The 100 Recap 2/25

Moral Dilemmas

Since Skaikru has landed on Earth, each individual (if they remained alive) has been met with the inner battle of right and wrong, good and bad, more times than I can count; in fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the exploration of morality is directly written into the treatment of the show. As we have grown to know each character, their decisions continue to shape them. For a few, the line between right and wrong / good and bad still waivers, however most have made their decision and I suspect the time to pick a side is growing near.

Gosh, I sound so serious. Let’s get into this shall we?

Wanheda’s Justice

We begin our grounded tale at the capital. In Lexa’s quarters, Clarke watches Lexa sleep and renders a nice little charcoal drawing of her (that’s cute, I used to draw pictures of my boyfriend too).  Lexa wakes disturbed by her nightmare, or perhaps premonition, of an assassin. By inciting a new creed, ‘blood must not have blood’, she’s betraying the way of her people and she can’t help but shake the feeling that she’ll be punished for it. Clarke, the brain behind the new mantra, assures Lexa that she is doing the right thing – it’s for peace after all.

Titus, Lexa’s right hand man, interrupts them bearing a giant chest, gifted from Rohan the Ice King as a peace offering. Alas, it’s the man the world forgot, Emerson; the last grounder and murderer of Mount Weather and, not to mention, a huge chunk of Clarke’s people.

Bloody and tied up from head to toe doesn’t stop him from going after Clarke like a rabies-infected dog. He is promptly taken away.

Not sure what to do with him, Lexa gives Clarke the decision of Emerson’s fate. Without hesitation, Clarke says that Emerson should die for what he has done to her people. Lexa, who just ignored a whole massacre of her own people at the hand’s of Clarke’s men finds this too ironic, and who could blame her? When it’s retaliation against her people revenge is bad, but if it’s retaliation FOR her people revenge is good? Come on Clarke, you’re going to lose your new boo by contradicting yourself like this.

The 100 -- "Bitter Harvest" -- Image HU306b_0109 -- Pictured: Eliza Taylor as Clarke -- Credit: Diyah Pera/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

The time comes. Clarke stands in front of Emerson, and she is forced to face the reality that she killed his children, his whole family and everyone he once knew. She realizes that killing him would not be for her people but an attempt to slay her own demons. She let’s Emerson live, and Lexa banishes him from the land. Blood must not have blood.

Pike’s Plan 

Thus far it is my understanding that Pike is a power-hungry lunatic, and this episode does nothing to waiver my opinion.  Pike’s men, secretly being followed by Octavia, go out to an open field and take a sample of soil. They see a Grounder boy in the distance who has surely noticed them, and they decide he must die (extreme much?!?). Octavia saves the boy and sees how willing the group is to kill him (just for watching them collect dirt). She knows there has to be something else going on because, honestly, #wheretheydothata.

The 100 -- "Hakeldama" -- Image HU305a_0010 -- Pictured (L-R): Marie Avgeropoulos as Octavia and Bob Morley as Bellamy -- Credit: Katie Yu/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Kane (the inside mole) and Octavia are able to listen in via radio on Pike’s meeting. The collected soil sample just so happens to the best soil they’ve found since landing, but there is one catch (of course!)? There is a grounder village right around the corner. Pike, possessed with the ghost of the most vile of pilgrims, feels the only way to get the land is to take it and kill its inhabitants. Yes, he wants to kill more grounders. Bellamy knows deep down that this is wrong and speaks up, but Pike convinces him that this is what they must do for their people. With Mount Weather supplies destroyed, either they starve in less than a year or they take the Grounder land. Bellamy subsides. You were so close to the right path Bellamy, go back… it’s not too late!

Straddling the Fence 

Octavia, hearing this via radio, knows that she must warn her new people about her current people. She rides to the Grounder village and warns them that they need to evacuate. However, despite how she dresses or speaks, they still only see her as Skaikru, which is fair since she is straddling both sides of the fence here. They devise a plan that appeared to have to do with yellow liquid and a bonfire and then knock Octavia unconscious.

As Skaikru (Pike’s Edition) enter the village to destroy it, the plan soon makes sense. Instead of evacuating, the Grounders hid in the hills and as soon as Skaikru came, they lit the yellow liquid bonfire ablaze with fire arrows. This created a yellow smoke in the air – poisonous ash, rendering the ground unusable and killing two of the Skaikru in the process. #ByeMonroe [I wish I could say that I was all torn up about this, but I was surprised she even made it to season 3. Bye boring character.] This does have an affect on Bellamy, however there’s still no way of telling which way he will turn at this point. Come back to us Bellamy!

Leave All Your Pain at the Door 

Back in Arcadia, people are lining up to receive ‘The City of Light”, and Jaha and Alie are giddy with joy. Abby, on the other hand, doesn’t buy it. As the medic, she runs test on the newly ‘enlightened’ Raven, as all of her leg pain seems to have magically disappeared. Jasper, as you know, is full of pain and he can’t wait to take the magic pill. But Abby, being the mother figure that she is, has to run some tests on this alleged magic pill first. Jackson tells Abby that Raven’s tests came back clear of anything pointing to drug use. She questions Jaha and states that he wouldn’t give anything to Wells without testing it first. Jaha responds, “Wells?” and invisible Alie reminds him that Wells was his son. You could almost see Abby’s thoughts and mind align, as her face said,  “Oh hell no! This man did not just forget his son.” Yes, his son has been dead for a while now, but what kind of magic pain pill would have you erase your only son? If it’s not a drug, it’s something much worse, and Abby intends to find out.

Technical Foul 

Raven, now painless, is restored to her engineer position. This immediately leads Jaha and Alie, who Raven can now see, to ask for a favor. Alie is looking for a program that she is sure was once in space with them. A version 2 of a code she once wrote. They employ Raven to find it. Although, suspicious of the program’s design, wanting to please her ‘saviors’, she agrees.

She searches but comes to the conclusion that the form of A.I. that Alie is looking for can’t be on board. Alie, however insists it was taken into space with them when the Arc launched 100 years ago. This jogs Jaha’s memory of the 13th station that was supposed to be on the Arc that was scrubbed; a station named Polaris (I’ll get back to this in a second). Did I forget to mention that Murphy was kidnapped? Attempting to rob a group of travelers with his new boo, Emori, he was taken captive. He’s okay. I mean, if you call being beaten half to death, okay. But why beat him and not just kill him?

In capture, one of Jaha’s magic pills to the City of Light fell out of Murphy’s pocket. The kidnappers referred to the symbol on it as ‘the sacred symbol’, and they want to know how Murphy came about it. Murphy knows nothing of the symbol other than it came from crazy Jaha. He probably also doesn’t know his location. We later see that this is all going down in the very grounded structure of… Polaris.

Holy Moly, that was a long one! Sorry folks, but when the Arcadians go through it, they really go through it and I have to report! Catch The 100 next Thursday at 9PM on Atlanta’s CW for your next moral dilemma fix. I’m out.

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