Jane the Virgin Recap 2/8

Crossing Lines

From kissed sweaters to pooped diamonds, last night’s episode took me through a range of emotions — I laughed, I cried, I gasped. Everyone was crossing lines and had their lines crossed, and I loved every minute!

Jane and Hot Chavez

So as you recall, last episode Jane had a sex dream about Jonathan Chavez, her academic adviser, which I mean…Look at HIM! I can’t blame her one bit. But being that he is her adviser she had to tread softly. So, of course, she listens to XO’s advice on how to know if Jonathan was actually interested and would cross that taboo line with her… Don’t get me wrong, like always XO’s advice was well-intended; but like always Jane’s execution was a disaster.

Jane was instructed to follow the signs that Jonathan gave her to know whether or not he was interested, while on a “date” to Rogelio’s set with Jonathan’s mother.

He insists you call him Jonathan and not Professor Chavez…check.

He tells a personal story, dropping formality…check.

He makes physical contact. CHECK (touching Jane’s back as he walks her out to her car to retrieve her forgotten cell phone)

The last and only thing left on the list was the “lean-in,” and boy did he —- to get the car door while Jane, eyes closed, simultaneously leans in, misses and kisses his sweater. So awkward and horrifying…I just can’t. Jane couldn’t either so she hightails it out of there.

Subsequently, this event leaves her writing suffering from censorship and she has to drop Jonathan as her adviser. This leaves him free of guilt, and he asks her on a date (Date with Hot Chavez. So. Excited! Next episode guys)

Matelio and a Pooped Diamond

Rogelio never watches Mateo. It’s nothing personal, except for the fact Jane is deathly afraid Rogelio will end up putting her baby in the E.R. Oh wait. That’s exactly what happened.

But, let’s backtrack here. Rogelio loves Mateo so much he nicknamed him after himself – Matelio, which if you’re acquainted with the character that is Rogelio, you would know that is the highest honor. But, being a soap opera star that probably just started feeding himself for the first time in years, I personally wouldn’t pick Rogelio as my go-to babysitter and neither would Jane. However, backed into a corner and needing a babysitter, Jane says yes.

Upon baby-proofing Rogelio’s house, XO and Jane find the family ring that Glamma (Rogelio’s mother) gave to Rogelio to propose to XO! XO tries it, gets it stuck on her finger, and Jane has to pull it off, at the exact moment that Rogelio walks in. He knows something’s up and they have to come clean, but to our surprise, Rogelio gives the ring to Jane. That’s right, that ring was not for his proposal.

Jane The Virgin -- "Chapter Thirty-Three" -- Image Number: JAV211a_0442.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Jaime Camil as Rogelio, Andrea Navedo as Xo and Gina Rodriguez as Jane -- Photo: Greg Gayne/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.
I was a little crushed, but wait, fast-forward to babysitting time, Rogelio decides to show his infant grandson an unset diamond. Distracted by a phone conversation with a concerned Jane, Rogelio takes his eyes off of the diamond in his hand, and it is gone. Shiny, sparkly and small, sounds like perfect baby food, right? Mateo eats it and is immediately taken to the doctor. A very upset Jane chastises Rogelio and even I had to say ‘Geez Jane’. She was a little harsh to say the least. She later apologizes, and a day and over 3 poops later the ring finally passes.

Back to what the diamond was for, Rogelio finally feels right marrying XO.  He wants it all with her, love, more kids, and the whole nine. He takes the newly sanitized diamond, gets down on one knee and spills his heart out (I literally teared up). But XO, hearing that he wants more kids, takes pause. She recently realized that her dreams were put on hold when she had Jane and she wants the next 20 years of her life to be about Her…Her life and Her career. To that, Rogelio is unsure if he still wants to marry her … Ouch . My heart can’t take this.

Louisa <3’s Susanna – maybe

So Susanna Bernette (Michael’s partner), is answering secret phone calls from Louisa now (I knew she was into her), and the detectives are finally able to decode the chip that they found and dig into Elena (Mutter’s) past a little.

Doing so, they find that Mutter had a stepdaughter. Aging the stepdaughter up and changing some of her facial futures, the detectives realize that Mutter’s stepdaughter is Rose (Sin Rostro)! There was no coincidence in Rose meeting Rafael’s father and marrying him (yeah, just a little weird).

The detectives have Louisa talk to the limo driver, who has been driving the two-faced mother/daughter duo for years, and Louisa makes a heartfelt confession that Susanna hears. Louisa is still very much in love with Rose and waiting for her to come back.

Susanna meets Louisa in secret and while Louisa’s more concentrated on ripping Susanna’s close off, Susanna acknowledges the confession she heard earlier and lets Louisa down easy. Basically, she needs to get over her ex before riding this new ride.

The Trophy Wife

 Not caring enough to give the explanation of how this went down, here is what you need to know: Petra is/was the trophy wife (obviously). She and Rafael are growing closer and closer and in an attempt to save the hotel from losing business, Rafael is reminded of why he fell in love with Petra in the first place. After Petra saves the day Rafael kisses her. I’m not going to lie… I was outraged! Yes, Petra’s becoming a better person and all (yada yada yada) , but I am still team Rafael and Jane (not more than I am team Me and Rogelio, of course), but still, how could he kiss her. In an unexpected twist and a real show of character growth (perhaps too much), Petra rejects the kiss, for the simple reason that Rafael isn’t over Jane.

So we end with an engagement on the rocks, two unrequited hook ups and a very horny Jane, which judging by the next episode’s previews, may lend a sigh of relief. Will our Jane become Jane the Once-Virgin? We’ll have to hold our breaths until Monday 2/22 to find out!

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