The 100 Recap 5/5

Lose Lose

You know how there are win-win situations or win-lose situations? This episode is neither. It is a lose-lose episode if I have ever saw one. Let’s begin shall we.

The Prisoners of Polis

Murphy, among the prisoners of Polis refusing to take the key, comes up with a plan to fight their way out. In realizing ALIE is controlled by the mobilized metal backpack he decides that’s the best way to defeat her. Pike, who even when cuffed to a wall is still the natural leader of the bunch, attempts to ask about the plan in detailed but is interrupted by one of ALIE’s guards who is there to administer the key to anyone who is willing to take it. Pike speaks up and says that no one there will take the key, which only draws attention to the fact that he was bleeding from numerous cuts. ALIE informs her men that this was not their doing and that someone is unchained.

They eventually get to Indra Unchained, and before they can react she kills them with her shackle pick. Pike decides all the other prisoners should run distraction, while he and Indra (because that’s not awkward) go after the back pack which Indra remembers seeing in the Flame Keeper’s temple. Murphy volunteers to go with them.

Before ALIE’s guards were killed, she was able to see what they were up to and being a genius computer she realized that they were going to go after the backpack. She decides to send Emori to halt the process. She loves toying with human emotion.

On arrival, Emori’s there to be the bug in their ear and ALIE’s spy. Pike kills all the other spies but upon Murphy’s request lets Emori live. The first thing Murphy thinks of is to take Titus’s staff to the pack, but Emori stops and warns him that the pack is nuclear and it will irradiate the entire planet. So, how do they disable it? Carefully…

The True Luna

Bellamy, Clarke, Jasper and Octavia are still on Luna’s oil rig pondering their next step, as Luna is refusing to take the flame and be the new Commander. It’s obvious that Luna has gone through a crap ton of trouble to hide from the rest of her people who love to fight and kill, so it’s only fitting that the rig has this very industrial coffeehouse-speakeasy vibe.

Hanging around, Jasper even meets a girl he may start to like (mistake). The crew talks, and Clarke feels like the best plan is to MAKE Luna take the Flame by activating it and stuffing it in her face. She gets some alone time with Luna, and oh she tried it and oh she failed. After activating the flame, Luna flips Clarke on her back and takes the flame in half a second. She lets her know that she didn’t flee the conclave because she was afraid she would lose. She was afraid she would win; and that after killing her brother in the first round she was matched against Lexa in the second – no wonder Lexa doesn’t talk about it. She probably would have gotten her butt handed to her.

Luna decides to tell her guards to send Skaikru on their way, but as soon as they got to the loading metal box and Luna was about to hand the Flame over, ALIE appears and tells Luna’s guards to get the Flame! WTF, right? Luna’s guards somehow took the key. They lock Skaikru in the box, take Luna, and torture her until she agrees to take the key. What kind of torture? They waterboard her (which, if you don’t know, makes you feel like you are drowning). Jasper, who was lollygagging behind with his new friend notices the guards and immediately knows something is off. He tells the girl to run and warn the others, and she is immediately shot in the back! (No love for Jasper).

They take Jasper and tie him up by his hands next to Luna’s boyfriend to watch Luna get waterboarded. Luna’s boyfriend who couldn’t take watching her in pain decides to take the key (another mistake). ALIE then forces him to try and drown Luna. Luna still wont take the key. He forces her head into a tub of water over and over.

Remember Jasper’s crush that got shot in the back? Well, turns out she didn’t die. She uses the little strength and energy she has and with an arrow in her back crawls to the metal box and let’s everyone out. THEN she dies. Skaikru runs to go save Luna.

Pleasantly surprised, Luna’s not one to need saving. She eventually gets the upper-hand on her boyfriend when he stops drowning her long enough to get her to take the pill. She’s a combat beast and kicks his ass. Realizing he is no longer himself she stabs him in the chest and kills him. Clarke and the gang arrive just in time for this, and Luna let’s out a wale of sorrow. As someone who vowed to never kill again and you kill your boyfriend? I’m sure that has to hurt.

Luna calls what appears to be a ceremony to take the Flame, and Clarke is happy that now she understands what they are dealing with. She notes that they will need to go somewhere private to complete the ceremony. Luna first calls a toast and only Skaikru drinks (mistake). Profoundly Luna says, “You believe to defeat an enemy to stop at nothing you must stop at nothing. How is that different than blood must have blood?” and from there, Skaikru begins to hit the floor, passing out from whatever Luna gave them. They wake up on the beach, Clarke with the Flame in her hand. What the F will they do now.

To Outsmart a Raven

Back in Arkadia, Raven is wracking her brain under thousands of ALIE’s codes that she uploaded into Arkadia’s mainframe. She stays up for days obsessing with Monty by her side worrying about her. Raven gets the bright idea that she’s going to go into the system and take down ALIE’s fire wall and delete her for good. Since she has the original Commander’s book, she has the password to the system. Monty warns her that they would only have one shot at it, and it would be better to wait for the rest of the crew to come back with the flame installed in Luna. But we had to know that super-Luna wasn’t going to wait.

ALIE feels herself being invaded upon at the Ark and assumes it is Monty. She decides to regenerate Monty’s mom so that he and Raven can hear her in the control room. She begs for him not to do this. Raven types in the code and Monty presses delete! Delete, Delete, Delete, everything is deleting, however ALIE keeps talking about a transfer of sorts. To where? At the same time in the Flame temple, Murphy holds up the staff to the pack after Pike has disabled it’s nuclear parts. Emori says if he destroys the pack it will destroy everyone’s minds in the City of Light (which includes her). Murphy says he can’t (#fail). Pike takes the staff and smashes the pack. Murphy looks at Emori; she’s the same, “You were too late” says Emori (poking at Murphy like the emotionless COL drone that she’s become).

Simultaneously in Arkadia, ALIE shuts down before everything is deleted . She pulled herself out, and she’s gone from Arkadia. So, just like everyone else my mouth is on the floor in shock, and I’m scratching my head as well. If ALIE isn’t in Arkadia, and she isn’t in the pack, where is she? Well, it turns out the pack had been hooked to the escape pod in the temple that the first commander landed in. This escape pod always had ties with the Ark (the one in space). ALIE ends our confusion and appears on the Ark…. The Ark in space! Yeah, it appears it’s going to be damn near impossible to take her down from Earth.

And thus concludes probably the shortest recap I have ever written, as no one wins and everyone is left defeated. But it can only get better from here, right? Catch the newest episode of The 100 Thursday (5/12) at 9:00pm, only on Atlanta’s CW!

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