Jane decides to make amends with Petra (Aneska)… again. It appeared to be bad timing, as Aneska was actually getting reamed by one of her mother’s messengers (telling her if she didn’t figure out a way to get the Maribella sold in the next 2 days, there would be consequences).

Jane approaches Aneska, who urges Jane to leave her alone and then pushes Jane in the pool! Jane, never being a girl you can bully, pulls Aneska into the pool with her, and they go at it. Every good telenovela has a cat fight! They only stop fighting when Lina and Scott come and pull them apart.

Death, Bribes and Lies

At the last episode’s end, we learn that Rafael’s mother was death. Apparently she was poisoned in her prison cell with nothing but a Bible in one hand. Detectives comb through the Bible page by page and discover four underlined words: “Angels Protect the Son”… Does she mean Rafael? Only time will tell.

Aside from losing his crazy mother and getting back his crazy sister Louisa, Rafael is now worried about his Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (yeah, we went there) Petra. On top of dating Scott, she’s been acting extremely weird. Things finally come to a head when she tells Rafael that she wants to sell her part of the Maribella, and she wants him to sign HIS shares over to HER. If he doesn’t comply, then she will go to the police and tell them all about Rafael’s illicit dealing with his father.

Leaving the room, Jane startles Petra and lets out a shriek; a shriek that Jane recognized well enough to know that that wasn’t Petra. Jane quickly ducks into Rafael’s office, where she drops her new “knowledge”. Combining Petra’s recent weird behavior and all that Jane knew about her – and knowing it sounded absolutely insane – Jane concludes THAT WAS NOT PETRA. Finally, the cat is out of the bag.

I honestly cannot wait until Jane takes Aneska down, and we get regular distant cold-hearted Petra back (I’m forgetting why I’m excited). Come back and watch Atlanta’s CW next Monday night at 9. Ill be there – that’s a change I can’t wait for.

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