The 100 Recap 3/3

“There’s More to Life Than Just Surviving”

Easily the best episode of the season thus far, last night’s episode kept me on edge of my seat. It was so good in fact, giving you an introductory paragraph wouldn’t do it justice. If you missed it, you missed one hell of an episode. But dry your eyes (for the moment), buckle up and let this recap take you there.

97 years ago – Earth ALIE-fied

A very familiar face works hastily in a lab with her partner appearing to try and figure out a solution to a problem. The woman is identical to ALIE, the hologram, however very much human. We learn the woman’s name is Becca and she and her partner are working on A.I, quickly realized as ALIE. At this very moment in time Alie has gone rogue, stating that the earth is overpopulated and needs to be destroyed. Becca, realizing what ALIE is about to do, employs her crew to help shut down it down immediately. It’s too late. ALIE has overridden the system. Becca opens the window and we are slammed in the face by three facts: 1. The crew is actually working from a station in space. 2. This is the moment we watch the world get destroyed by nuclear war upon ALIE’s command and Becca’s horror. 3. The space station they are working from is Polaris – the station said to have been shot from the sky on unity day.

Present Day – Pol(ar)is

Dungeon Days:

Murphy is still captive, getting beat senseless for not having the appeasing information concerning the pill with the sacred symbol. Simply put, he got the pill from Jaha, it’s said to take people to the City of Light, it has to do with artificial intelligence hologram chick Alie, who destroyed the world. Murphy’s new interrogator, Titus, wasn’t having it. Murphy flustered, doesn’t know what’s so hard to understand about artificial intelligence, but recants as only Murphy could, that it may be hard for Titus to grasp “considering you do pray to garbage. No offense.” Unamused and dissatisfied Titus leaves Murphy captive.

‘Blood Must Have Blood’ (REPRISE)

The 100 -- "Thirteen" -- Image HU307a_0106 -- Pictured: Marie Avgeropoulos as Octavia -- Credit: Liane Hentscher/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Brought to Lexa’s throne by a very humbled and frustrated Trikru man, Octavia arrives to Polis in handcuffs. He then tells Lexa of Skaikru’s (Pike’s Crew) recent crimes against his people. He begs Lexa to avenge his people. Holding to the new way of ‘blood must not have blood’, Lexa rejects this idea. Titus fearing for her safety and knowing the politics of his people, insist that she reconsiders. Clarke admittedly is bias and gives no input. Lexa, understanding that Skaikru is struggling internally and being the bada** Commander that she is, decides to give them another chance.

The 100 -- "Thirteen" -- Image HU307a_0074 -- Pictured (L-R): Marie Avgeropoulos as Octavia and Zak Santiago as Semet -- Credit: Liane Hentscher/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Her new plan? Get the remaining soldiers from the 12 clans and block Skaikru in within a 5 mile radius; keeping them from taking anymore land from her people, as well as giving them time to fix their power struggle from within. If any of Skaikru goes outside the 5 mile blockade they are to be killed on site. Clarke and Octavia obviously have a problem with this, but in my opinion it’s more than fair. In the Trikru man’s opinion it was preposterous, as Skaikru has killed his wife and children, and they needed to be avenged. The man then calls ‘Death to the Commander!” and lunges after Lexa. He is struck down and killed by Titus in the blink of an eye. So Titus basically is a savage, and he may have reason to worry about Lexa.

Dungeon Days 2:

Murphy has freed himself of his restraints however is still stuck in the room. While alone he takes time to educate himself on his surroundings. Most important: The pod in the corner marked “Polis” on the side, as well as the primitive cave paintings that appeared to be a story of origin. Titus comes back and, for a brief time, he and Murphy go at it. Not out for the count, Murphy gets Titus to actually listen to him.

The pod very much like the one’s from his home, the Arc, is marked ‘Polis’ on the side, however it is apparent that the two dark smudges in the middle tarnished two other letters. He believes it used to say ‘Pol-AR-is’ and this pod came from the station that was shot down on Unity Day. In studying the cave paintings, the woman that appeared to be their first leader seemed to have come from the sky, just like Skaikru. Murphy suggests that his and Titus’ histories are more intertwined than they might think. Titus, insulted that his sacred founder would be compared to Skaikru, knocks Murphy out. Little did he know, or refused to accept, Murphy was exactly right.

97 Years ago – Unity Day:

Like a mad woman Becca has continued to work on Alie. She says this ALIE, ALIE II, would be a better version. Unlike ALIE I, she would know how to understand humanity and help everyone on the space station know how to survive. However, being that ALIE I destroyed Earth to begin with, Becca’s colleagues and her Commander weren’t really feeling ALIE II and demanded that it be floated immediately.

Unity Day (the day they would combine all 13 stations into 1) comes and Becca is still refusing to give up ALIE II. She believes in it so much she implanted the ALIE II chip right inside her skin at the back of her neck. At a stand off with this stubborn, deranged woman, the Commander see’s no other choice but to blow Polaris and ALIE II , along with Becca and the stations inhabitants, out of the sky. Little did they know Becca, with her new ALIE II implant and ‘Commander’ suit, slip out in a pod right before the missile hits and destroys Polaris. Becca’s headed to earth.

Crash landing she takes her space helmet off on a very desolate, destroyed and radiated earth. Through the rubble, coming her way were the remnants of survivors. Like a shooting star sent from the heavens to save them all and as her space suit suggested, she was now the first ‘Commander’ of earth. (Just like the cave paintings!)

Present Day Polis – Saying Goodbye

With the new kill order, Clarke finally decides she needs to take her a** home to make things right, but of course she couldn’t leave without saying goodbye to Lexa.

Candles lit and the setting sun’s light shining through their hair, the twinkle in their eyes and Lexa’s borderline admission of love, what happens next should be no surprise. Lexa and Clarke share a steamy romantic kiss and CUT TO – lying in bed. I’m sure your imagination can fill in the middle section, however I am surprised it wasn’t steamier, as probably one of the most anticipated moments of the season.

They share a sweet after-sex talk moment and, what happens next I can only attribute to those cruel cruel writers, as they finally give us babies the candy we have been waiting for only to take it away.

Clarke enters her room to see Murphy tied up. Even more startling, Titus then confronts Clarke who points a gun at her head from across the room. Justified in the fact that Lexa’s love for Clarke will jeopardize the life of his people, he plans to shoot Clarke and blame it on Murphy. Being that Titus has probably never shot a gun before in his life, he’s the worst shot ever as he chases Clarke around the room attempting to hit her. Who else would come in at that exact moment but Lexa, who catches the brunt of Titus’ bad aim directly in the stomach.

Yes folks, shot. Clarke holds her hand and cries by her side, and Titus makes the promise to Lexa to never try and hurt Clarke again. And no matter how many times I said aloud, ‘Lexa can’t die!’, she does. She dies. Now you can cry.

The 100 -- "Thirteen" -- Image HU307a_0057 -- Pictured (L-R): Neil Sandilands as Titus and Alycia Debnam-Carey as Lexa -- Credit: Liane Hentscher/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Saddened, but not missing a beat, Titus does his job. He turns Lexa over and on the back of her neck she bares a tattoo of the same ‘sacred symbol’ on the pill. Titus slices the back of Lexa’s neck and, like a creepy A.I spider, out crawls the ALIE II chip ready to pick a new commander.

Needless to say, sh** just got real. Catch The 100 next Thursday night at 9pm on Atlanta’s CW. If you don’t, definitely come back here so I can catch you up. If you don’t do that, you’re as dead to me as Lexa. (JK!…Too Soon?)

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