Jane the Virgin 10/17 Recap

Getting Your HEA (Happily Ever After)

Guess who’s back, back again.. Jane is back, tell a friend *slim shady voice*

Oh, yes dear friends, countrymen, international rap stars…. Jane Villanueva is back in action! And she didn’t disappoint! In fact, I am overjoyed and overwhelmed with the possible delights, unfortunate mishaps and murders this season has to offer.

Let me start by saying this episode is all about faith and the possibility of getting your ‘Happily Ever After’ so I hope you hold out with me until the end of this recap and have FAITH that I will tell you Michael’s fate somewhere before the end, because I’m not giving it away at the top. And here we go!

Chicken Soup for the Soul

We arrive in Jane’s world 4 minutes after Michael was shot by Sin Rostro/Rose – the international lesbian crime lord, who had been disguised as Michael’s partner Susanna Burnett the whole time. As one would imagine, Jane probably found it peculiar that Michael was taking such a long time to get ice on their honeymoon. She wanders into the hallway looking for him and finds him shot and left for dead on the floor. She runs to his side, and cries for help! She puts her face to his chest, he’s still breathing!

CUT TO: St. Augustine Hospital, Jane and the rest of the Villanueva clan (and the world) wait anxiously to hear Michael’s fate. A nurse arrives to inform us that Michael is in critical condition; the bullet missed his heart, but there is a lot of internal bleeding and she will keep them (us) updated.

Probably one of the few times in the show Jane is speechless she is breaking down at the thought of losing Michael. Just in time Michael’s Mom, who is not a fan of Jane (and vise versa), arrives to ask the doctors questions – as any normal Mom would. Her presences does nothing in the way of soothing woes, as she undercuts Jane’s opinions and criticizes her for snacking at a time like this.

In need of better times, our handy dandy narrator simultaneously takes us back in time to the moments following Jane and Michael’s first meeting. A time in which  Jane was actually interested in another guy named Sam…Don’t worry, as always, this flashback becomes relevant soon enough.

Present Day: An update from the nurse – Michael is stabilized but not out of hot water. The bullet missed his heart, however went straight for his spine. Options: 1. Leave the bullet fragments in, which could result in Michael being paralyzed from the waist down. Option 2. Take the bullet out, which as he just reached a stabilized condition, could result in Michael’s death. Decisions, Decisions! And to Michael’s Mom’s dismay, the decision, as Michael’s new wife, was all Jane’s. What should she do?…

Jane The Virgin -- "Chapter Forty-Five" -- Image Number: JAV301c_0153.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Gina Rodriguez as Jane, Andrea Navedo as Xo, Jaime Camil as Rogelio and Ivonne Coll as Alba -- Photo: Michael Desmond/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

The Day After They Met: Yes, at the moment when Michael’s life is at stake in the hospital is when their first moments become relevant.

Having a long-standing crush on Sam when she met Michael, Jane couldn’t pass up the opportunity for a date when Sam finally asked her out. Even though Jane had already said she would go out with Michael too, she takes Xo’s golden advice and tells Michael she is sick and can’t go out. Michael, being the upstanding guy that he is, arrives at Jane’s house with a bowl of homemade soup just in time to see her get in the car with Sam. On duty, Michael decides to pull them over, claiming that Sam had made an illegal U-Turn. He then asks Jane to get out the car. He gives her  ‘sick’ soup and sends them on their way. #awkward

Now Jane, of course, can’t stop thinking about Michael so she goes to him to apologize, however lets him know that she wants to keep her options open and date them both. Michael’s not having it and tells Jane where she can shove her apology. And she thought she’d never see Michael again. That is, until he shows up on her doorstep. She admits that they had a good time on her birthday but that must have been the tequila. Michael says there’s something here and he’s not giving up, even if Jane wants to bring Sam on dates with them!  Jane doesn’t understand why. Then Michael say’s the magic words, “I’m a fighter. I don’t give up” and he and Jane kiss one more time.

St. Augustine’s Hospital: Jane knows that Michael would want the surgery, and they go ahead with the procedure.

Security Breach  

Interestingly enough, Petra’s fate is now linked to Michael’s –

If you recall Petra is in the same hospital as Michael, however is being held against her will by her evil twin sister Aneska. Aneska, who is now parading around as Petra, is keeping is keeping her sister immobilized via a paralytic injection. As the paralytics begin wearing off, Aneska needs to get back to the hospital to inject Petra again, but with the hotel now under investigation after Michael’s shooting, there are cops everywhere. Under the guise of a distraught concerned sister, she convinces Rafael and the police to let her go to the hospital with a police escort.

Obviously, it was going to be quite difficult to stick Petra with another needle right in front of a cop, however all Aneska needed was one moment where the cop was not paying attention. She got her opportunity when the suspicious cop gets a call on his walkie that Detective Michael Cordero pulled through surgery. Aneska rushes another needle poke in her sister arm, and Petra is again out for the count. The W for Michael turns out to be a very big L for Petra. And, in the wake of Rafael no longer feeling the spark with “Petra” (or, Aneska parading around as his ex), the plot thickens, and he also gets added to the “take-down plan” that she’s concocting with her mother.

So alls well that ends well… I mean not really at all, but for now our heroine gets her happy ending…

Oh..Where is Sin Rostro you ask? It appears she’s kidnapped Louisa and is in deep-sea hiding, literally hauled up in a submarine somewhere in the ocean. I guess good luck finding her!

And good luck to us staying in our seats this season. I have a feeling that not everyone’s going to get their HEA. Watch Jane Monday nights at 9 on Atlanta’s CW to (try and) keep up!

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