Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Recap 3/21

Anyone up for a Christmas Carol style life lesson learned dream sequence plane adventure?… No? Too bad, because that’s exactly what Rebecca gets into this episode and I have to say, on a therapeutic level (‘cus my opinion is equal to that of a psychiatrist), it was pretty awesome.

Small Pill

Though it was obvious Rebecca wasn’t going to be meeting Josh in Hawaii anytime soon, I still thought it possible she would to be bathing in the Aloha sun of Maui. You did too? Well, you were wrong. Rebecca hopped on a plane with the sole intention of heading back to the Big Apple. Yes, she was running back to New York with no intention of getting sun or sand. As she confides in her therapist, Dr. Akopian, she already has a job lined up at her old firm to be welcomed with open arms. She also admits that she moved to West Covina just for Josh and, seeing as that didn’t work out and she will never find love, she might as well go back to NYC.

We soon learn that Dr. Akopian actually isn’t the real Dr. Akopian. Right after take off, Rebecca decided to down some sleeping pills and a Bloody Mary, so she is actually dreaming and Dr. Akopian is a dream ghost. And, as most soulful, black female singing ghosts, Dr. Akopian becomes Rebecca’s new insight. Momentarily joined by singer Amber Riley and ex talk show host and actress Ricki Lake, they sing a ditty about being dream ghost – underpaid spirits that help everyone work through their thoughts and feelings.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend -- "Josh Has No Idea Where I Am" -- Image Number: CEG115a_0179.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Amber Riley as Dream Ghost #2, Michael Hyatt as Dr. Akopian and Ricki Lake as Dream Ghost #1-- Photo: Scott Everett White/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Meanwhile at Rebecca’s apartment, Paula crashes at Rebecca’s, comforted by the fact that Rebecca’s in Hawaii with her new love. Paula, dawning Rebecca’s robe, opens some mail, discovering newly developed photographs, filled with lovey-dovey moments of Josh. She revels in her and Rebecca’s close-knit friendship. She is then smacked in the face by Rebecca’s stealth and secrecy, when ‘the new love’ of Rebecca’s life, Josh Chan, shows up at the door looking for Rebecca. She hasn’t answered any text or calls.

The Placebo

So exposing the lesson early, Dream Ghost Dr. Akopian wants Rebecca to see that she has love in her life, even if she can’t see it, so she takes her through a few trips in time.

Trip 1: The time she made a rash decision to win back the man she loved… the first time – her father. Unknown to her mother, a frizzy haired puberty ridden Rebecca, hopped on a plane and went to Santa Fe, New Mexico to see her father. The two spend what seems to be a nice night together only for Rebecca’s mother to come pick her up first thing in the morning, ruining Rebecca’s plans of spending her school break with her father. Adult Rebecca and Dr. Akopian watch the past unfold and Rebecca learns that although she had always blamed her mother from keeping her away from her father, it was actually her father who didn’t quite feel ready to play his role in Rebecca’s life. Rebecca’s mother always kept this from her, revealing Rebecca always had her mother’s love.

Rebecca says, big whoop, as even serial killers have their mother’s love.

Trip 2: College, where her purple V-neck top made her boobs look even bigger than they normally do and Rebecca was slightly quirkier, she found her love for musical theater. She loved it so much she was even considering changing her major. Unfortunately, after getting it on with the student director and finding out that they were not exclusive playmates, Rebecca quit the play. Akopian points out Rebecca’s mistake was quitting something she truly loved over a boy. She also points out the fact that Rebecca still uses musical theater to understand her world now and that was truly her passion (came together nicely, didn’t it?).

Rebecca’s reaction: ‘My mother loves me, I love music.’ – another big whoop. Cut to present-day: Rebecca’s apartment.

The Big Pill

Trip 3: Though it was just Paula and Josh Chan at first, Rebecca’s “missing” status soon attracted a few more guests to her apartment – Darryl, who has been trying to reach her and Greg, who doesn’t care (but really cares the most). With Dream Ghost Akopian and in her dream state, Rebecca watches them all pout about missing her and how she has changed their lives (except Greg) and realizes that she actually does matter to them. In viewing Greg’s cell phone she finds out he called several hospitals just to see if she was there. Rebecca has love in her life after all, she’s just been too hung up on Josh to see anything else.

Rebecca wakes up from her plane dream, thanks a very confused real Dr. Akopian, and then heads back home to her friends. She arrives just in time to thank them for caring and watch Josh flip through her recently developed photos that Paula handed him (for clarity). At this point, though dumb but not as dumb as a rock, nothing could be clearer. Josh looks from the photographs to Rebecca and asks, “Rebecca… Are you in love with me?” annnddd SCENE!

Really. That’s it! Where do we go from here? Well, the obvious “Rebecca thing” to do is to lie, right? I can honestly say I have no idea what she will say next and we will have to wait until next Monday night at 8:00pm on Atlanta’s CW to find out. Until then… stay sane people.

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