No Tomorrow 11/01 Recap

No Tomorrow is finally picking up its pace. While this episode follows the same drill of Evie and Xavier striking off to-dos on their apocalists, the central conflict has nothing to do with their relationship. Unlike wanting to bounce on a pogo stick or jump off a steep cliff, this week’s to-do is something we can all relate to: wanting to right a past wrong. We all have regrets. Most, like eating that fourth slice of pizza, are innocuous. However, some regrets we dwell on for weeks, months or even years, wondering whether or not we made the right choice for the right reasons.

This week’s episode tackles past and current-day regrets. We learn that in high school, Evie and her best friend, Fern, were vying for roles as co-captains of color guard. However, when the volleyball team approached Evie during tryouts, she ditched Fern for the cooler crowd. Now an adult, one of Evie’s top to-dos is to earn Fern’s forgiveness. Meanwhile, Xavier is regretting his decision of not being honest with Evie about his feelings. However, rather than come clean, he makes up his own past regret.

No Tomorrow -- "No Regrets" -- Image Number: NOT105a_0579.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Tori Anderson as Evie, Sarayu Blue as Kareema and Director Ron Underwood -- Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

With the help of Kareema, Evie tracks down Fern. When she learns that Fern’s most recent order was a 40-lb bag of cat food, Evie’s guilt is at an all-time high. Despite fearing the worst i.e. Fern is now a crazy cat lady, Evie visits her former BFF. To her surprise, Fern is a successful entrepreneur that runs a nonprofit animal sanctuary. Evie apologizes for abandoning Fern, and the former friends start where they left off. She even invites Fern to have lunch at Cybermart so that they can discuss possible job opportunities at Fern’s nonprofit. Side note: Under no circumstances should you meet a prospective employer at your current employer’s lunchroom. Evie’s naiveté never seizes to amaze me.

Their heartwarming reunion is short-lived though when Deidre confronts Evie about wanting to leave Cybermart. Turns out Fern called Deidre to discuss Evie. Fortunately for Evie, Deidre is smitten with Fern and invites herself to their lunch. Fern, the former color guard nerd, bonds with Kareema and Deidre over tater tots, and it doesn’t take long for Deidre to offer her a consulting position with Cyberhugs, Cybermart’s nonprofit organization. After Fern intentionally fails to invite Evie to a staff meeting, she realizes her former BFF still holds a grudge.

No Tomorrow -- "No Regrets" -- Image Number: NOT105b_0035.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Tori Anderson as Evie and Joshua Sasse as Xavier -- Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Evie, still upset over losing the Cyberhugs position to Fern, helps Xavier with his to-do: retrieving a rare baseball card and giving it back to an old friend he stole it from. However, there’s a catch. The baseball card is currently locked in a case at Seattle’s baseball museum. Xavier propositions a security guard, while Evie successfully steals the card from the case. Xavier returns the baseball card to his old pal the next day and learns out that the family’s maid was fired after being accused of stealing the baseball card.

The couple track down the former maid, Ms. Barnes, at a nearby cemetery where she is buried. Xavier, upset he will never get the chance to ask for forgiveness, does his best by apologizing to her gravestone. Unsatisfied, Xavier wishes there was more he could have done. It’s at the cemetery that Evie realizes that sometimes words are not enough to repair a broken relationship.

In a turn of events, Deidre is forced to offer Evie the Cyberhugs position due to a corporate mandate of promoting full-time employees versus hiring contractors. Seeing this as her best opportunity to right her wrong, Evie turns down the position so that Fern can stay on as a consultant. In an additional effort, Evie invites Fern to a nearby football field where she plays Fern their color guard mix and apologizes a final time. They make amends, performing their old color guard routine together for the first time in years.

Xavier locates the daughter of Ms. Barnes. The daughter, now a therapist, tells Xavier about how her mother’s firing helped her daughter find her true calling. Before he leaves, she provides him some free advice: tell Evie how you really feel. He does just that, and the two finally commit to one another.

Also in this episode:

Hank, guilty about his burgeoning feelings for Deidre, sets out on a mission to meet his online girlfriend in person for the first time. Hank and his online girlfriend finally connect, but after a passionless kiss, the two decide to be friends. Now officially single, Hank shows up to Deidre’s office with flower post-its in hand, and the two kiss.

No Tomorrow -- "No Regrets" -- Image Number: NOT105a_0677.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Jonathan Langdon as Hank and Amy Pietz as Deirdre -- Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

After his failed hook-up with Bianca, the female wrestler from last week’s episode, Timothy tries online dating. In the final moments of the episode, he receives a notification of a new match – Fern! I’m curious to see if this means Fern will become another regular character or not, as well as how this affects her newly repaired relationship with Evie.

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