In no particular order.

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#1 Doll’s Head Trail

Find your way over to the Constitution Lakes Park, and there you will stumble upon the creepiest little trail in the South. Literally, you might stumble over a doll head. The area is a nature preserve and is home to an art project created by local carpenter Joel Slaton. The entire trail is sprinkled with discarded doll parts and other eclectic trash discovered around the site. “Eclectic Trash” is a thing!

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#2 Tiny Doors

The next time you are walking or biking as a form of transportation, keep your eyes peeled for these tiny art projects that reach no further than 6″ from the ground. Currently there are 9 handmade doors. I will not reveal the locations of these bite size forms of whimsical happiness. You must simply discover them on your own.

muder, kroger, tee, kooky, beaware


#3 Murder Kroger

Okay, so the story behind this name is a popular but scary one. The Kroger located on Ponce De Leon Avenue has gotten its name by, you guessed it, a series of murders/deaths that took place in the parking lot. A total of four, one of them a dead body found left in a car. Yikes! They are desperately trying to shake the name but that will be extremely difficult considering that the last murder took place in 2015. Also, there are now shirts being made with the word Murder designed to look like the Kroger logo. Pretty crafty.

goat, B&B, kooky, social


#4 The Social Goat B&B

This is an adorable yet strange place mostly because it is in the city instead of a tiny town or a farm. A beautiful Victorian style B&B fully equipped with goats, chickens, turkeys, cats, and a pond with fish and ducks. Located in Grant Park. A little strange but a great secret getaway.

prison, haunted, fire, kooky


#5 Atlanta Prison Farm

Any guesses what this place housed back in the day? Lots of prisoners. It closed in 1995 and was taken over by nature and graffiti until a fire broke out in 2009. Go visit it in the dark of night, and let me know if you run into any cool spirits.

lil wayne, playground, phipps, secret, kooky


#6 Da Playground

Deep underneath Phipps Plaza, below all the happy shoppers buying their designer watches and jewelry awaits a secret skate park. It was created by Stevie Williams and has a strict invite only policy, so good luck finding it.

vees, antiques, kooky


#7 Chamblee Antique Row District

You will know when you get there. This street is full of antique shops, and it almost has a ghost-town feel to it. One of the most recognizable shops you will see is Vee’s 5&10. The front lawn is covered with crazy figurines and collectibles, almost like an antique graveyard.

hurry, escape, timecrunch, kooky


#8 Amazing Escape Room

A unique bonding experience for you and your family, friends, or coworkers. You pick your theme and you are given a time slot to solve a scenario. They provide all the clues, riddles, and tools you need to solve it, but can you beat the clock?

So, tell me, how many of these 8 kooky things have you had the pleasure of experiencing?
-Kaitlin Lehner/ Atlanta’s CW

  1. Bruce says:

    I seen Flat Creek Floyd

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