Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 11/04 Recap

“They say love makes you crazy, so therefore you can’t call her crazy. You’re just calling her in love…”

As the recently adapted theme song goes, Rebecca acted extremely “in love” in the latest episode. Unable to choose between them, Rebecca fantasizes about the idea of a polygamous relationship with best friends Josh and Greg. Through the help of polygamous strangers, she realizes she’s in a love triangle and must choose. HOW? She must look for a sign!

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend -- "All Signs Point To Josh--¦Or is It Josh's Friend?" -- Image Number: CEG203b_0031.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Santino Fontana as Greg, Rachel Bloom as Rebecca and Vincent Rodriguez III as Josh -- Photo: Robert Voets/The CW -- В©2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Small Pill

As Rebecca’s therapist points out, neither Josh nor Greg have offered her a relationship at all. She should spend less time trying to be in love and more time loving herself…

NAH. Rebecca continues to look for a sign from the universe because… destiny, duh.

She sees signs everywhere of course for both gentlemen, though they are likely completely unrelated coincidences. She’s left feeling as confused as ever and must confide in good ol’ Paula.

In other news, Greg’s Dad sells the house without telling him.  He gives Greg half the money, so he can finally go to Emory in Atlanta and live his dreams at the ‘Harvard of the South’. Yes, Greg, come be brute and be adorable with us here in the ATL. Greg is immediately against the idea and says that it can throw off his sobriety. Greg’s dad says do what you want, the money is still yours.


Rebecca and Paula bond while brooding about their problems and their shared menstrual cycles, which have both yet to come; Rebecca cries about her choice, Paula voices her anxiety and excitement awaiting a law school acceptance. They eventually realize how weird it is that they are both late. After a vending machine egg salad sandwich and a random barf into the work trash, Rebecca concludes that she must be pregnant. Yes, you read that right, pregnant! Paula suggests that she take a pregnancy test first! Rebecca views the baby as a sign from destiny that she should be with Josh; she rushes home to tell him. Yes, of course, because babies always make half-ass relationships better…

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend -- "All Signs Point To Josh--¦Or is It Josh's Friend?" -- Image Number: CEG203b_0364.jpg -- Pictured (center): Rachel Bloom as Rebecca -- Photo: Robert Voets/The CW -- В©2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Rebecca jumps Josh’s bones when he walks in the door and as soon as he’s ready to get down with the get down, he notices prenatal vitamins that he knocked off the table. Rebecca breaks the news and in her evident excitement about their destiny baby, she starts saying baby names. Josh sits in shock. Rebecca runs to the bathroom to pee and Josh sits, still shocked trying to digest the information and the fact that he’s going to be a father. Rebecca comes back from the bathroom and reveals that she actually got her period, so they wont be having a baby after all! And she immediately turns the page in her brain and starts singing about having period sex.

Josh immediately freaks out, as he has just went from about to have sex, to being a father to about to have period sex in the last 3 minutes, and he watched his life flash before his eyes. Josh says that this was the sign he was waiting for, that he and Rebecca were not meant to be. He tells her they are not a couple and what they were doing is OVER.

He legit says ‘I don’t want to see you anymore’ as he walks out the door. #ouch

Upon Paula’s request, Rebecca takes a break from life and has a walk in the park. She sees Greg standing on a bridge (could this be a sign?).. They have a sarcastic conversation about fate and some how end up kissing. Rebecca realizes NOW that it has to be Greg she’s destined to be with!

If they are meant to be, she tells Greg to meet her back in that exact spot the next night at sunset. She let’s Greg know Josh and her are done, and there is nothing between them and she is ready to try again with Greg (was that even 12 hours ago?) –  Greg go to school. Run.

While packing up his Dad’s house, Greg tells his dad that he’s not going to take the money and go to Emory (booo). Greg’s Dad, not born yesterday, knows he’s staying in town for Rebecca and compares Rebecca to a bottle of alcohol for Greg – poison.


Paula still worried about Rebecca, decided to go get a pregnancy test. Now that Rebecca has had her period she realizes she’s more late that she thought.

Daryl interrupts Paula while she is contemplating taking the test. He tells her he happens to know the dean of the law school she applied to, pulled some strings and got her accepted into law school early! Paula breaks out into tears, truly touched by her dreams coming true. Unknown to everyone else, she was also freaking out about the thought of rolling into law school with a book in one hand and a baby in the other.

Greg goes to meet Rebecca on the bridge at sunset. In truly beautiful lighting, he see’s Rebecca waiting, he smiles, then see’s something else – right in front of Rebecca, a no swimming sign marked with the words ‘danger’. If that isn’t a sign (literally and figuratively) I don’t know what is.

Greg leaves Rebecca standing on the bridge alone.

Stood up Rebecca goes back to her apartment and pours up the wine. She passes out on the couch and wakes to a ‘snap alert’. As she’s racing to her car and Greg’s at the airport, one can only assume that someone snapped the fact that Greg is moments away from getting on a plane to Atlanta.

With all his Bros seeing him off, Greg says goodbye to everyone and has a loving moment with Josh. Josh realizes that Greg is never coming back. Josh apologizes for the Rebecca situation, and they hug it out and say goodbye.

Honking her way through traffic, sprinting across the parking lot and running up the escalator, Rebecca catches Greg just in time to ask him ‘Where are you going?’ – CUT TO BLACK.

CUT TO PAULA’S KITCHEN TABLE – Paula has taken the pregnancy test. Displaying a haunting little pink plus sign, the test reveals Paula is indeed pregnant. – CUT TO BLACK… AGAIN…

What a series of unexpected, unfortunate events. What are these West Covina women to do? Tune in Friday at 9p, only on Atlanta’s CW!

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend -- "All Signs Point To Josh--¦Or is It Josh's Friend?" -- Image Number: CEG203b_0238.jpg -- Pictured (center): Rachel Bloom as Rebecca -- Photo: Robert Voets/The CW -- В©2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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