Arrow Recap 3/30

Beacon of Hope or “Brie’s Bees”

Being Women’s History Month, it’s only appropriate that this week’s villain is another female blast from the past (last week was Cupid), and it is Brie Larvan, aka Bug-Eyed Bandit, played by Emily Kinney (Beth from “The Walking Dead”).  Brie has the ability to control mechanical bees (much like Ant-Man controls ants) that she created, and they do her nefarious bidding. The show begins with Brie in prison (Felicity put her there in a previous season), and she’s using a computer to help facilitate her escape.

We quickly switch to Palmer Tech where a board meeting is about to take place to discuss Curtis’ invention of the microchip that gives Felicity the ability to walk. As one of the board members comes in, he immediately falls down and in a scene reminiscent of Aliens, bees rupture from his body and hold the remaining board members hostage under the direction of Brie who’s made her escape.

Between making bee-puns, Brie lets the folks know she’s looking for Felicity because she has the only functioning chip (we’ll find out later why she’s looking for it).  She holds the entire building hostage with her swarm of bees which, of course, draws the attention of law enforcement and the media.  Curtis, who Felicity sent home earlier because of a cold, sees the commotion at his job and makes his way back downtown much to the consternation of his partner.

Meanwhile, inside the building, Felicity, Thea – who’d come down trying to get a job for a friend – and Mama Smoak (played by the smoking hot Charlotte Ross), who was trying to console her daughter due to the break up with Ollie, spend their time trying to escape Brie’s bees.

Arrow -- "Taken" -- Image AR415b_0055.jpg -- Pictured: Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen / The Green Arrow -- Photo: Bettina Strauss/ The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Curtis, after finding his way back in the building, uses a device he created that leads him to the Arrow Lair (Arrow Cave?) through its secret entrance. The minute the private elevator opens, Curtis sees Team Arrow in full fighting regalia, minus masks. One of the funniest moments of the show is when he’s running through the roll call of everyone in their costumed and civilian identities, except when he gets to Diggle because he has no clue who he is.

It immediately becomes evident that Curtis is going to be the tech/comic foil much the way Cisco (Carlos Valdez) is in The Flash. Seeing the tech in the lair, Curtis has a nerdgasm and immediately begins pushing buttons and flicking switches. Knowing that Curtis has the intelligence to help, Ollie quickly puts him to work to try and shut down Brie’s bees.

While Team Arrow attempts to find their way out of the beeeewitching situation they’re in, the show switches to another prison where Damian Darhk is housed. Malcolm Merlyn comes by for a visit, and the two discuss their plans as member of The Hive. Malcolm basically tells Damian that since he’s incarcerated, his services are no longer necessary. In a fit of pique, Damian tries to Jedi-blast Malcolm as he’s accustomed to doing with no effect since he’s been stripped of his powers. The line of the night is when Malcolm, without missing a beat, says: “Performance issues are common for men of your age”.

Arrow -- "Sins of the Father" -- Image AR413b_0549b.jpg -- Pictured John Barrowman as Malcolm Merlyn -- Photo: Dean Buscher/ The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

As Damian is being transferred back to his cell, he’s accosted by three fellow inmates who have a bone to pick with him, including Michael Amar, aka “Murmur”, a guy who’s got his mouth stitched shut. Damian, being Damian, asks Murmur if he did it himself or if he has “a guy” much like one would have a tailor. The inmates attempt to shank Damian who actually holds his own for a brief period of time, but before the ruffians can get the complete upper hand, guards come and break up the fight.

Arrow -- "Unchained" -- Image AR412A_0036b.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Stephen Amell as Green Arrow -- Photo: Liane Hentscher/ The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Back at Palmer Tech, Team Arrow feels they have a way in (and Felicity and crew have a way out) when Brie’s bees stop them dead in their tracks, and Ollie gets stung in the process.  Getting Ollie back to the lair, they discover that the bee has infiltrated Ollie’s body and is replicating itself. The team determines that the best way to stop them is through Laurel’s sonic scream. Once that danger passes, the crew gets back to the task of how to finally defeat Brie.

Perhaps as a personality quirk, jitters at working with the team, or some combination thereof, Curtis quickly gets on Ollie’s nerves due to his constant talking and ill-timed quips. So, Ollie gives him a tongue lashing he’s probably not accustomed to from anyone other than his partner.  Laurel pulls Ollie aside and lets him know to take it easy on the new kid who just saved his life.

Thankfully, Curtis – although intimidated by Oliver – isn’t down in the dumps for long and devises a sonic arrow he feels will disrupt Bries’ bees. Felicity and crew, still stuck inside Palmer Tech, free the hostages. But instead of leaving with them, she and Thea stay behind to confront Brie leaving Mama Smoak to lead the board members out.

Quickly turning back to the prison while lounging in his cell, Damian is once again accosted by the same three inmates to finish what they started. But Murmur stabs the other two inmates literally in the back before they can defeat Damian. Damian, again being Damian, is somewhat miffed as he had a whole soliloquy prepared that they can’t now hear (being dead and all).

During the final show down, Brie confronts Felicity and says the reason she needs the chip is due to damage in her own spine that if operated on will leave her paralyzed. She also let’s Felicity know that having just had access to Palmer Tech’s mainframe, she knows that Felicity is the one who sent her to prison.

Before Brie can exact her revenge, Team Arrow shows up and promptly gets their collective butts kicked. Although Arrow deployed Curtis’ new tech, it didn’t have the complete desired effect and the bee-hive (not to be confused with Beyonce’s Beyhive) – which took humanoid form –  knocks the team around. Before it can do serious damage, Felicity saves the day by short-circuiting the creature with the wires from a lamp, and Brie (one again) is taken in to custody.

At the end of the show, we see Malcolm talking to his new partner and it’s none other than…well, just tune in next week to Atlanta’s CW, Wednesday at 8PM like the rest of us to see who it is. Be sure to follow me on Twitter, @ATLBlerd to share your thoughts and live-tweet the show with me.

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