Jane the Virgin Recap 4/25

Okay I know it has been a while, but dry your eyes baby because I am back! So much has happened since I have been gone, and I would like to start with a mini-recap before I recap last night’s episode. Here’s what you need to know:

Daddy Issues: On a baby exchange between Jane, Michael and Rafael, Mateo refers to Michael as ‘DADA’ – TWICE! This prompts Rafael to ask for more time with his son.

Sister Sister:  We (the audience) were almost duped into believing that Petra was going to fly the coupe (solidified by what appeared to be a [bad] dye job, packed bags, and a trip on a bus). Little did we know this wasn’t Petra fleeing but Petra’s long-lost Czechoslovakian twin sister coming to her. Turns out her mother was broke and decided to keep the “prettier” of the two twins. Petra’s twin, Aneska, is jumpy, excitable, and sneaky, kind of like a bad puppy.

With a Writer: Rogelio, trying to put Xo and Jane’s relationship back together after Xo acts like a wild sorority girl, employs Dina (a writer on the show) to help by using the Villanueva House set that he had built. Dina puts together just the right words and shares a kiss with Rogelio.

Dirty Money: Rafael gets drunk and takes stock tips from his brother’s, Derek, friends. Little did he know they knew the outcome of the trade. Rafael wakes up with 5 million dollars, which would mean he participated in insider trading. In a bind, he later uses this money to purchase the hotel next door.

Lurking in the shadows: It appears that someone is watching Michael from the shadows. Who? Wouldn’t you like to know (wouldn’t WE ALL like to know!!!).

And that about sums up the last two episodes of Jane’s world. Was that stressful? Drama-filled ? An emotional roller coaster? You ain’t seen nothing yet!


Judgement Call 

We open with Jane and Michael planning for Mateo’s future and his bedroom in their soon-to-be brand-new home. (Did you know buying your child a Giraffe rug could spark a life long interest in zoology?… well, Jane seems to think so at least). After hitting a grand total of around $500 dollars, practical Jane pauses on her purchase. She does this just in time for room service and a side of bad news. Michael’s face is plastered all over the morning paper (man, I haven’t seen one of those in a while). The article calls Michael out as a corrupt cop who let his personal feelings surrounding the Serrano case (i.e Jane) cloud his judgment, subsequently ending Sin Rostro’s death and Mutter’s escape. So apparently the person lurking in the shadows must have been a rat. Michael heads up to the station to attempt to sort out all the mess.

It appears that it is too late. Michael is put on an investigative ‘leave’ for 6 months, which he believes is just a formality and code for he’s fired. Did I mention Jane hit the confirmed button on that $500 purchase? Did I also mention they are supposed to be moving into their new home after their wedding in a few weeks? Now with one part of the team jobless, Jane decides to take matters into her own hands and pick up extra shifts at the Marbella.

Her new duty? Training Aneska, Petra’s long-lost foreign sister. And I say foreign, as it is needed to not only describe her origin but also the state in which she addresses the world. Or at least Miami Florida. To no one’s surprise, she is a horrible waitress: getting the wrong orders, judging customers for not eating their food while the Czech Republic is starving, ‘holding the onions’ by literally picking the onions off someone’s plate and holding it in her hands.

Desperate in training a lost cause, Jane overhears a guest mentioning her son needing help writing an essay, and Jane pitches herself as a tutor. This works out in her favor until she realizes that the kid actually expects Jane to WRITE the essay for him. Against everything Jane stands for, she goes back to the kid’s mother. Who you would think had a code of ethics of her own, nope. For the $1000 dollars she is paying Jane, she absolutely expects Jane to write the essay for he son, which in turn will get him into some fancy college program. Way south of Jane’s moral compass, she agrees to do it as she and her future hubby need the money.

Rogelio less Shalio? 

Okay so ‘shalio’ may not be a word in any language, but I needed a nice rhyming word for shallow. But is it so? As you know Rogelio and his writer Dina kissed after Dina helped him get Xo and Jane back together. Well this episode they did a little more than kiss, about 13 times. Xo, who Rogelio cast in a part as a lounge singer, can tell that Rogelio may just like this woman after all. Rogelio denies it, as Dina isn’t ‘fashionable’ enough. After Xo’s comment, he takes another look at Dina and realizes he may just have feelings. He attempts to approached Dina and before he could fully express himself she straightens him out – they are just sex.

Oh, btw Xo did a horrible job acting as the lounge singer. Not singing of course, just acting.

Custody Battle 

Okay, I know the title of this section sounds a bit scary. Don’t worry, it’s not as bad as you think. After last week’s ‘Dada’ disaster, Rafael is making sure to take more time with Mateo. This week, it’s his turn with the tot. Since they are all living in the Marbella at the moment, Jane runs into a sitter pushing Mateo around in a stroller and decides to snap her little bundle of joy up (she’s apparently been going through separation anxiety). This doesn’t fly with Rafael, as it was his turn to have Mateo, and he was only busy for a little while. Rafael then suggest that he and Jane get a third party to mediate custody just in case they were to need it, as Mateo is growing. Jane, skeptical at first, agrees.

The custody clerk (yeah, I don’t know what she’s called. I made that up) questions Jane and Rafael about hypothetical custody during holidays and summer time, in which Rafael brings up a month in Europe when Mateo is older. Currently having separation anxiety, Jane says absolutely not, she can’t be away from Mateo that long. Yes, she is being beyond dramatic and, may I add, smothering. By episode’s end, she realizes she doesn’t want to be one of those mothers (like the essay mom) who stands in her child’s way, so she agrees that one day in the future, she will let Rafael take Mateo to Europe for a month, granted she gets lots of Easters in exchange.

Family Affairs 

Jane The Virgin -- "Chapter Forty-One" -- Image Number: JAV219a_0140.jpg -- Pictured: Justin Baldoni as Rafael -- Photo: Michael Desmond/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Along with the hypothetical custody situation, Rafael is also currently going over his children’s trust funds. His baby mama Petra questions if their twins Ana and Elsa’s trust funds are the same as their brother’s Mateo, to which Rafael says (lies) “absolutely!”. Petra discovers later that in the event something were to happen to Rafael, Jane would be in charge of Mateo’s trust fund, however a third party would head the twin’s. Petra, feeling as though she had made great strides in the better person department, was hurt by this and brought it up to Rafael. He admits that though she has changed her actions, the past hasn’t completely been wiped clean. Though who could blame him, cheating on him with his best friend, stealing his sperm, plotting to take over the Marbella (to name a few things) are actions not easily forgotten. Petra admits that though she did do those things, she truly feels as though she has changed. Unlike Rafael, who when faced with telling the truth or lying, lies every time. To sum this situation up, Petra’s overshadowed by Jane’s perfection.

Jane The Virgin -- "Chapter Forty-One" -- Image Number: JAV219a_0231.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Yael Grobglas as Petra, Gina Rodriguez as Jane and Justin Baldoni as Rafael -- Photo: Michael Desmond/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

She relays her feelings to Aneska. Aneska apparently prone to pleasing her loved ones through the pain of others, takes it upon herself to prove just how imperfect Jane is. She goes to Jane’s school website and under the guise of Jane, requests to post an ad for her ‘Essay-Writing Business’. Which basically is like saying  “I wish to advertiser my plagiarizing business. Please and thank you.” Well aside from her sneaky disposition, I could say one thing: Aneska is loyal to her sister.

Let’s switch gears to another budding sibling relationship: Rafael and Derek. Staying at the Marbella, he too gets the newspapers delivered right to his front door. And though the article centered around Michael’s incompetence in the case and Derek’s mother Mutter, it threw in a line about the police searching Derek’s boat and coming up empty-handed. Rafael was the only one that even knew Derek’s boat existed, so Derek confronts Rafael who lies (*sarcasm* surprise). He later comes clean and admits to working with the police initially, as he didn’t trust Derek but does now. As Derek gets on the elevator, he makes a phone call and says, “it’s time to take him down.”

Who is Derek referring to? I can only assume they are talking about our beloved Rafael.. Or are they talking about our unemployable sweetheart Michael? Oh, the stress of waiting on the next episode might just eat me alive. Relieve your stress with me, and don’t forget to turn to Atlanta’s CW69 next Monday at 9:00pm.

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