The 100 Recap 2/11

Head to Head

As you recall, when we last left the ground the Ice Queen just made a major play by blowing up Mount Weather, killing a good chunk of Skykru (Pike’s Army, Bellamy’s girlfriend) and basically starting a war, right after Skykru was initiated into the coalition, by Lexa , as the 13th clan. Okay, so now that we are caught up, let me rattle your brain with all the head to head battling that went down on last night’s episode of The 100 (again, or more like The 43…42…41).

Bumping Heads

We open with a meeting of the ambassadors (1 from every clan), in which Lexa shakes her finger at the Ice Nation for their act of war. Lexa has the Ice Queen, Nya, dragged out and I have to say, I’ve never seen a woman with scars on her face look so fierce. Unknown to Lexa, she was actually in a coup d’état! Her own ambassadors stand up against her with the Ice Queen and implement a vote to have removed as commander. Nya then challenges Lexa to a duel – winner take the kingdom, loser loses their life. The Ice Queen immediately picks her son to fight her battle for her, and in true Lexa fashion, Lexa picks herself. In her words, “I am the commander, no one fights for me,” which I found to be pretty BAD A**.


Standing While Grounder

Back in Arcadia, Pike has his panties in a bunch about all the men he lost in Mount Weather. However, he doesn’t just blame Ice Nation, he blames all grounders, everywhere. Also effected by the attack? My baby Bellamy, as his random girlfriend was killed in the attack as well (I bet he feels for Jasper now, hmm?). He feels responsible because he told her to stay at Mount Weather and yada, yada, yada, cry, cry, cry.

I know I sound a bit unsympathetic here, however I have to say that the random addition and then killing of Bellamy’s girlfriend was literally just a ploy to get us Bellamy lovers to be mad at him again, as we watch him turn bitter just so he can have ‘skin in the game’. Can’t we just keep him sexy, heroic and awesome?

So they have a memorial for all those lost in Mount Weather, which quickly turns into an anti-grounder riot (thanks to Pike). Lincoln is pelted in the head with something heavy, in need stitches, for simply standing there and being a grounder (all while wearing his guard’s jacket – the irony).

The 100 -- "Wanheda: Part One" -- Image HU301D_0228 -- Pictured (L-R): Ricky Whittle as Lincoln and Marie Avgeropoulos as Octavia -- Credit: Cate Cameron/The CW -- © 2015 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Pike then gets in Bellamy’s ear and convinces him to be anti-grounder as well. They then plot to shoot down the army of grounders stationed not far from the Arcadian walls – an army that Lexa specifically ordered to protect them! Yeah, great idea Pike.

Clarke’s Bloody Headache

Lincoln isn’t the only one that ends up with blood dripping down his skull this episode. Clarke refuses to let Lexa sacrifice herself to the Queen. Lexa, on the other hand, is on some “if this is my destiny” trip. After having a secret pow wow with Roan about him being king, Clarke takes matters into her own hands and goes to see the Queen face to face. She tells her she wishes to change her vote and wants to swear their blood oath, which is done by cutting ones palm with a knife then shaking hands. As Clarke begins the ritual there’s a particularly perceptive teenage girl in the corner of the room who realizes Clarke’s plan. While wiping the knife on her jacket Clarke has poisoned the blade. The girl, later known as Antari, haults the situation and smells Clarke’s sweatshirt confirming – poison. The Queen then declares Skykru enemy of the Ice Nation. Solidifying it by cutting open the girl’s hand, holding down Clarke and trickle by trickle, squeezes the girl’s blood all over Clarkes face. As a message to Lexa – Antari will be the next commander.

Off With Her Head

I’m beginning to think “off with her head,” is among the most beloved Queen sayings in history. The Ice Queen has made it very clear she wants Lexa’s head on a stick and sits pretty on her throne the day of the battle. She and Roan battle it out as all the clans and Clarke watch. Of course, there’s that moment where you’re pretty sure Lexa is going to die, but then no. She gets back up and the tables turn and Roan is met with a spear to his neck. His mother, the Ice Queen, then begins yammering about how if he dies now he will die a coward and not a prince. This then becomes the perfect pause for Lexa to unexpected spear chuck the Ice Queen through the chest! She kills her in one fell swoop then bellows out, “Long live the King!” Clarke should have known better than to count Lexa out.

After the fight, Lexa comes to Clarke’s room in an overly sexy nightgown and they share a few moments of understanding. Sexual tension was oozing out of the television screen.  Alas, Clarke bid Lexa a goodnight and we will all have to wait for our Clexa (Clarke & Lexa) lesbian fix later.

New Head of State

So the new team of Pike, Bellamy and about a dozen other angry followers are insistent on striking down the grounder army, again, there to protect them, before they strike them first. Armed with guns they head for the gate, but are met with opposition by Lincoln, who stalls them just in time for Kane and Abby to stop see what’s going down and arrest them. Pike and crew get arrested, but upon arrest, some random calls for Pike to be on the ballot for chancellor. Bellamy then starts a chant, he will probably later regret. “Pike. Pike. Pike….”, the blood thirsty idiots say as they are taken away to prison.

Incarceration doesn’t last long, as Kane opens Pike’s cell and congratulates Pike on his new position as chancellor and passes over the chancellor pin and Pike insist they go finish what they started.

Great, now all hell will break loose, and everyone’s going to die. Who is excited for Grounder War II? I can’t say that I am, but I can’t see this going any other way. Tune into the CW next Thursday at 9pm to see if anyone makes it out alive.

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