Crazy Ex Girlfriend 10/21 Recap

Season 2 Premiere

If by chance you forgot in the last few months what a crazy ex gf looks like, Rebecca Bunch is back to remind you. Just when you thought maybe she might steer down the path of normalcy and a semi-healthy relationship with Greg, last season’s finale hit a hard left when Greg went on a drinking binge ruining his magical night with Rebecca, Josh broke up with Valencia for what appeared to be the last time, and Rebecca and Josh ended the night in each others arms (Josh’s car/each other’s pants). In true crazy ex fashion, Rebecca admits to being a stalker and following Josh to West Covina, leaving Josh puzzled (like wtf?), and we are back! Let’s swallow those crazy pills and self-diagnose, shall we?

Small Pill

Moments after they drive away, Josh can’t help but obsess over what Rebecca just blurted out ‘You moved to West Covina for me?’ ‘Now our epic romance can begin’. That’s a lot of pressure for one freaking hook up, right? Well, as Josh isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, Rebecca somehow spins it, leaving Josh to question whether he was the crazy one and just misunderstood what she said.

Fast-forward 3 weeks: since Josh broke up with Valencia, he had nowhere to live and is now Rebecca’s new live-in booty call. But, to Rebecca’s dismay, that is all he is since Josh runs straight to the couch after the bump-and-grind. #intamacyonzero.

That’s obviously a bad sign, right? Rebecca doesn’t see it that way! Josh just has to warm up to their love, which she tries to convince Paula of as well. Paula, who is usually Rebecca’s ride or die is also not convinced and warns Rebecca that Josh may not feel the same way about her as she does about him. On a bigger scale, Paula also realizes that all of Rebecca’s crazy antics are like an addiction to her, so instead of getting involved she sits this one out.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend -- "Where Is Josh's Friend?" -- Image Number: CEG201b_0226.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Donna Lynne Champlin as Paula and Rachel Bloom as Rebecca -- Photo: Scott Everett White/The CW -- ©2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.


You would think that Rebecca would see the signs herself, from the general lack of conversation and Josh not really appearing comfortable with his new living situation; but of course not. It’s love for this wing bat! So why not make Josh feel even more comfortable? In noticing Josh is always taking all his clothes with him when he leaves the house, Rebecca offers Josh a drawer. In opening said drawer, Josh recognizes something that puts him a little on edge – an Emory sweatshirt. Knowing that Greg always wanted to go to Emory he asks if the sweatshirt belongs to Greg, Rebecca, oh so ‘clever’ says that the sweatshirt is her cousin Emory’s. “Emory has a sweatshirt that says Rebecca,” Its an inside joke! Righhttt. Josh agrees to take the drawer.

In true fashion, she couldn’t just let Josh have a normal drawer, no. She pulls out all the stops and bells and whistles, quite literally installing sections, lights and even music, so when opened it melodies Scott Joplin’s, ‘The Entertainer’. She assures Josh that she has done this to all the drawers (she hasn’t), but that doesn’t erase the freaked out look on his face – and why would it, as this was a bonkers thing to do.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend -- "Where Is Josh's Friend?" -- Image Number: CEG201c_0347.jpg -- Pictured: Rachel Bloom as Rebecca -- Photo: Robert Voets/The CW -- ©2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

After being kicked out of the office at work for sleeping under the desk, then having a bad dream that Greg was mad at him for sleeping with Rebecca, Josh takes his friend Hector’s advise and decides to move back home with his Mom.

Big Pill

Something very important I neglected to mention and was saving until now… Greg has been missing this whole time. That’s right, the entirety of the three weeks that Rebecca and Josh have been knocking boots, Greg has been MIA. Rebecca has literally received one text from him since the party, which stated he was in L.A taking care of his mom after a plastic surgery operation. Although a very weird story, with Josh in her bed (mostly her couch) Rebecca didn’t bother to question it. However, to be clear, Rebecca and Greg never officially broke up and that realization really haunted Josh, so he tells Rebecca they can’t keep hooking up until she lets Greg know.

Now obsessed with Greg’s whereabouts, she does a citywide search for him asking all his friends where he might be because, as you could have guessed, the phone call to his Mom’s house yielded little results. She even went straight to Greg’s door only to be greeted by Greg’s Dad (who is not a fan of Rebecca). He tells her he doesn’t know where Greg is (he does) and sends her on her way. Greg was actually right there in the house, however, for some reason is in hiding.

One last favor for Rebecca, Paula tracks Greg using the IP address from his cell phone. They realize he’s going from home to 1 other location every day. High-tailing it over to the scene, they find out Greg’s secret. It’s an AA meeting. Greg is an alcoholic. Upsetting news for both Rebecca and the viewer because I actually feel terrible for Greg. Rebecca realized that now probably isn’t the best time to let Greg know about her situationship with Josh. Honestly, I’m slightly proud that she wasn’t THAT selfish.

Josh comes over and Rebecca explains that he may be right and that they would have to cease and desist on their ‘blossoming romance’. For some odd reason the thought that they shouldn’t be doing it, makes them want to do it… and so the doing it commences and somehow, some way (I assume out of exhaustion) Josh ends up sleeping in Rebecca’s bed. She then forces her way into a cuddle with Josh, and it appears that crazy wins the day.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend -- "Where is Josh's Friend?" -- Image Number: CEG201a_0151.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Vincent Rodriguez III as Josh and Rachel Bloom as Rebecca -- Photo: Scott Everett White/The CW -- ©2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Will crazy win the next episode? I have no idea, but I’m hoping for a big bag of sense to drop on Rebecca’s head, though it is very unlikely, but here’s to hoping – Watch the next episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend now on Friday nights at 9!

P.S. Aside from changing the night, the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend theme song was also changed to some short little ditty this week. Here’s hoping that also comes back next week because it’s the only song that I know on the show by heart!

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