Crazy-Ex Girlfriend Recap 2/29

So I will warn you, because I wished that someone had warned me, there are no small pills to swallow in this episode, only big pills and bigger pills. Last night’s episode was everything.


So we jump right back in on tonsil hockey as Rebecca is making out with Trent, a stranger, that is apparently crazy enough to go along with Rebecca’s lies. Yep, he pretends to be her boyfriend in front of Valencia, Greg and Josh and then goes on about his merry way. Rebecca then explains to Josh how big the case just got, as she discovered from a former employee of Greater City Water, that the water that is supposed to be going into their valley, is actually being diverted to L.A, causing the water heaters to over-perform.

Greg and Valencia wipe the [proverbial] egg off their faces, and Josh convinces Valencia the importance of the case. For the first time ever, I see Valencia’s claws go away as she submits to her boyfriend – she is human, people.

Back home, Rebecca is surprised to find Trent in her house (as he states, she should really lock her back door). I know she didn’t think her scheming came without a price. Trent actually remembers Rebecca from Harvard, and he is more than happy to be her live-in boyfriend. She protests, but he insists; unless she wanted him to explain to her friends how they really don’t know one another at all. That’s right, he’s her boyfriend via black mail … AND a Creepy McCreeperson. But as it turns out he’s one hell of a chef and computer programmer (important later).

Extraneous Variable

So everything is set, Rebecca is collecting more and more resident’s testimonies throughout the valley and is going to have her day in court. Her evidence is rock solid, and Josh is grinning right next to her. Everything is perfect. Then enters Audra Levine – Rebecca’s arch nemesis since childhood, and the woman who took Rebecca’s promotion when she turned it down.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend -- "Josh and I Go To Los Angeles!" -- Image Number: CEG113b_0784.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Donna Lynne Champlin as Paula, Pete Gardner as Darryl, Vincent Rodriguez III as Josh, Rachel Bloom as Rebecca and Rachel Grate as Audra Levine -- Photo: Scott Everett White/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Hired by the fancy L.A Company, she’s determined to expose Rebecca as the loser she really is. She’s one cold-hearted killa, as we discover in their JAP (Jewish American Princess) rap battle. She drops the mic with, “Call off the suit or you’re dead, C word.” Yikes, such harsh language.

Side bar (literally): as the case is about to go down, Greg tries to get his girlfriend Heather a job at his bar. For no good reason, she gets the job and everyone gears up to watch Rebecca’s showdown on PBS. Unlike everyone else, Greg doesn’t want to watch Rebecca on TV.  Heather sees exactly what’s going on.


Crazy Ex-Girlfriend -- "Josh and I Go To Los Angeles!" -- Image Number: CEG113c_0177.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Pete Gardner as Darryl, David Hull as White Josh, Vincent Rodriguez III as Josh, Rachel Bloom as Rebecca and Donna Lynne Champlin as Paula -- Photo: Danny Feld/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

All the witnesses show up to court late, however arrive in time to sing a powerful ballad, inspiring Rebecca to win the case and make everyone (Josh) proud. If you do get the chance to watch this episode please pay attention to Gay Josh in this scene, who is completely lost the whole time but decides to join in anyway. It’s prime “hidden” LOL-worthy material and a small reminder as to why I love this show.

Back to the action: All witnesses give their testimonies and then comes Bert, the water expert with a PH.D and former employee of Greater City Water. He has files upon files of research proving the corruption at Greater City Water, working there for over 15 years. Now Levine’s witness, she destroys Rebecca’s case with one question. How long have you been diagnosed with schizophrenia? “16 years,” he answers. Shock and disappointment ensue.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend -- "Josh and I Go To Los Angeles!" -- Image Number: CEG113b_0008.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Donna Lynne Champlin as Paula and Rachel Bloom as Rebecca -- Photo: Tyler Golden/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

All hope is lost when … ENTER TRENT. Remember I said that he was a computer programmer or something of the sort? While watching the case via PBS, Trent hacks into Greater City Water’s email system and steals a few emails that prove negligence. With these stolen emails Rebecca can win the case. Rebecca does the unthinkable (yet predictable). She doesn’t present the emails as evidence. As a resident of West Covina, she is beginning to hold herself to a higher moral standard (okay) and decides that playing dirty is no longer her forte. Needless to say, she loses the case and Audra proceeds to rub it in her face. Rebecca doesn’t care, as she would rather be a happy loser with a good heart than a rich, successful, unhappy suit.

Sidebar: Heather notices the way Greg looks at Rebecca on TV and realizes she’s not the one. In an unexpected REPRISE of “Settle For Me”, she urges Greg, “DON’T Settle For Me”, as she can see that he’s clearly still into Rebecca. And after all, she’s way too bad a** to be settled for. She urges Greg to go get the girl.


Rebecca apologizes to the residents for not winning the case and they applaud her, after all she gave them a voice. Being from a world where winning is everything, she’s surprised to find comfort in people that just want to be heard. She expresses to Josh how all she wanted to do was make him proud and that reels him in. As a small-town guy whose skill and intellect pale in comparison to Rebecca’s, he’s surprised that she even thinks about him and his opinion so much. It was this validation that did him in as they grow closer and closer and then …. KISS. KISS a lot.

Like I knew it would happen, Greg arrives just in time to see them through the cracked courtroom door that Paula happens to be guarding. And they are still kissing, for what seems like forever, as we watch Greg’s soul leave his body and Paula cheer from the sidelines. That was hard to swallow and now that that is over, I need some water. Maybe a dip in the ocean? I know I’m thirsty, but I am no match for Rebecca who, judging by next week’s preview, is going to follow Josh to Hawaii. And with this I will say, “Aloha”!

See you crazies next week, Monday night at 8pm, only on Atlanta’s CW!

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