Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Recap 2/22

There’s nothing like Cali-Mexican Food, a fake boyfriend and a lawsuit to reunite two lost souls, or so Rebecca thought…If you missed any of last night’s episode, let me tell you… it was a MOUTHFUL.

The Small Pill

We open with our girls Paula and Rebecca devising a plan to mend the fence of friendship (on the way to marriage) with Josh that Rebecca broke with her weird  broken glass story.

Being the evil genius that she is, Paula comes up with a plan to get Josh and Rebecca to the same place at the same time. By banging it up Josh Chan’s car and having Rebecca get a smog check on her brand new car, they somehow end up at the same mechanic on the same day. Though a bit dramatic and far fetched in my opinion, it actually worked.

Under the pretense of a fake boyfriend named Trent (who actually is a real person they just looked up) and a FAKE coupon for free drinks at Jalapeño Jacks, simple Josh is coerced into hanging out with Rebecca alone… after all, you can’t let a free drink coupon go to waste!

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend -- "Josh and I Work On A Case!" -- Image Number: CEG112b_0159.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Vincent Rodriguez III as Josh and Rachel Bloom as Rebecca -- Photo: Eddy Chen/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

And we are back in the game! (so it seems).

The Placebo

So you think you are enjoying a nice, friendly fake-date with your ex, soon-to-be next, that you’re going to steal from his current, that you tricked to get to dinner, when you are rudely interrupted by all his random a** friends!

Yep, Rebecca’s plan was getting along swimmingly, discussing her fake boyfriend and their fake couple name (Trebecca as it were) and Josh Chan’s broken water heater, when they are literally bombarded by Josh’s friends Hector, white Josh and two other randoms. Their quaint fake date then becomes a dreadful ‘group hang’, which Rebecca deems in her awkward Shakira impression as the ‘killer of romance’.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend -- "Josh and I Work On A Case!" -- Image Number: CEG112b_0206.jpg -- Pictured: Rachel Bloom as Rebecca -- Photo: Eddy Chen/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Romance dead, she is left sitting at the other end of the table from Josh (which is like 3 miles in scheming girl distance) and then gets stuck with the bill of $978 dollars! Now would be a great time for that fake boyfriend to pay on this fake date, as this fake coupon led to a very real freakin’ bill. Insult is then added to injury when Rebecca overhears Josh thanking Hector for being there, as he couldn’t handle hanging out with Rebecca alone after the rock incident. OUCH! I wish I could say I had sympathy for the girl, but this is what happens when you live a lie. You get caught up!

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend -- "Josh and I Work On A Case!" -- Image Number: CEG112a_0425.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Vincent Rodriguez III as Josh (back to camera) and Rachel Bloom as Rebecca -- Photo: Scott Everett White/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

The Test Group

So as we established Josh Chan is getting a little more hip, and all Rebecca’s fake ISH is catching up with her. At this point, Paula and Rebecca realize that fake ish isn’t going to cut it anymore, so they think of a way that Rebecca can get Josh alone all the time, in a very real way. All this is going on at “work” by the way in their job they barely do, but then they strike gold. Rebecca, being a real-life lawyer (sometimes), realizes she must help Josh on a case so they can then have an infinite amount of fake dinner dates.

Incredibly smart and crazy (I know that’s a subjective term), she realizes Josh mentioned that his water heater was broken and after looking up laws all night, she realizes that Josh and his whole building can sue! Now they can eat Italian food, fast food, Ethiopian food… basically, Rebecca’s trying to be fat and in love.


Let’s halt for a second, as Rebecca’s love life isn’t the only star of this episode. You might remember that awkward, on-the-cheek kiss between recently divorced and lonely Darryl and White Josh as they were saying goodnight. Darryl has been wracking his brain over the situation ever since and goes to White Josh at the gym to tell him that he’s not gay. White Josh basically says sure you’re not, leaving Darryl to explore the possibility that he might be. After an interesting gym dance class where Darryl can’t decide which butt to stare at (man or woman), he decides that maybe, just maybe, he is ‘both-sexual’.

I can’t help but LOL in this situation, however I do have to applaud the show for being outside the box on this one. It’s very rare that any show has a recently divorced middle-aged man re-exploring his sexuality. KUDOS Crazy-Ex GF!

The Big Pill

So Rebecca realizes she now has a real case and real time she can spend with Josh, which you would think would make her golden, however she’s not fooling anyone but Josh. Valencia and Greg team up in this episode to warn Josh that Rebecca is just trying to get close to him because she’s into him.

This is 100% true, however, like Rebecca, I didn’t expect Greg to sink to such pettiness as to team up with Valencia, who he doesn’t even like, just to take down Rebecca. He claims it’s under the pretense of protecting Josh, however I have to say I think he’s got his bartender panties in a bunch because Rebecca will never love him as more than just a shoulder to cry on.

Despite Greg and Valencia’s efforts, Rebecca gets the whole neighborhood, including Josh, to get in on the case, and in an interesting twist the landlord settles for 1 million dollars. A healthy sum to everyone else, Rebecca turns it down, claiming there must be a reason he settled so easily. It was obvious her only reason for not settling was that her time with Josh would be over, however maybe Rebecca has a higher calling in West Covina than she realizes. She soon uncovers there is an undercover landlord water scandal going on in West Covina and the surrounding cities.

High on her discovery, Rebecca rushes over to tell Josh the great news and, what do you know, Greg and Valencia were not out for the count, as they found REAL Trent online and invited him to Josh’s place.

Surprised and obviously not wanting Trent (who she has never met before a day in her life) to speak, Rebecca gives Trent a lengthy passionate kiss. I told you this episode was a mouthful, and my mouth was left wide open. We are left wondering if Trent will play along and chant “Trebecca Forever” or expose Rebecca for the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend that she is.

Until then, close your mouths and watch Crazy-Ex girlfriend next Monday night at 8pm on Atlanta’s CW.

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