Legends of Tomorrow Recap 2/18

Hello Once Again Legendary Ones!

When last we saw our heroes, they were in dire straits, as half of the team had been captured and put in a Soviet gulag in 1986!  This episode starts off in a strange way, though, as Stein and Cisco are talking…is this the right show?  Cisco keeps talking to Stein about the Firestorm matrix in an administrative but creepy way.  (Sort of like that one guy on your Facebook feed.  You know who I am talking about.)  Stein notices that Cisco is acting strange, and deciphers that this isn’t real.  Vostok, the Soviet scientist who is working on the Firestorm matrix, was playing Cisco after giving Professor Stein a mild hallucinogen-albeit one that wouldn’t hurt his brain.  As Stein adamantly states that he shall never surrender the Firestorm formula and demands better treatment, Vandal Savage emerges and reveals that he knows Stein and the other Legends travel though time, and that he will break Stein because he has an infinite amount of time to do it.

Back on Waverider, Jax is in the medi-bay because he is feeling Stein’s fear, while at the same time Rip Hunter starts a plan to break into the gulag and free The Atom, Stein, and Heat Wave.  The Gulag is known as Koshmar, and no one has ever escaped from it.  While trying to figure our how to break in, White Canary suggests they contact the Bratva, or the Russian mafia.  Of course, this requires a Turkish Bathhouse where Rip Hunter and Captain Cold confront Yuri the Bear about helping them break into the prison.  Yuri doesn’t respect Hunter due to Hunter not having tattoos, and he calls for his goons to take out Cold and Hunter.  Instead, they find themselves on the business end of a pummeling, courtesy of White Canary.  Yuri and Hunter fight in the steamroom, as Captain Cold refuses to get involved.  He’s still quite upset about leaving Heat Wave behind-and rightfully so.  The fight between Hunter and Yuri is pretty brutal, with the larger mobster more than holding his own.  I honestly didn’t think Hunter had it in him to be this physical, but I like it!  After losing the fight, Yuri says he runs goods into Koshmar, and that everyone there is insane.

Inside Koshmar, The Atom and Heat Wave are being escorted to their cell.  The Atom remains polite as they are brought to their cell, and he wonders if they will get blankets later.  Heat wave says they should worry about lasting the night and that they are in trouble.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow -- "White Knights" -- Image LGN104A_0209b.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Caity Lotz as Sara Lance/White Canary and Wentworth Miller as Leonard Snart/Captain Cold -- Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Back on Waverider, plans are being made to rescue the captured Legends.  White Canary and Captain Cold are going down, but Hunter tells Hawkgirl and Jax to stay on the ship, as having then go down is gift wrapping them for Savage.  Before Canary and Cold can leave, though, Hunter pulls Canary aside and shows her an image of 2016 if they do not succeed.  The screen shows Firestorms all over Star City, decimating everything.  He tells Canary that if they can’t keep Stein out of Savage’s hands, she should kill him. Canary then starts to get ready to leave with Cold by her side.  He asks what Hunter wanted, and Canary tried to deflect, but our good (well sorta good) Captain knows exactly what Hunter had asked of Canary.  She tells him what’s at stake, but Cold is appalled.

The Atom and Heat Wave are in a chow line in Koshmar, where the eternally cheerful Atom compares this to scout camp.  Heat Wave is annoyed not just by Atom’s incessant chatter, but also by how Atom conducts himself in prison.  The Atom attempts to chat up one of the other prisoners about where they are keeping Stein.  Another prisoner comes up and starts a fight with the prisoner The Atom was talking to.  Atom objects, steps in to fight the guy, and he gets beaten into the ground (almost literally).  Heat Wave does nothing to help.  In another part of the prison, Vostok has brought Stein something to eat.  Stein tells Vostok to build another thermocore, which should take 8 to 10 years. She then has a different thermocore brought out. The two of them argue about the Cold War.

Stein’s faith that the other Legends are coming for him begins to waver, and Jax uses the same trick that Ronnie and Stein used on Flash.  Man, Stein has to be very scarred up by now.

Atom finally picks himself up off the prison courtyard and is brought back inside, where he asks Heat Wave why he didn’t help.  As Heat Wave basically says the reason is that he’s selfish, Soviet Guard arrive to take the two away.  At the gate, Hunter has pulled up, and after dropping Yuri the Bear’s name, he drives inside and drops off Canary and Cold.  They head off to rescue Stein.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow -- "Fail-Safe" -- Image LGN105b_0114b.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer/Atom and Dominic Purcell as Mick Rory/Heat Wave -- Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Speaking of Stein, Savage has returned to talk with Stein.  Savage shows Stein that he has Atom and Heat Wave all bound and electrically wired, and he proceeds to have them tortured in an effort to break Stein.  Stein tries to play it cool, but Savage reminds him that due to his immortality, Savage has all the time in the world.  In order to keep the Colonel that is doing the torturing from hurting Heat Wave, Atom begins badmouthing the Colonel’s mother.  This causes the colonel to lay the beating on thick, and Stein breaks.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow -- "Fail-Safe" -- Image LGN105A_0301b.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Dominic Purcell as Mick Rory/Heat Wave and Wentworth Miller as Leonard Snart/Captain Cold -- Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Captain Cold and White Canary are maneuvering their way through the gulag, and Cold does it both with style (he’s dressed as a Soviet prison guard) and guile (he talks his way past a different guard.)  Cold decided to break with the plan and head for Heat Wave.  Canary is not happy about it.  While keeping tabs on the mission, Hunter talks to Gideon.  Due to the events unraveling before us, the United States now has a 99% chance of losing the Cold War!  White Canary makes an attempt to free Stein, with guns blazing and shuriken steel filling the air.  She isn’t successful, and Hunter tells her she knows what must be done.

Vostok asks for the formula again.  Stein stalls for time by talking about how he used to love Russian culture, and how she doesn’t know it, but her country will lose the Cold War.  Vostok insists that they’ll change this.

Jax and Hawkgirl are on Waverider, and they finally demand to be in on the action. By keeping these two out of the action, Jax say that Hunter is “playing chess without all his pieces on the board”.  Captain Cold has now reached Atom and Heat Wave’s cell.  Atom is out cold, and the two leave without him after having an argument where Heat Wave stood up for Atom.  Don’t fret, though, as they come back for him in a bit.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow -- "Fail-Safe" -- Image LGN105b_0035b.jpg -- Pictured: Victor Garber as Professor Martin Stein -- Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Stein shows Vostok the formula, but she is skeptical.  She sees the scar on his arm and pieces together that Stein doesn’t just know Firestorm; he is Firestorm! White Canary is set up with a sniper rifle ready to take Stein out, when in flies Hawkgirl with Jax in her arms!  She drops him off, and Jax makes a mad dash across the prison courtyard to hit the breaker!  His knee pops, but he just makes it.  The prison goes dark and the cell doors open just as Heat Wave and Cold (who are now carrying an unconscious Atom) are walking amidst the now escaping prisoners.  The only problem is that they’re dressed like guards!  They make a mad dash, and in the fracas, Heat Wave gets his revenge on the Colonel who tortured Atom and Heat Wave earlier.  Cold points Heat Wave to the way out and then goes to help Canary.

Savage senses Hawkgirl, so he heads towards her but is confronted by Hunter as well.  They manage to get the drop on Savage, who is held off by Hunter’s fancy future pistol!  Hunter also manages to get his watch back, but Savage keeps needling Hunter and talking trash to him about how he memorized his wife and child’s faces.  Hunter coolly leaves…and then blows up the room Savage is in!

Vostok, who has managed to find some very Black Widow looking clothes, is inside the core.  Canary has a chance to take out Stein before he enters the core, but Cold talks her out of it.  Stein and Vostok merge, becoming SOVIET FIRESTORM.  They emerge, incinerating just about everything in their path.  Jax bravely confronts them, and despite taking some hits, he is able to reach Stein inside the mind of the Soviet Firestorm by admitting that he gets why Stein is so hard on him and that he cares a lot for Stein.  Stein is then able to overpower and escape from Vostok, and her unstable powers cause her to melt.  I really hope we see her again as Negative Woman.  I hope that we don’t have to just settle for her, though; let’s see all of The Doom Patrol!

With the day saved, our crew is enjoying a bit of stolen vodka that Cold lifted from Yuri when they find themselves under attack!  Chronos has found them yet again!  They elude him, but not before he tags them with a missile that knocks them out of the tempral zone and into Star City, 2046, which is looking like a Mad Max Movie.  They are taking in their surroundings when “Arrow” appears.  White Canary and Atom start talking to Oliver…BUT THIS ARROW ISN’T OLIVER!  Can’t wait to see how this plays out next week!

See You in Time!


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