Arrow Recap 5/11

“Monument Point”

The following synopsis will be for Arrow, originally broadcast on May 11th, 2016:

Welp, it’s the end of the world as we know it, all thanks to Damian Darhk. As we saw at the end of last episode, he and his H.I.V.E. cronies stole a program called Rubicon which was “protected” by A.R.G.U.S. that was meant to prevent a rogue or unauthorized nuclear attack. D2, however, is using it to launch a nuclear holocaust that he and his squad will survive via underground bunkers to start the earth anew.

The show begins with missiles launched from Russia giving Team Arrow a deadline to override Rubicon and prevent the nuclear holocaust. Analyzing the situation, Felicity realizes that she won’t be able to handle all the hacking and overriding by herself and needs help. Instead of getting Curtis – another genius who’s trustworthy and surprisingly absent – she decides to enlist her dad Noah Kuttler, a.k.a., The Calculator.

Along with the end of the world, the team knows that D2 is powered by the deaths of others and if there’s a worldwide nuclear winter, he would be unstoppable.

While the rest of Team Arrow is running around trying to prevent impending doom, Thea is being held captive in the bunker under the city thanks to Malcolm Merlyn, D2’s partner in crime. Malcolm tells Thea that Damian’s plan is much like the one he had but on a grander scale. And if you can’t beat’em, join’em because at the end of the day, his overriding goal is to protect his only surviving child.

The rest of the world is going about their business as usual, unaware of the impending destruction.  That includes the now cutest couple on the show Donna Smoak (Felicity’s mom) & Quentin Lance (Laurel – RIP & Sarah’s dad). Donna snooped through Quentin’s personal effects and found an affidavit stating he denied knowledge of Laurel’s extra curricula activities as Black Canary – effectively giving him his badge back (he’s on suspension).

Donna tries to guilt Quentin into telling the truth about it even though it might cost him his job. Why this invasion of privacy didn’t lead to a huge fight/argument is beyond me, but hey, that’s TV for ya.

As the architect of all this chaos, Damian realizes that there might be one person who can stop him…and that’s The Calculator. D2 sends his henchmen, including Brickwell  – a gang leader who’s not accustomed to taking orders – after The Calculator to kill him.

Back underground, we see the arrival of Anarky who has a personal beef with Damian. His plan is to disable the air scrubbers that will keep the dome’s air clean. He runs into Thea in her civilian guise (minus red leather) and she tells him that she’ll help Anarky take out Damian but won’t endanger the city’s innocent brainwashed inhabitants.

As she thinks she’s talked him down, Malcolm shows up and puts an arrow in his arm, but he makes a mistake. Seems that Anarky was just killing time because he had placed bombs on the scrubbers to disable them. Malcolm and Thea disable the bombs averting disaster.

Having narrowly escaped Brickwell at his main hideout, The Calculator goes to his secondary hideout – a cabin in the woods called Ravenspur.   Brickwell knows about the hideout and is soon on Noah’s heels.  Surprisingly, Noah’s has some skills of his own outside of his massive intellect and ends up killing a couple of the goons before running off in to the woods.

He doesn’t get too far, however, and is cornered by The Brick. Before The Brick can harm him, Arrow & Spartan (John Diggle) show up and give The Calculator the chance to escape. Noah makes his way to a road and flags down a car.  Felicity is behind the wheel and she whisks her dad off to safety. Ollie and Diggle disengage and make their escape, too.

Back at the Arrow Lair, The Calculator is given a rundown of the situation and the deadline of 12 hours to stop the missiles. In order to do so, Noah tells his daughter that he needs a prototype hard drive at PalmerTech & sends her to retrieve it.

When Felicity is about to put her hands on it, she’s confronted by one of PalmerTech’s board of directors who’s got two big burly security guards in tow. Seems as Felicity spends most of her time with Team Arrow, she’s been neglecting her duties as CEO and has been voted out of power. As Smokey would say: “How you get fired on your day off?”

Team Arrow decides that if they can’t obtain what they need legally, they’ll have to steal it. So Felicity, Noah & Ollie make their way back to PalmerTech to steal it. After a couple of close calls, and Ollie going all Jason Bourne on some security guards in a stairwell, they escape with their prize.

Now that they have what they need, Felicity and The Calculator works furiously to prevent armageddon. D2 notices and sends his crew to attack: It’s an Argus vs. H.I.V.E. rumble royale.

Underground, Anarky and Thea have a final showdown.  Alex stumbles on the scene and sees his girl kickin @$$! While she’s momentarily disabled, Anarky uses a cattle prod and shocks Alex  apparently to death. This sets Thea off, and she then quickly dispatches Anarky, then cries over Alex’s body.

Above ground, bullets & explosions are everywhere as the forces of good try to fend off the forces of evil to give Felicity & her pop time to disable the missiles. Things are going reasonably well until one of the bad guys goes inside the bunker where they’re working. He pulls a gun and before he can put a bullet in Felicity’s head, Noah pushes her out of the way taking the bullet instead. Ollie shows up then and disables the bad guy.

Afterwards, they realize that a missile launched and can’t be stopped. There’s no way to hack or detonate it. But Felicity has a stroke of genius: She changes the GPS coordinates of it’s intended target and the missile lands on a less populated area which kills tens of thousands instead of millions.

Ollie finds where Damian is hold up and walks in as he’s sucking up the energy of all those killed in the missile explosion.

What will this mean for Team Arrow? Has Damian become truly unstoppable? You’ll have to tune in next Wednesday to Atlanta’s CW at 8:00 p.m. to find out.

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