Season Finale: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Recap 4/18

Can you say perfection? If you’re looking for a season finale that will leave you wanting more, look no further than last nights Crazy Ex-Girlfriend that went out with a big, crazy bang.

Let’s get started shall we?

Small Pill

We start in the ICU where we left off. Rebecca is being treated for a kidney infection, which started from an untreated UTI, which derived from Rebecca having hella sex with Greg. The Greg smashing was a secret until she ended up in the hospital, and Paula and Josh (invited by Paula) were both smacked in the face with the truth. Greg was indeed smashing Rebecca’s butterfly – A LOT. Greg lets Rebecca know that he cares and left his date’s side to rush and see her.

In the hallway Greg runs into Josh, who is wielding a bouquet of flowers for Rebecca. With a sarcastic stick balloon in hand, Greg is threatened and he and Josh exchange words. Greg basically lets Josh know Rebecca’s his now. Josh in turn let’s Greg know that he and Rebecca will always have something special and be ‘connected’. Greg tells Josh he should take the flowers back to his very patient girlfriend who he hadn’t committed to in 15 years. Josh retreats, handing the flowers over to Greg.

I love when Paula gets a song, as it is always filled with passion. And indeed this one was as she expresses her anger to Rebecca. She is no doubt pissed that Rebecca has been lying to her and sleeping with Greg behind her back after she did so much to get her and Josh together. Among those things, putting a tracking device on Josh’s Mom so she will know where she is at all times; subsequently getting Rebecca invited to Thanksgiving dinner and offered to be a bridesmaid. Oh yes, Paula has been the HBIC pulling the strings all along. By the end of the song Paula is no longer speaking to Rebecca, however it is unclear weather it is a matter of disappointment or pride. However, before Paula leaves she lets Rebecca know, “If you think you’re over Josh you’re fooling yourself”.

Out of the hospital Greg takes Rebecca home however is awkward and quick to leave, feeling completely insecure about Josh. It should be noted that in this episode there are flashbacks to Rebecca’s child hood, in which she always envisioned the perfect love story with the perfect prince, with this perfect song from a movie she loved. She wonders if she can have this perfect love story with Greg. Greg expresses his insecurities about Josh and Rebecca to his father. He feels like Rebecca will always go back to Josh. His dad lets him know he’s being an idiot to not take a chance because he’s afraid Rebecca will hurt him. Having his mind made up, Greg decides instead of being affectionate, like he was in the hospital, he’s decided to be an ‘uncaring bad boy’. Greg’s dad calls him an idiot. Agreed.


Josh, feeling the sting of Greg’s words about his patient girlfriend, approaches Valencia about his commitment. He let’s her know that he knows what the next step is for them, he just needs to do it in his own time. He is going out to look for rings. He notes that she just needs to let him do it his own way. With sparkling eyes she agrees and does a little dance after he leaves the room.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend -- "Why Is Josh in a Bad Mood?" -- Image Number: CEG117a_0028.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Santino Fontana as Greg and Rachel Bloom as Rebecca-- Photo: Scott Everett White/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Rebecca decides she wants to tell Greg how much she likes him, so they can begin something real, “and magical”. However, when she attempts to tell him he’s on his non-caring mode, admitting to farting after eating a 1990s fridge burrito. Rebecca notices the invitation to Josh’s sisters wedding on the table and figures that would be the perfect time to tell Greg how she feels and they can have their magic moment. She agrees to go to the wedding with Greg.

Rebecca runs into Mrs. Chan (accidentally via tracker) and gets herself re-invited to the wedding, meeting Josh’s songstress Aunt, who apparently loves Valencia. At work she attempts to tell Paula the big news, about her and Greg and getting the wedding invite, however Paula isn’t hearing it. She doesn’t even speak to her. Darryl takes note.

At the local jewelry shop to pick out earrings, the jeweler asks Rebecca if she had met her soul mate, which to be honest I think is a rather odd thing to ask someone picking out earrings. At that exact moment Josh Chan walks in (my head screams, no! why?!). Josh is there to look at rings for Valencia. The jeweler takes out the few rings Josh apparently had on hold, and both he and Rebecca look at the rings in dismay. The jeweler notices and mentions their sad faces. Rebecca, pretending to be happy for Josh, excuses herself from the store and the jeweler asks Josh if he had made a final decision. #brutal

Big Pill

 As Rebecca gets ready and sings to a bird about her upcoming magical night, Greg awaits downstairs. He is wearing a blazer and sneakers, as not to try. They get to the wedding, and Rebecca notes how magical everything looks, Greg notes how ironic everything is. Dressed like a princess, Rebecca is still attempting to make this their night. She tries to dance with Greg. He pulls out his sizzling bacon moves – yeah, not romantic at all.

While Greg gets some drinks, Josh approaches Rebecca. He asks her if Greg is really what she wants. He notes that Greg is moody and sarcastic, while she’s sweet. He also notes that he always quits on things, and he is afraid Greg will hurt her. Hmm, is being a quitter any better than being a non-committer Josh Chan? Rebecca says she’s sure, and Josh leaves. This conversation of course doesn’t go unnoticed and the night, for Greg anyway, goes down from there.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend -- "Paula Needs to Get Over Josh!" -- Image Number: CEG118a_0118.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Donna Lynne Champlin as Paula and Rachel Bloom as Rebecca -- Photo: Scott Everett White/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Josh throws a few disappointing stares and glances Greg and Rebecca’s way. Greg decides to pull up a seat at the bar and take back a few more shots. Rebecca ends up sitting alone. Darryl, not liking what he’s seeing runs to get Paula, who at first refuses to go, as she did so much for Rebecca and Rebecca didn’t listen to her. Darryl notes that that’s not what friendship is about. Paula then rushes to Rebecca’s side and they talk over each other in apology. Rebecca tells Paula she loves her, and they are all made up!

The Big Daddy of Big Pills

Josh’s Aunt, who has mentioned Josh’s delay to marry Valencia pulls Josh to the side and gives him a family heirloom. At first appreciative, all that goes out the window when Josh looks over to see Valencia watching the whole exchange, he realizes she orchestrated it. Josh confronts Valencia, as the only thing he asked her to do was to let him do their engagement his own way. Josh notes Valencia never listens to him and what he wants. Valencia admits that she thought Rebecca was their problem, but it has been him all along not ready to commit. She’s done. And Valencia dumps Josh!

Meanwhile at the bar, Greg is drunk and barely holding it together. Rebecca, coming to this wedding with a goal, decides she’s still going to lay it all out there for drunk-ass Greg. Even though it scares her to death, she had to admit that she cares about him a lot. She then probes him for his feelings.

Like a drunken idiot, Greg has flashbacks of seeing Josh and Rebecca kiss, his response? “ I think you’re cool” and to add insult to injury he adds ‘lets not plan out our future, let’s just focus on tonight and have fun’. He then lays his head down on the bar. Out of all the days to act like a jerk, this day was probably the worst. White Josh scoops Greg up and apologizes for him, stating this is just how he is. No! No, White Josh I refuse to believe Greg is incapable of love. I know deep down he is just scared, and although I was screaming this at the TV last night, what happened next made my belief in Greg irrelevant.


After Greg gets dragged away, Rebecca can hear something familiar in the distance. In the other room, Josh’s Aunt is performing Rebecca’s favorite childhood movie love song. She goes near the stage to watch and she looks across the room to see Josh looking back at her. He tells her to check her text. It says, “meet me outside”. My heart is racing as I squeal! Josh and Rebecca meet outside, she takes his hand and runs with him as her dress flows in the wind. They get in Josh’s 1950s-era red convertible (when did he get this?!) and drive to a high point in the city.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend -- "I'm Back at Camp With Josh!" -- Image Number: CEG110a_0180.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Vincent Rodriguez III as Josh and Rachel Bloom as Rebecca -- Photo: Greg Gayne/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Literally the most perfect moment, Josh and Rebecca sit on the hood of Josh’s car, and Josh tells Rebecca that no matter what he does he feels her with him. He then takes her summer camp letter out of his jacket pocket. Rebecca kisses Josh, and they make out hard. Cut between Josh’s Aunt’s romantic song and their romantic moment, at some point Josh loses his shirt (Rebecca remains fully dressed?).

CUT TO: Drunk Greg throwing up into a bucket home alone. “Rebecca, I love you”, Greg says right before he passes out. I hate to say it, but all hope may be lost, as Rebecca is tucked under Josh’s arms gazing up at the stars.

Giddy as all get out, Rebecca looks up at Josh and says the unthinkable. “I moved here for you”. The truth she had been hiding from everyone except Paula, she tells Josh that she moved to West Covina just to be close to him. And though they had just made out like Bonnie and Clyde, the look on Josh’s face went from all smiles to horror. WTF did this crazy b***h just say?  Yes, you heard her right Josh. And perfectly so, it looks like he’s got a Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on his hands.

The perfect end to the perfect season. See you in the Fall crazies!

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