Baconfest Recap — Kait’s 8 Edition

Every year, Dad’s Garage Theater Company likes to host a little thing called Baconfest. This is the one time of the year for all Atlanta bacon lovers to unite, and get really greasy. Here are 8 things that you should’ve seen, eaten, and did at the 2016 Baconfest — maybe next year, you’ll actually join me:


1. Eat a Dragon Toe

Six Feet Under was there serving these bad boys up for a $1 a toe. Habaneros stuffed with scallops and wrapped with BACON!!!


2. Adult coloring station

Atlanta’s CW Crew hosted an adult coloring station. It was a fantastic opportunity to take a break and relax with a friend while munching on some BACON.

3. Endless bacon

This is literally what happened. Bacon, bacon and more bacon. Bacon strips, bacon mac n cheese, BLT, bacon tacos, and the list goes on.


4. Flip Cup

They had a free flip cup station, and it was awesome. People were pulling together teams with outrageously inappropriate names and getting down to business.


5. Bacon Lovers Band

In addition to multiple other forms of entertainment there was an entire decorative marching band interacting with all of the bacon eaters and playing songs about bacon. Didn’t know that was possible 🙂


6. The venue

In other years, this event has been held at The Masquerade but this year it was held at Dad’s Garage Comedy Club. It was a fantastic place to have it. Plenty of space, clean bathrooms, indoor and outdoor events. Props to Dad’s Garage!

7. Human Foosball

Yes you read that correctly. They actually had a human foosball table. It was a giant inflatable set up that involved bungee-cording people together on the inside. It was a pretty hilarious sight to see.

8. The people

The people at Baconfest are really what made this an enjoyable day. Everyone is a comedian. People are there to eat bacon and have a good time together. The energy was perfect!

Want to be in the know about other festivals Atlanta has to offer, or do you have any suggestions of ones that I should hit up next? Follow us on Twitter @ATLCW and let us know! Stay tuned for more #Kaits8 soon, right here on
-Kaitlin Lehner/Atlanta’s CW

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