The 100 Recap 3/10


Last night’s episodes was one of those episodes in which nothing happens, but everything happens at the same time. We’re setting foundation for something big here, I just know it. So here we go:


We open to Pike climbing the surveillance tower informing Bellamy that Skaikru is missing fellow guardsman that went outside the wall. They gain suspicion that the Grounders may be forming a blockade. In the distance, two Grounders on horse can be seen approaching the gate. Upon reaching the gate they confirm their suspicion – basically ‘we’re blocking you’re butts in unless you give us Pike. Blood must have blood’. Bellamy, the first idiot to speak on his chancellor’s behalf, says no way.

The mystery of the missing Skaikru is then answered when one of the Grounder horsemen throw a sack of bloody guard uniforms at their feet. If you don’t give up Pike, you’ll die slow, just like these men. Bellamy’s response?: BOOM! POW! He literally shoots both the messengers right in the face without blinking an eye and walks away. *INSERT HORRIFIED GHOST FACE EMOJI* Bellamy, who have you become?!


Now having to re-strategize, Pike and his crew take to Pike’s office. Monty’s mom suggest they ration the food which, with the blockade, will last them two weeks if they are lucky. Pike determines that in order to win this war, they need to first take out the threats inside camp – Kane and his secret minions. In order to do this properly, he puts Monty in charge of beefing up new security measures. “Spy on thy neighbor” …. that’s a Commandment, right? Well as Pike suggests: “the walls have ears”. This was almost accurate, as it was actually the table in the room that had been bugged for Kane and his crew’s listening pleasure.

A little while later, Pike and his crew come up with a plan of attack (while Kane listens in). It’s some crazy scheme involving bombs, bottle-necking the Grounders and the Land Rover. Needless to say this plan wasn’t a trap for the Grounders, but for Kane. They found the bug. Now they just needed him to make a move to stop them, and they could take action.

The 100 -- "Terms and Conditions" -- Image HU308a_0016 -- Pictured: Ricky Whittle as Lincoln -- Credit: Katie Yu/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Kane immediately involves Sinclair, the head engineer. He attempts to “fix” the Rover in order to stall their mission. But Bellamy catches and arrests Sinclair almost immediately, after he refuses to talk. But, who’s in the jail cell with him? Hey, it’s our old friend Lincoln! I forgot all about him. Sinclair tells Lincoln “Get Ready. Tonight’s a-go.” What? Sinclair’s arrest was part of Kane’s plan all along! I’m giddy with excitement.


Speaking of bigger plans, ALIE is still having trouble locating her upgrade ALIE 2. She and Raven projected the figures, and there was a 75-85% chance the 13th station lie wasted in the ocean. Jaha says that’s enough certainty. They need to get ALIE stronger and more powerful. To do that, they need more soul sellers in the city of light. To get more people to sell their soul, they’d need more of the tiny chips they were feeding people, which unfortunately had been taken by Abby and placed locked away in Pike’s office. They would have to break in.

Needing someone with nothing to lose and some insight on security, who else to ask but Monty’s good ‘ol friend Jasper? ALIE (invisible to Jasper) and Raven wrack Jasper’s brain, attempting to figure out what Monty’s password was. After realizing it was an alpha-numeric variation of the word ‘Earth’, they finally break into Pike’s office.

The 100 -- "Terms and Conditions" -- Image HU308b_0183 -- Pictured (L-R): Lindsey Morgan as Raven and Devon Bostick as Jasper -- Credit: Katie Yu/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

While looking for the chip maker, Jasper makes small talk with Raven. You know, how the current political climate reminded him of the time they gave up her ex-boyfriend for slaughter. The troubling part? Raven didn’t remember. She didn’t remember anything that happened to Finn or with Finn, or Clarke killing Finn, or even their first kiss. Chip maker in hand, Raven dang near hyperventilates. She realizes something is very wrong with this, and she locks the chip maker away, refusing to give it to ALIE.

ALIE and Jaha discuss Raven’s resistance. ALIE notes that consent is a core part of her programming, and she can’t make Raven do anything. I find this statement funny because I’m pretty sure millions of people didn’t consent to being massacred 100 years ago ALIE, but you keep doing you. Good luck with Raven.


Kane and Pike have a heated discussion about what’s best for their people. Simultaneously, Sinclair beckons Bellamy cell side, stating he’s ready to spill his guts. Lincoln sees this and calls Sinclair a traitor. More enraged by the second, Lincoln pulls Sinclair away from the cell door and starts to beat him senseless onto the ground. Startled, Bellamy opens the cell to regain order. WRONG MOVE. It was a trap, and all the prisoners rush the gate for some guard-to-prisoner combat.

They sound the alarms and, while distracted, Kane smacks Pike with a taser stick, ties him up, and takes him captive in the Rover. The prison riot was a distraction, and he’s going to deliver Pike to the Grounders himself. Not if Bellamy has anything to say about it. Catching up with Kane at the gate, Bellamy stands in the way, a gun pointed at Kane’s head through the Rover windshield. At this point Kane has two choices, run Bellamy’s deranged butt over, or surrender.

Unfortunately, he surrenders and is arrested. Pike notes that Kane should have just killed him himself. I second Pike’s notion. Can someone just get rid of him already? Far past that point, Pike reprimands Kane and sentences him to death for charges of treason, kidnapping, and attempted murder. Shocked, Bellamy sheds a tear and looks away as his former chancellor and friend is taken away. So now you want to have feelings Bellamy? You dang near handed Kane to Pike on a silver platter, but now you want to cry. #icant

Aside from Bellamy’s soul, a few more things were missing in this episode. Where was Abby? Where was Clarke? Who will save Kane? All these questions! Catch the answers (hopefully), on the next all-new episode of The 100 airing Thursday, March 31st only on Atlanta’s CW! (Ahhhh, the wait, the wait might kill me!)

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