The 100 Recap 2/18

Delusions of Grandeur

Men, women, countrymen, lend me your ears (or eyes rather), as I tell you the story of last night’s episode of The 100, in which those that were once sane are completely out of their freakin’ minds. Let’s begin shall we.

“Skykru, you’ve got a lot of explaining to do..”

When we last left off, the Skykru people voted Pike to be their new chancellor. His first decree – kill the 300 grounders that stood outside the city to protect them and though we didn’t see the attack, word of mouth from a wounded Indra, and 100’s of bodies tell the story. Pike and his men slayed the soldiers while they slept. And here Clarke and Lexa thought carrying the Ice Queen’s body to Skykru would be proof enough of peace.

Pike’s Rise

Pike, once a simple schoolteacher on the Ark, is now the chancellor with a significant amount of blood on his hands, and of course he couldn’t be bothered. He feels that he did what he did for his people. He gives a powerful speech about a self-sustaining, safe Arkadia and that the grounders basically need to tremble in fear, as this is their land now and he will kill them all – how very Christopher Columbus of him. I was always told, if you don’t know your history, history would repeat itself … I don’t recall, but I’m hoping Pike was a science teacher.

Octavia Warrior Princess

Elsewhere in Arkadia, one of the only people that have a brain left, Kane, helps Octavia escape through the walls and vents, to find Indra.

Calling Octavia a Warrior Princess may actually be an accurate statement. She definitely is referenced as the Pocahontas of this series, and upon seeing “her people”, gunned down and massacred, partly at her own brother’s hands, she’s already chosen a side.

When Lexa and Clarke come upon dead smoking bodies, and find Indra in the rubble, Indra tells them all what happened and that she is only alive because Bellamy convinced Pike to spare her life and make her the messenger.

“Skykru rejects the coalition. You can leave or they can die.”

From this story Clarke is somehow convinced that Bellamy can still be swayed into being their inside man. Octavia sneaks Clarke back in so that she can have a 1-on-1 with Bellamy. Bellamy, who looked as if he had been struck with an arrow when he saw Clarke, is unconvinced by anything she has to say. In his opinion, she turned her back on them and started “playing nice” with those that have been killing his people since The 100 landed. There is a moment where he gives her puppy dog eyes, and for a moment, we think that he’s having a change of heart – SIKE! He handcuffs Clarke and attempts to take her captive. She only gets away and back out of Arcadia by the edge of her teeth – with the help of Octavia, of course.

The 100 -- "Hakeldama" -- Image HU305b_0166 -- Pictured (L-R): Eliza Taylor as Clarke and Paige Turco as Abby -- Credit: Cate Cameron/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

The Leader of the Light

That’s right. That crazy, weird uncle figure you wish would just go away, Jaha, is back at camp! And though to every other sane person, he appears to be alone, he has brought Alie, the hologram woman, with him for mental support (it has to be mental, since no one else can see her a**). Upon return to Arkadia, there is a struggle at the gate with an overzealous guard and Emori’s brother is killed protecting the box that seems to be the source of Alie’s power. As he lay dying, Jaha told him to go to the City of Light because, as he sees it, “death is not the end” and The City of Light is the answer; which is why he has returned – to free the minds of his people.

Talking to a few people about eliminating pain and sounding very much like a cult leader, Jaha is interrupted by a very angry Raven. Raven, who has recently suffered the loss of her only friend/boyfriend, her job and about 75% of her leg use, has continued to be one tough cookie, however, everyone can see that it’s starting to take a toll.

Jaha, catching Raven in a moment of weakness hands her one of the same crystal-like pill things that he handed Murphy earlier this season. With one very [what seemed to be] true statement: “what have you got to lose”, she takes it. Trotting along, her leg almost instantaneously gets better, and she sees Alie. Oh boy.. kids, don’t do drugs.

Blood Must Not Have Blood

Clarke finally makes it back to Polis to speak with Lexa, after her failed plan. However it seems as if she came up with a new one, the speech for which I wouldn’t doubt she had been practicing on the way there. She knows that her people messed up, and she knows that Lexa has every right to forge a way against them. She tells Lexa this as well, and then she says the most naïve thing – don’t. She urges Lexa not to go to war, to ignore the fact that Skyru just massacred 300 well-meaning soldiers. Then, much to my surprise and to Indra’s dismay, Lexa agrees. She will be the leader that does not avenge the blood of her people in order to finally have peace.

This sounds like a great idea. No, truly, with all sarcasm aside, letting bygones be bygones sounds like a great idea. However, something tells me the 11 other nations of Grounders won’t take that plan so well.

There’s only one way to find out and that’s to watch The 100 next week on Thursday night at 9, only on Atlanta’s CW – and really kids, don’t do drugs, no matter which City of Light it promises to take you to.

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