Legends of Tomorrow Recap 2/25

Hello Legendary Ones!

I’m so excited to once again be bringing you the travails of our favorite hard-luck and time-traveling heroes (and villains)!  The Legends find themselves in what seems to be a deleted scene from Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome as this episode gets started!  They’ve landed in Star City in the year 2046, and they are confronted by a man calling himself Green Arrow. But very quickly, we learn that while this man may be Green Arrow, he most certainly isn’t Oliver Queen!  That means that when White Canary and The Atom attempt to use their relationship with Oliver to open a dialogue, all he gives them are arrows and just enough time to duck for cover!  Rip returns fire, but Green Arrow’s guerrilla style tactics force a hasty retreat back to Waverider.

Rip explains to the team that the timeline is in flux, and anything they do here in Star City could have dire ramifications.  He’s ready to go, but sadly, the ship is in disrepair due to Chrono’s attack from last episode.  Thankfully, Jax has been reading the ship’s instruction manual (he literally says this!).  The only issue is that the ship’s navigation matrix is messed up, and they’ll need a prototype from 2046 that should have been produced by this year by Palmer, wait, I mean Smoak Technologies. Rip had the foresight to stock two world-class thieves on this crew for just such an occurence.  White Canary wants to join them, but Hunter is hesitant to let her because she might mess up the timestream.  Canary rightfully calls out Hunter for acting high and mighty about manipulating the timestream for his own ends while opposing her desire to make her home a better place in 2046.  He relents and allows her to come, and all she has to do to get him to give in is threaten to beat him up.

On the ship, The Atom, Jax, Hawkgirl, and Stein are getting the ship ready for the prototype it needs.  Jax appears to have feelings for Hawkgirl, and just as he is setting up a chance for them to work on repairs together, Stein volunteers Jax to be his partner, leaving The Atom and Hawkgirl together to engage in some flirting.  I wonder if this is some sort of homage to the old Atom & Hawkman team-ups?  Maybe I am reading too much into this, but it does give me a chance to show off this awesome cover.

comic cover

Stein’s affinity for Jax due to their Firestorm connection alerts him that Jax is not pleased with him and, after a bit of back and forth, Jax reveals his feelings for Hawkgirl to Stein.  Stein tells Jax to be confident and go for it.  He brags a bit about being a ladies man in his time as we saw in the 70’s, which should convince Jax that Stein knows how to attract women. Jax decides to take his advice.

On the streets of Star City, The Rogues, Rip Hunter, and White Canary are making their way toward the Smoak building.  Heat Wave mocks White Canary about the bad guys winning and how her dad was a cop.  White Canary admits he is probably dead, but this cheery conversation is interrupted by an ambush!  They seek refuge in a bus as they are besieged by motorcycle and 4-wheeler punks.  Green Arrow shows back up, which enables our Legends to scramble with White Canary and Rip going to help Green Arrow and the Rogues going to steal (they’re such scamps)!  Before the Rogues can get to their destination for looting, a gang attempts to mug Captain Cold and Heat Wave.  That’s a mistake criminals in 2016 would never make.  The Rogues quickly turn the tables, and Heat Wave kills the leader.  Then, he assumes his position, his tacky fur coat, his 4-wheeler, and his girl.  Cold says it’s time to go, but Heat Wave takes off with his new gang.

After the fight, White Canary manages to corner Green Arrow, who tells her that Oliver Queen is dead, and he doesn’t know who died.  While they have a “friendly” chat, we see Deathstroke and his gang appear!  He’s the one who invaded Star City and took it over!  We quickly learn that this is not Slade Wilson but rather Grant Wilson, Slade’s son.  Despite being outnumbered, White Canary, Green Arrow, and Rip Hunter (who arrived just after Deathstroke showed up) get away.

On Waverider, Jax pounces on an opportunity to spend time with Hawkgirl, while Stein talks to The Atom about the flirting he and Hawkgirl had been engaging in earlier.  Atom acts oblivious that any romantic feelings could have been there, and he tells Stein he doesn’t have any.  Stein reveals this to Jax, only to later find out that his conversation caused The Atom to have those very feelings.  This show is all about how actions affect the future, and here’s a connection to that in the smallest of ways.  Nice touch, guys!

Captain Cold and Heat Wave are at the gang’s headquarters, and Cold is badgering him about finding Rip and Canary and leaving.  Heat Wave loves it here, and he doesn’t wanna leave.  Cold reminds him about Savage, but Heat Wave says it’s all supposed to be about the score.  Cold does his famous annoyed face as we switch to Green Arrow, White Canary and Rip Hunter talking about what happened.  Star City was lost because no one would join Oliver Queen to fight Deathstroke’s army.  People decided to leave instead.  Green Arrow takes them to the old Arrowcave in search of the prototype.  It isn’t there, but Oliver Queen is.  He’s missing an arm, and he has lost his will to fight because he is the only one left.  He gives them the location of the prototype and disappears back into the shadows.  You gotta love the reference to the classic The Dark Knight Returns.  That story hasn’t held up for me at large, but the part where a one-armed Green Arrow helps take out Superman will always be amazing to me,

We also learn during this conversation that Green Arrow 2046 is actually John Diggle, Jr. but he refers to himself as Connor Hawke.  In the comic books in the 90’s, Connor Hawk was Oliver Queen’s son, and he eventually became Green Arrow after his dad died. (Don’t worry, he got better.)  It’s great to see John Diggle, Jr., but I wonder why this couldn’t have just been Oliver’s son from the current episodes of Arrow?  I don’t see why you wouldn’t go that way.

Heat Wave loses his gang when Deathstroke usurps it to find and kill Green Arrow.  Cold confronts Heat Wave and things get really tense between them.  As they are on the verge of fighting, Cold gets Heat Wave to agree to help him get to Canary and Hunter and they can continue to air out their disagreement later.

At the warehouse, White Canary lectures Hunter for not telling more about what he knows, but that doesn’t stop him from finding the prototype they need. White Canary also finds some tech she’s excited about.  Of course, at this very moment, Deathstroke’s gang rolls in and attacks our heroes until The Rogues arrive just in time to save the day!  We’ll have to qualify “saves the day” though because, during the melee, Deathstroke’s gang has managed to capture Green Arrow!  After this fight, Cold and Heay Wave have their chat about staying, and while Heat Wave really wants to stay in 2046, Captain Cold ends the conversation by knocking Heat Wave, well, out-cold.  They all get back to Waverider, where White Canary implores Hunter to go and rescue Green Arrow. Hunter makes the case that none of this could happen. It’s the future. If they go back and beat Savage, he’ll deposit them back in 2016, and they can stop this hellish version of Star City from ever being spawned. That’s not good enough for Canary, who once again points out Hunter’s hypocrisy about changing the timeline just to save his wife and kid but not to help anyone else.  He gives her an hour to save Green Arrow.

Canary heads for the Arrowcave to enlist Oliver who, at first, isn’t having it.  As he bemoans his position, pointing out that he’s “half the man he used to be”, Canary manages to inspire him and give him what he needs to face the evil in Star City: a cyborg arm and a bow!

Back on the ship, Hunter is getting ready to take off, saying it has been 90 minutes, and she isn’t back.  Stein says that the rest of the team should go help, but Hunter disagrees.  Gideon informs them that while Waverider is now ready to take off, they are in close proximity to where Deathstroke will be executing Green Arrow, putting the ship in danger.  Stein’s ready to delve into the action, but Hunter is still worried about being stuck in 2046.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow -- "Star City 2046" -- Image LGN106b_0270.jpg -- Pictured: Steven Amell as Oliver Queen/The Green Arrow -- Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

DC's Legends of Tomorrow -- "Star City 2046" -- Image LGN106b_0248b.jpg -- Pictured: Steven Amell as Oliver Queen/The Green Arrow -- Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Deathstoke has a crowd gathered around and he gets his sword out in order to go Game of Thrones on Green Arrow, but he is distracted by his minions capturing White Canary.  Her capture is just a distraction, though, as Oliver Queen [WITH cyborg arm] nails Deathsrtoke with an arrow just before he was to decapitate Green Arrow.  Deathstroke and Green Arrow start fighting, each calling the other a punk in a Halloween costume.  The fight transitions to Oliver against Deathstroke, as the Legends arrive to save the day!  The gang is no match for the likes of Firestorm, Atom, Cold, and Hawkgirl, and as Deathstroke is getting the upper hand on Oliver, Green Arrow puts an arrow in Deathstroke and kills him.  In the aftermath, Oliver gives Connor his blessing to remain Green Arrow, and White Canary wants to stay and help them rebuild. Oliver reminds her that her mission is important, and as she leaves, Oliver and Green Arrow get to work.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow -- "Star City 2046" -- Image LGN106b_0439b.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Caity Lotz as Sara Lance/ White Canary, Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer/Atom, Ciara Renee as Kendra Saunders/Hawkgirl, Joseph David-Jones as Connor Hawke / Green Arrow, Arthur Darvill as Rip Hunter, and Franz Drameh as Jefferson "Jax" Jackson -- Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

White Canary walks in on Hunter navigating their next destination.  He admits she was right about this, but that in the future, there will be more hard choices, and he has to know that he can depend on White Canary when they are made.  She assures him he can.  Heat wave laments leaving 2046 to The Atom, who tries to console him. Rip says they’ll be heading to Savage where he least expects it…



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