The 100 Season Finale 5/19 Recap

The Kill Switch

Without skipping a beat, we are back on the action. As Clarke revives her mother, Abby, after being possessed and in the midst of hanging herself, we look around the room to remember that Ontari is brain dead, there’s no one to put the Flame in, and with ALIE’S City of Light (COL) army only down for the moment, everyone’s left scratching their heads (everyone being Bellamy, Pike, Octavia, Murphy and the two guards).

Sneaking In

But of course, Clarke is clever as a fox and takes a page from Mount Weather’s book: she asks her mother to give her a blood transfusion with Ontari, literally pump Ontari’s blood into Clarke’s body and put the flame in Clarke. That way she will know how to take down ALIE.

Abby, skeptical at first, agrees and pumps her with Ontari’s blood. Murphy says the magic words, putting the Flame inside Clarke. She immediately knows the only way to take down ALIE is to take the key and enter the city of light. She tells Abby she knows the Flame will protect her.

Back in Arkadia: Raven and Monty are still locked in the control room fighting off an ALIE-fied Jasper outside the door threatening to kill Monty’s new girlfriend. They eventually ambush Jasper and tie him up. Raven continues to look for the kill switch.

Protected by The Flame  

Entering the COL, it appears to be a very clean metropolitan Midtown of sorts. Not knowing where to go, Clarke begins to wander. She soon becomes surrounded by people, among them a jovial Jasper innocently licking an ice cream cone. Strangely enough, Jasper seems to ignore her but Clarke eventually realizes that no one in the flooded city actually sees her.

The 100 -- "Perverse Instantiation - Part Two" -- Image HU316b_0004 -- Pictured: Eliza Taylor as Clarke -- Credit: Diyah Pera/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Suddenly a crosswalk light has the flame symbol on it, so Clarke intuitively starts to follow and then the light changes. She turns and the symbol is now in the design of a woman’s hair, so like a rabbit to a carrot she follows that. I’m guessing this is how she’s going to find the kill switch.

Back in Polis

Though the team is supposed to be plotting against ALIE’s minions currently climbing the tower with their bare hands to stop Clarke, Octavia’s looking at Pike like he has a target on his head while she sharpens her sword. She ends up being left alone with Pike to defend against the intruders coming through the window. She looks at Pike and then at the intruders. Octavia cuts Pike across the leg, basically feeding him to the wolves as she watches him get beat up by ALIE’s men. Bellamy comes in to stop the madness, but of course it’s too late and this has weakened their defense (great job Octavia).  They end up having to run and stack furniture against the door, while the intruders take the room. Holding themselves against the door, Bell tells Octavia he knows how she feels because his revenge put him on the wrong side, they need to stick together.

The 100 -- "Perverse Instantiation - Part Two" -- Image HU316c_0035-- Pictured: Bob Morley as Bellamy -- Credit: Diyah Pera/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Clarkes body (in Polis) begins to shake and her nose begins to bleed. The blood pumping from Ontari into Clarke’s body is beginning to slow, and she she’s not getting enough night blood. Her body starts rejecting the flame.

This starts to affect Clarke’s body in the COL, her nose bleeds and people are starting to notice her. Raven who is running through ALIE’s system in the Arkadia trying to stop it can read that Clarke’s there but is running a different system. She also sees that ALIE has everyone in the COL looking for Clarke, like she’s a virus. Now that Clarke is in the COL with the ALIE II chip installed in her brain, all ALIE has to do is update her system from Clarke and she will have the chip.

The COL citizens (or thugs) find Clarke, who has collapsed on the stairs as a result of her ailing real body. They begin to beat her senseless. Then, like a bat out of hell and my personal hero, Lexa comes out of no where to defend Clarke! A sword in both hands, she kills Clarke’s antiviral attackers in the blink of an eye. They hug, and I have never felt like such a girl, as I began to tear up. Lexa picks Clarke up and helps her get to a safer place. Clarke (in Polis) begins to foam at the mouth and convulse. She still isn’t getting enough blood, and she (in the COL) collapses into Lexa’s arms.

Dr. Abby to the Rescue

Abby thinking fast, decides they need to get Ontari’s blood flowing more. She takes a scalpel and cuts Ontari chest open. She grabs Ontari’s heart (I know she was brain dead, but she’s dead dead now). She then literally begins to pump Ontari’s heart, moving more night blood through Ontari into Clarke. She can’t pump blood and tend to Clarke at the same time, so she tells Murphy to take her place. He of course agrees in his normal rebellious fashion, and Clarke begins to stabilize.

Clarke (in the COL) wakes up in Lexa’s arms, and they kiss. Now that the download has begun, ALIE’s people can see them. Clarke looks down at her wrist and her father’s watch is working. It is actually counting backwards; they have 10 minutes to find the kill switch. A girl on a pink bike rides by with the flame symbol on her jacket, and they follow. It leads them to a giant chain-link fence (a fire wall). Jasper approaches and tells them they will never get to the kill switch, and Lexa takes out her swords.

The Kill Switch

Back in Polis, fighting off the COL minions has become increasingly harder, as they have all made it to the room where Clarke’s host body is. Among the crowd closing in are some familiar faces: Jaha, Emori and Kane. The team knows they will have to fight them off and Abby’s armed with a gun, shooting anyone that gets too close to Clarke.

Simultaneously in the COL, Clarke and Lexa with the firewall at their backs, are being surrounded by COL citizens with Jaha leading the pack. In Arkadia Raven can see that Clarke is literally outside the kill switch, so she uses her coding skills to make a shortcut to the switch which appears in the form of a vault door with a raven symbol on the outside.

Clarke immediately recognizes Raven’s work and knows that she has to go. Lexa stays behind to defend against the COL attackers. She tells Lexa “I love you”, right before opening the door. Becca (the original commander and ALIE’s doppelganger) greets Clarke into the lab-like setting that appears to be on the Ark. She tells Clarke she needs to pull the kill switch on ALIE. Of course ALIE appears out of no where and tries to convince Clarke otherwise, but it’s not that cut and dry.

ALIE has Clarke look out at earth. Apparently, the nuclear power plants that weren’t destroyed in the first ‘end of the world’ have begun to melt down and are polluting the earth. ALIE says her drones detected them 4 months ago and in less than 6 months, the global radiation levels will make 96% of earth uninhabitable, killing everyone and making the COL the only safe place to live. Clarke’s stuck between a rock and a hard place, let ALIE have everyone and keep them mindless in her COL safe haven or save the world from ALIE only to have them die in 6 months.

Meanwhile in Polis the team is doing pretty horribly, Bell is getting choked out by Kane, Jaha is kicking ass, and Octavia is at the wrong end of a sword, only to be saved by Pike.

Clarke pulls the kill switch.

All the people that were ALIEfied snap out of it and they begin to feel all their pain, emotional and physical. Clarke wakes up and Murphy takes the Flame out of her head, Bellamy notes that she doesn’t look like someone who just saved the world, and she tells Bellamy it’s because she didn’t.

Abby hugs a crying Kane, Murphy embraces Emori, and everyone breathes a sign of relief (and sadness). Octavia looks at Pike in a semi appreciative way, as if to say ‘thank you for saving my life’. This moment is immediately cut short when she stabs him through the stomach with a sword, killing him. #sorrynotsorry Octavia walks out the room like a jaded boss warrior; Bellamy, along with everyone else is speechless and watches his little sister walk out in slow motion (as only bosses can)…his face reads nothing short of terrified. The world is temporarily saved, 100s more are dead, and it’s just another day on the ground.


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