Jane the Virgin Recap 3/21

The Family That’s Cursed Together, Stays Together.

With only 6 weeks away until our lovebirds Jane and Michael tie the knock, everything must be perfect. So, no one’s surprised that nothing goes perfectly at all, right? In fact, this episode even includes talk of …. wait for it …. a curse! Yep. The Villanueva’s have already had an accidental artificial insemination, inherited murderous in-laws, and experienced a newborn kidnapping, but yeah, let’s start believing in curses now.

Rescuing Rogelio

As you recall, Rogelio is being held hostage in his own home by his assistant/superfan, Paola/Lola. Unaware and still not sure if her father needs more space, Jane calls Rogelio only for Paola to pick up the phone. Wanting to shock him into answering, she tells Paola to tell her father she’s getting married to Michael. Knowing Rogelio’s love for Michael, Jane knows that if he doesn’t call back now that something is definitely not right. Paola/Lola sees this as no problem as she planned to stream her and Rogelio’s murder-suicide online that night! After not hearing back from Rogelio all day, Jane asks Michael to check on her father. He arrives just in time, as Paola pours poisoned wine, and Rogelio’s life flashes before his eyes, he gets a glimpse of Michael through the window. Tricking Paola into thinking that he wanted a moonlight death, Rogelio gets Paola to open the door and Michael takes her down.

Jane The Virgin -- "Chapter Twenty-Seven" -- Image Number: JAV205b_0264.jpg -- Pictured: Jaime Camil as Rogelio -- Photo: Greg Gayne/The CW -- © 2015 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

They don’t like me, They really don’t like me

 Meanwhile, though not captive by a psycho killer, Jane is held back by her need to be liked. Although said to hate each other, Michael’s parents have come together on one thing: their disapproval of Jane. Which, even though we love her, I can definitely see his parents’ side of things; Jane was set to marry Michael then all of a sudden falls in love with someone else and dumps him out of nowhere. Uh huh, not to their baby! In Jane’s defense, her life was turned upside-down by an accidental pregnancy, but again they weren’t hearing it. In a very gallant state at dinner, Michael stands up for Jane and they storm out. Michael’s parents then leave town, threatening to miss Jane and Michael’s engagement dinner in protest.

Wanting Michael to be happy (and to be liked) Jane drives the 112 miles away to Michael’s mother’s front doorstep. Jane gives a speech about a mother’s love and how important it was for Michael that they attend the engagement party. This moves Michael’s mother’s book club, and she decides to give Jane another chance.

In perfectly bad timing, Rogelio is finally getting the interview he always wanted, although it happens to be about his unfortunate kidnapping. Keeping everything bottled inside, he had yet to speak with anyone about the incident. While setting up for her engagement dinner party, Jane gets a call from Rogelio’s agent that he’s not doing so hot and after their last fight, she wasn’t going to miss the chance to be there for her father. Jane, leaving her party plans behind, runs to Rogelio’s side and comforts him while tears fill his eyes, consumed with the fact that he thought he was going to die.

Jane misses her whole dinner party to console Rogelio and needless to say, Michael’s parents were beyond peeved; stating that once again, someone came before Michael. Jane understands, but basically says F it! Michael’s got her back and they may not like her, but she’s not going anywhere. #sorrynotsorry #gogirl

The Brother. The Man. The Glue.

So Rafael finally meets his brother Derek. Ignoring Michael’s warning, he goes off with him alone. He learns that his brother actually never knew that their mother was a crime lord (so Derek claims) and when he found out, he only disappeared on their family’s boat to clear his head. Basically he felt abandoned, troubled, and alone with no family to speak of. Rafael assures him that he has family in him. Rafael then calls Michael and tells him that he’s out of the investigation and chooses to believe his brother. As a viewer who loves me some Raf, I want to trust that he is doing the right thing. However, as the story is void of official bad guys at this point, Derek, I’m watching you. (He’s not a bad view, I might add)

Jane The Virgin -- "Chapter Thirty-Seven" -- Image Number: JAV215b_0144.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Mat Vairo as Derek and Justin Baldoni as Rafael -- Photo: Tyler Golden/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

To be honest, I’m not sure if Rafael is holding things together on the sibling end however, as a new father, he is trying. One could have predicted this: Petra isn’t exactly the cuddliest mother. In fact, she avoids holding her twin girls, Elsa and Anna, since they have been born (talk about Ice Queen). Concerned, Rafael gives the nannies a night off, hoping that Petra will bond with her daughters. As we watch the icicles melt from Petra’s heart while holding her daughter, I think maybe, just maybe there is hope for her yet.

The Curse of Pablo Alonso Segura

So as we learned a few episodes back, Abuela had sex with another man (Pablo Alonso Segura) before Xiomara’s father; a handsome man from their village who was said to be cursed. Without permission (of course), Xo asks Pablo to pay Abuela a visit. Abuela, insisting there was a curse, refuses to see him at first but finally concedes to one date. However, there are a few unexplained coincidences throughout the episode in Pablo’s presence. For example: a power outage as soon as Pablo stepped in the house, a mini-fire that Jane had to put out sparked from a candle, and a waiter unable to keep his balance. And then, as Abuela and Pablo danced a passionate salsa, Jane and Xo were startled as part of the roof at home gave way to a rush of water. TO BE CONTINUED.

Are our beloved characters up for nights of rekindled first love and passion-filled wedding nights? Or, will they be left in pandemonium. I’m voting for a mix of the two. Catch you next Monday night at 9 on on Atlanta’s CW to find out!

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