Jane the Virgin Recap 2/29

Keeping it Together

So when we last left our virginal beauty, all of her literal dreams had come true: Michael, the love of her life, had come knocking on her doorstep and confessed his burning, lingering love. Jane reciprocated, and that brings us here and now… or to last night? Either way, we watching a perfect love story unfold before our eyes. But, this is “Jane the Virgin“, and by now we all know better … Let me catch you up on last night’s episode.

Jane + Michael = Perfect

So after the long romantic and anticipated kiss, Jane and Michael stay up all night talking and making out on the porch – I mean, after a almost a year apart, they certainly had a lot of catching up to do. They share, they laugh, they make out, and they are in their own perfect bubble until the sun comes up. Michael states, “This doesn’t feel real”, and I completely agree. It was one of those simple and perfect romantic moments that you feel like you could wake up at any second, and though the romance didn’t subside the dream state did when realizing they would soon have to tell the outside world … and Rafael. POP went that bubble.

Xogelio Tango

Xo and Rogelio have officially broken up however, by the way that they were acting, you wouldn’t think so. They even squeeze in one last hook up, and as Xo explains it to Jane, it’s just “sex with your ex”, which is perfectly normal (if you weren’t Jane). Jane explains to Xo that she knows Rogelio is still holding out hope on the fact that Xo might change her mind about children, and then it hits her. They actually will have to let each other go. She breaks up with him officially right before his red lavender carpet event, and she urges him to take Jane to the event instead.

The event comes and Xo begins to watch Downton Abbey on her DVR, and she has one of those moments. The kind where you just let someone go and you try your best to move on with your life, but you’re smacked in the face when you do one of “our things” alone. She doesn’t know if she should move on to the next episode without him. I have to say I never really worried about the fact that they might not get back together until that moment. Xo’s poker face had been holding everything together and now that she let go, even I had to shed a tear. Of course Jane had to comfort her and subsequently she was late to her dad’s event, leading him to conclude Jane cared more about her mother than him. I wish everyone would stop being so emotional!

Second-Class Citizen

So now that Jamichael… Jichael…Mane?…. or just Jane and Michael (I’m trying folks, their couple name is horrible) are a thing again, their biggest hurdle, as you may have guessed, is to tell [baby-daddy] Rafael.

Jane The Virgin -- "Chapter Thirty-Five" -- Image Number: JAV213b_0045.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Justin Baldoni as Rafael and Gina Rodriguez as Jane -- Photo: Michael Desmond/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

It goes as well as can be expected: Rafael explodes (and whines) about Michael hitting him in the face and expresses that he is a bad guy and a danger to Mateo. Jane tries to keep things at bay with an apology lunch with Michael. Michael explodes at Rafael and calls him out on his jealousy, and we get nowhere.

Oh yeah, Petra’s in here somewhere too, feeling left out to dry while she tries to maintain the business and prepare for the arrival of her twin girls. But trust me, she’s important in this episode.

After seeing what happened with her parents living in a dysfunctional limbo and Michael offers to quit his job to stop Rafael’s claim of endangering Mateo, Jane realizes that she must own her decision. She goes to Rafael and lets him know that she has picked Michael, and that is her final choice. Rafael admits he’s afraid of being replaced as Mateo’s father (and in Jane’s heart), and Jane assures him that will never happen (the father part that is). Rafael says he will try to accept her decision, but you can almost hear his heart shatter in his chest. I know I said it before, but NOW he’s officially heartbroken and, might I say, totally irrational.

Literally seconds after Jane shattered his heart, he collects a few fragments from his chest cavity and tries to pass them off to Petra (told you we’d get back to her). Rafael is on a “romantic” mission to tell Petra that he doesn’t want to miss out on anything with their babies and he wants to be there for them (especially her), and he wants to be together again. Petra, who is way too smart for that (thankfully!), asks what happened. She realizes that Jane officially dumped him, and he’s picking her as his second choice. She states that she’s no second-class citizen, and she is definitely not second choice either. I find this slightly comical because I’m sure that she would have been just fine with that scenario 5 months ago but still, good for you Petra!

Rafael, feeling like a second-class citizen himself at this point and no one’s choice, heads down to the bar, eyes over a hot girl and professes he’s not going to bed alone. Our bad boy is back.

Outside Forces

So I forgot to mention that Jane started back to work at the Maribella. Of course there is drama immediately, as someone is stealing alcohol from the hotel and Jane’s best friend, Lina, is taking the blame. It turns out to be Louisa who, if you can remember, has a massive drinking problem. She was almost a year sober however after seeing the former love of her life, Rose, murdered in front of her, that monkey on her back came back with a vengeance. Susanna (aka Detective Barnett) convinces her that she needs to go back to rehab.

I also didn’t mention that Rogelio got a new assistant, Paola, who claimed to have worked for J-Lo! Yeah … that turned out to be a lie. She was really Rogelio’s ex prison pin pal Lola. She gets Rogelio to tell her all his secrets, aside from his social security number, and she bars the windows and locks him into his apartment.

Yes, Rogelio has been kidnapped! Last week I predicted Michael would get kidnapped (wishful thinking) but this one makes a little bit more sense. I wouldn’t call Rogelio the sharpest tool in the shed, so I can’t wait to see how he gets out of this one. ‘Til next week folks…. Same place (only on Atlanta’s CW)… Same time (Monday Nights at 9pm)… See you there!

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