The Flash Recap 2/9

Departure to Earth 2

Anxious viewers got exactly what they wanted (and pretty quickly too) — a glimpse into Earth 2. The opening scene shows Barry zooming around Earth 1 closing all the breaches, except one, with anti-gravity-like footballs. Then, Barry, Cisco and Dr. Wells travel to E2 by way of the speed cannon, yet the breach destabilized in the midst of their travel. This problematic occurrence threatens to leave the travelers stranded in E2 until the breach is restabilized.

Upon arriving in Earth 2, the episode begins to introduce doppelgangers right away. Cisco attempts to “vibe” in order to get Zoom’s location. Ironically, Cisco’s powers fail to work in E2 due to frequency differences that disrupt his abilities. Meanwhile, E2 Barry appears on the news as a CSI reporter sporting spectacles and a bowtie. Earth 1 Barry dashes away, snatches his look-alike and knocks him unconscious in order to assume his identity and gather information about E2. As usual, Barry bites off more than he can chew.

After E1 Barry assumes the identity of E2 Barry, he heads to CCPD where he discovers that Iris works as a detective and is [shockingly] his wife. It unnerves Barry to be showered with affection from his longtime crush. Iris takes him to their house, which is the same house of Barry’s youth from E1. Upon entering the house, Iris informs Barry that he missed a call from his mother. Barry calls her back and finds himself choked up when hearing his mother’s voice for the first time as an adult. It’s a very touching and poignant moment, and one can’t help but to empathize with Barry.

Showdown on Earth 2

Later in the night, Iris takes Barry out for an enjoyable evening at Jitterbugs, which is known as C.C. Jitters in E1. Barry walks in and is surprised to see that Joe West is no longer a detective but a singer. Apart from Joe’s profession, there is a stark difference in E2. Barry and Joe basically hate each other. Joe faults Barry for pursuing further education, which prompted Iris to work with the CCPD to help cover his tuition. He feels it’s Barry’s, or ‘Bartholomew’ as he specifically calls him, fault that Iris now works a dangerous job instead of pursuing her dreams of reporting.

The night continues unfolding at Jitterbugs when calamity ensues. Caitlin and Ronnie’s doppelgangers “Killer Frost” and “Deathstorm” (two nick names that fit the bill very well for villains, while also making a play on Caitlin’s last name ‘Snow’) come looking for Barry after uncovering the E1 breach. Naturally, The Flash faces off against Killer Frost and Deathstorm. While battling, Joe is harmed as collateral damage and is taken to a hospital where he later dies.

Revenge Mission and Showdown on Earth 1

A noticeably more aggressive Iris seeks to avenge her father’s death, so Cisco builds a contraption to neutralize Killer Frost and Deathstorm. He and Iris obtain a lead of their whereabouts and track them to a warehouse. Unfortunately, they find more than expected. In addition to Killer Frost and Deathstorm, Cisco’s super-powered doppelganger “Reverb” (one of the coolest nicknames on the show thus far) emerges.

While Cisco and Iris look to handle their battle, chaos has broken out in E1. With no Flash to protect the city an earthquake causing villain, “Geomancer”, begins power-tripping in hopes of a showdown with the Flash. Since Barry traveled to E2, Jay elects to inject himself with an updated version of Velocity 6, which grants him temporary speed. Yet, before he agrees to take the serum, Jay confessed to Caitlin that it wasn’t Zoom that stole his speed, it was actually adverse side effects from Velocity 6 that he created and consumed in his world. Nevertheless Jay battles Geomancer, Velocity 7 stops working, and Joe steps in to save the day.

Back to the showdown on E2: In dire need of help, Cisco calls out for the Flash, who rushes in and attempts to “save the day”. Reverb zaps the Flash with an energy blast that temporarily disables him and begins pummeling him repeatedly. Zoom bursts into the room and kills Reverb because he gave him specific instructions not to harm the speedster. Zoom then grabs the flash and speeds away. The episode concludes in a heartbreaking way for Flash fans with Barry held captive by zoom. Can he escape AND save Wells’ daughter? You’ll have to tune in next Tuesday night at 8 on Atlanta’s CW!

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