The 100 Recap 4/7

Dead Inside

An Enemy Among Us

Bellamy, still chained to the cave walls looks damn near flabbergasted as Kane, Sinclair, Octavia, and the three accomplices (Nathan, his boyfriend and Harper) enter the cave. ‘But wait….’ as we see Bellamy’s mind race. ‘Where is Lincoln?’ he asks. And like a repressed war soldier Octavia answers, ‘Pike put a bullet in his brain’. Her unbothered nature doesn’t last long as she then proceeds to beat the handcuffed Bellamy like he stole something! (her heart?) Kane attempts to stop his beat down, but Bellamy tells him to stay out of it, apparently knowing he deserves it. I guess all that warrior training must have came in handy, because she lays him out for about 30 seconds only stops beating him because I suspect she is tired. Octavia then looks Bellamy right in the eyes and says, ‘You’re dead to me.’ And by the fret on his face, he knows she means it.

Leaving Bellamy who Octavia left looking like he had a run in with Edward Scissor hands, in the corner, Kane’s fugitive cave crew attempts to figure out their next move when they get a call over the radio. It’s Monty radioing for Bellamy. Apparently Pike found out that Monty aided his friends in their great escape, and taking his mothers advice he decides to flee camp and find his friends. It later becomes obvious to Monty his mother’s the one who turned him in in the first place.

Wanting to aide Monty, though feeling as though it could be a trap, Kane’s crew decides to meet Monty at the drop ship and with Octavia’s insistence, with Bellamy as bait. As Kane put it, ‘He’s the enemy’. Holding a gun to his head and knife to his back, Octavia and Kane lead Bellamy into the woods. I guess getting your friends sentenced to death row doesn’t exactly make you the most popular.

Not My Heda, Not My Eyes-ah!

Back at Polis, Ontari is freaking out as the ambassadors of the 12 clans want her to recite the names of all the former commanders to complete her assertion. This would be no problem if she were endowed with the flame (the A.I microchip of leaders past), however as Clarke has fled with it and King Roan has gone after her, Ontari is basically a sitting duck; a homicidal sitting duck. Upon being approached about her assertion by one of the ambassadors, she reaches for her sword, however Murphy talks the ambassador down by lying. The ambassador leaves and Murphy advises Ontari on the ability of restraint. He does this all while being chained to the wall, as Ontari likes him better as a prisoner. He tells he can help her get the names and leads her to the Flame Keepers quarters.

Unfortunately there’s nothing there to help her remember the names, however he advises her that if she is going to be Heda without the flame, she was going to have to sell it. They invite the same questioning ambassador down to the Flame Keeper’s quarters, along with the other ambassadors for a show. The just of the conversation was supposed to be she is now Heda and will not be made to recite anything until she is ready. Ontari, adding her sweet touch, gouaches the man’s eyes out!

Now as fake Heda with her Fake Flame Keeper (Murphy) and her mission of asserting power (for now) accomplished, Ontari heads back to her room and orders Murphy to be put back in chains. Oh, but I thought we had moved past that in their relationship? Oh, but we have. Ontari then begins to undress to seduce Murphy. He tells her he would, but there’s someone else… As you can imagine Ontari doesn’t care.

Flipping the Script 

Kane, Octavia and prisoner Bellamy, arrive at the drop off and as they suspected, it was a trap (unintentionally on Monty’s part). They arrive to Pike holding Monty at gun point, however surrounded by Pike’s guards. Kane submits, dropping his weapon, however Octavia isn’t giving up that easy. She put’s her sword closer to her brother’s throat and Pike commands his men to shoot her in the leg. Bellamy gets out of her hold and takes her down. The tables have turned. Assuring Pike that he is still with him, Bellamy decides to take Pike to the cave where the rest of the fugitives are hiding. Kane, Monty and Octavia are taken as prisoners.

Walking along in the woods, Bellamy points to the direction the cave is in and leads them all right outside of the blockade! Bellamy then turns a gun to Pike and calls to the grounders to come and take him away! Shooting Pike and his men with arrows, the grounders ascend and take Pike away. Bellamy finally did the right thing! When asks by Kane, he doesn’t say if it was because he believed, or if it was for Octavia. Either way, Octavia is still pissed and she maintains, ‘Blood must have blood’.

If you recall, under Lexa’s terms giving up Pike would mean peace and they could finally be the 13th clan. Because of this Kane decides to follow the grounders to Polis. Something tells me Ontari hasn’t changed her mind about killing of Skuikru; with that being said, Kane’s in for treat.

Out of My Head, Into the Light

Realizing that she has been brainwashed and her memories taken, Raven attempts to get ALIE out of her head by playing loud music and excessively exercising (impressive pull ups I might add). ALIE warns her that this kind of factory overload won’t work to block her out, as she says ‘I’m in you now’. Yes, gross and creepy. Abby wanting to help her and keep Jaha and his minions at bay, refuses to listen to anything Jaha has to say about the city of light. Raven realizes she can reboot her system with the wristbands that read the vitals of the 100 when they first arrived.

ALIE, realizing this may just work takes Jaha’s advice on subduing Raven; she wants her memories back, give them back. In spurts and burst she gives Raven all of her memories of pain and torture all at once – being drilled into at Mount Weather, hurting her knee, Finn dying. ALIE resubmits them over and over again into Ravens conscious, until it’s so agonizing that she can’t take anymore and is willing to say she submits.

Meanwhile Jasper finds the wristbands, however Jaha catches up with him just in time to smash them. Jasper is then handcuffed to a stair rail.

Abby standing by with her assistant Jackson attempts to help Raven, but can do nothing and watches Ravens body literally get taken over by ALIE. A City of Light (COL) citizen, Jackson waits for this perfect moment to stab Abby with a tranquilizer and down she goes.

Upon waking Abby is restrained to a chair, confronted by Jaha, Jackson and a ALIE possessed Raven. Jaha tells Abby that she needs to help them increase the population to The City of Light, by telling the people the key (that pill/chip thing) is safe to take and must first take the key herself. Refusing to do it, they know just how to get to Abby’s little doctor heart. ALIE (inside Raven) takes a knife and makes two deep cuts up Raven’s wrist. She starts bleeding profusely and eventually hits the floor. As the blood gushes out in puddles, Abby knows if she doesn’t do what they say, they won’t let her save Raven and she will die. She swallows the key.

Breaking free of the flimsy stair railing Jasper arrives just in time to see Abby administering the key to a line of Arkadians. Realizing they now have her too, he stabs a loopy recovering Raven in the neck with a tranquilizer, picks her up and throws her in a rover. ALIE, aware when anything is happening with any of her subjects, tells her now army of people to get Jasper! With the whole camp chasing him and shooting, Jasper rams through the gates of Arkadia and who does he see on the other side? Clarke! Arriving just in time to get chased out, Jasper tells her to hop in the rover. Clarke fights off a COL minion and looks out the back of the rover to see her mother helping lead the pack as they drive away.

Arkadia has fallen! With everyone under the COL influence, Kane trying to make peace, Clarke attempting to find the next Heda and Raven whacked out of her mind, who will save the day?! Only time will tell. Approximately a week of time, as a new episode of The 100 will air next Thursday at 9p, only on Atlanta’s CW!


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