Jane the Virgin Recap 3/28

Home Base


Pablo Alonso Segura, said to be a cursed man, may quite possibly be the source of the Villanueva’s ‘bad luck’ of late. After their pipes burst and a mold infestation was consequently discovered , Jane, Abuela and Xo take temporary residence in the Marbella. This was throwing a huge wrench in Jane’s plan to get married in her childhood home in six weeks.

Jane The Virgin -- "Chapter Thirty-Eight" -- Image Number: JAV216b_0351.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Gina Rodriguez as Jane, Ivonne Coll as Alba and Andrea Navedo as Xo -- Photo: Tyler Golden/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

If that wasn’t enough of a struggle, far from Jane’s wishes, Rogelio is obsessed with getting 100s of ‘closest’ friends invited to Jane’s wedding; among them, international superstar Charo. Throughout the episode, Rogelio attempts to get Jane to break her wedding guest allotment of only 15 people to himself (75 total), and he is having a fit (after all, he’s paying for it).

To top this off, as Jane is getting married and has a child, she and Michael need to find a reasonable home for their new family.


Finding the Sweet Spot

Michael and Jane need to find the perfect place for their first home. You know, natural lighting, a front yard, washer and dryer, all within the budget of an investigator and a student mom, which apparently in Miami is a hard find. Finding nothing outside of horrible, outdated and small, the realtor suggests a home in West Miramar. Beyond perfect, the home’s only catch is it would be 45 minutes away from Rafael. Right off the bat, Jane knew her baby daddy wasn’t having it. Knowing that Michael and Jane couldn’t afford something nice in Miami, Rafael offers to pay the difference, because hey, that’s a decent compromise to make to have your son close to his father, right? But Jane knew better, and Michael wasn’t having that. Jane semi- convinces Rafael that they will be in the city so much that it will hardly feel like they are gone at all. Rafael only bends after Pertra “scolds” him for being selfish. Yes, Petra going to bat for Jane and knocking Rafael’s face sideways was a sight to see. Jane and Michael go to sign the lease and somewhat of a miracle happens. Little Mateo stands and scales the side of the table in the new home’s living room. For Jane, this was a sign – she couldn’t move here. She couldn’t deprive her son of a father who would miss his important moments if they moved an hour away.

They later get a call from the realtor that a house only a few miles away from Michael’s place in their price range is available. They assume that Rafael purchased the place and put it up for them to buy so that he wouldn’t be taking a hand out. WRONG. They arrive and to their surprise there’s gaggle of other people inside looking at the house. The realtor says they will have to write a letter to convince the owner why they are the best tenants for the place. With Jane’s writing chops and Michael’s sensibilities they stay up and finish the letter together, which appeared to be golden as their realtor called with the great news. The owner loved the letter. The place is theirs! But little to Jane and Michael know, Petra is actually the owner of the home and the other offers were a hoax. Sweet, right?

As it appears, Petra has grown a lot fonder of Jane, though where there is light on the horizon, Petra is living in the darkest of shadows.

Foul Play 

Living in the Marbella and put a crying, teething Mateo to sleep, Jane notices that Petra is up late at night walking the halls, appearing out of sorts. Petra admits that she doesn’t know what she’s doing with her twins and is feeling overwhelmed. Jane suggests the mom’s group that she used to attend.

Jane The Virgin -- "Chapter Thirty-Eight" -- Image Number: JAV216b_0138.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Gina Rodriguez as Jane and Yael Grobglas as Petra -- Photo: Tyler Golden/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Going seemingly well at first, the group takes a turn when Petra expresses she hasn’t been able to connect with her daughters. The group says it sounds as though she may be veering into postpartum. Feeling judged, Petra’s walls immediately go back up and she storms out of the group. Jane convinces Petra to give a group-recommended psychiatrist a call, who in turns suggest Petra find out if her mother suffered from postpartum. She visits her horrible mother in prison and mirroring Petra’s worst fears, her mother tells her she’s not meant for motherhood and the best thing for her to do is to give the children away.

Running the Bases

We last left Abuela dancing with Pablo, but my oh my does she move fast. She tells Pablo that she does not believe in sex before marriage. So, what does he do? He proposes (of course)! And in a completely irrational, uncharacteristic way, she says “yes”! Which leads me to believe one thing: Abuela wants some!

Nevertheless, she tells Jane and Xo her good news and although skeptical of Abuela’s rash decision to wed, they support Abuela’s happiness. That is until they make an accidental elevator stop on the wrong floor and witness Pablo wooing another woman then going into her hotel room, we can only imagine what happened!

They break the news to Abuela, and she admits that she was irrational (and horny)! She is sad, but not so sad that she doesn’t give Pablo a piece of her mind! I watched this scene twice – once reading the Spanish subtitles and once without. I have to tell you, watching Abuela yell at and then banish Pablo in Spanish was much more intense… And AWESOME. She tells him to leave her country and as Pablo exits a rainbow appears. #GoodbyeCurse

Home Base

Though Rogelio had been attempting to sneak and weasel Jane into allowing him to have additional guests, Jane only finally reconsidered after Xo chastised her. She points out that Rogelio is a proud father who had never been able to be a part of Jane’s life and that he just wants to celebrate her and show her off to people. She accuses Jane of being too stubborn. Maybe I’m stubborn myself, but I don’t think it’s wrong for Jane to want what she wants on her wedding day.

Jane The Virgin -- "Chapter Thirty-Three" -- Image Number: JAV211a_0226.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Jaime Camil as Rogelio and Gina Rodriguez as Jane -- Photo: Greg Gayne/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Either way, Jane budges and allows Rogelio to invite his guests to the after-party. As the house is mold infested, he and Jane must now compromise on a destination for the wedding. Rogelio, with Xo’s help, comes up with the perfect solution.

Taking off Jane’s blindfold, her nuptials will be given in the place she always imagined. Her Abuela’s living room. Not the actual one, because I imagine it is pretty rank, but a replica Rogelio had designed on the sound stage of his show. I have to say this was very sweet, and it makes me wish that I had a rich, long-lost TV star father.

Not so sweet? The ringing of her mother’s words in Petra’s head. Consuming her, Petra really believes she’s not cut out to be a mother. We watch her pack her bags as though to leave the twins behind and the episode is TO BE CONTINUED.

Just when I thought the Ice Queen’s heart was melting she’s trying to run away. This is not what anyone needs! If you’ve seen Frozen, you know what happens when girls lose their parents. Petra, why? Find out if Petra sticks around to frost another day on the next new episode airing Monday, April 11th at 9p, only on Atlanta’s CW.

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