The 100 Recap 2/4

Ice on the Mountain

Brrr Its cold in here! I hereby dedicate this episode to Ice Nation because every scene led up to one moment: the moment you find out they were indeed, COLD AS ICE.


The show opens with Clarke still in the grounder capital of Polis, as a very well off prisoner. Refusing to see Lexa for the week because of their history (yep, Clarke STILL hates her), they finally have a pow-wow in which Lexa disposes part of her plan. She wants Clarke and her people (Sky Nation) to join her coalition and become her 13th clan.


Clarke tells Lexa to “Go Float herself” because, of course, she can’t trust the witch after leaving her to fend for herself at Mount Weather. I love how she uses an insult that would only be relevant to sky people (as you can’t “float yourself” on the ground, and a grounder probably wouldn’t get it), yet the intent was definitely understood: you can die Lexa! #nomercy

The Ice Queen sends a messenger to negotiate terms with Lexa concerning the Summit and Ice Nations terms. Lexa, not giving a flying grounder, went ‘this is Sparta’ on his ass, kicking him straight out of the tower window!

At prisoner recess (at least that’s what I’d call this unnecessary amount of light and air for prisoners to plot against their captor), Roan approaches Clarke with a plan. Knowing that she can get close to Lexa, and he has paid off enough guards to get away with it, Roan tells Clarke there will be a knife waiting under her pillow, and when the time is right she should kill Lexa. Clarke refuses, but like Roan suggest, there’s something in her eyes that wants revenge.

Alas, Clarke finds said knife and summons Lexa to her, putting the knife to her throat… but she can’t do it.


The Set Up

So, as you know, Sky Nation has taken to occupying Mount Weather for medical needs, or so was the original intent. However, things looked a little different when Bellamy, his girlfriend Gina, Octavia and Raven came through to get supplies – it looked a more like Pike and his crew were chillin’ in the mess hall like there was no tomorrow.

I’m sure Pike doesn’t understand (or respect) all that they went through on the mountain, so having his crew there was no sweat off his shoulder – an action he would soon regret.

Enter Ice Nation Girl – Remember that girl locked in the cage next to Bellamy last season? She pulls up to Mount Weather to warn them all that Ice Nation would soon be attacking Sky Nation, and that the Summit at Polis was a trap.

Bellamy ensures the crew that she can be trusted and they devise a plan with Ice Girl to storm Polis and save their people. Bellamy, Pike, Octavia and a few others head to Polis while Raven, Gina and Jackson stay behind and try and figure out how to activate the dang missiles in Mount Weather (Pike’s Idea).

Already In Play


Abby and Kane arrive in Polis to find that by this time Clarke has agreed with Lexa (with a watchful eye, of course), and we see flashes of the assassin getting ready to assassinate as the crew is storming up to the Summit meeting to stop him… or so they think.

No matter how hard they try, Raven and others can’t figure out the codes to crack the Mount Weather Missiles, which I think would have been unrealistic if they did some how figure it out… (If only they hadn’t killed all the Mountain Men!)

The Strike

So the more and more the crew climbs Polis to the top to stop the Summit, the more and more something feels off. We keep getting flashes of the Assassin, however the crew being led by the [trustworthy?] Ice Girl doesn’t seem to be getting anywhere near them, or even in the same place.

They reach the Summit and interrupt Sky Crew getting inaugurated as the 13th nation and divulge their knowledge of the assassin. And then they hear crickets. No one knows what they are talking about and the Ice Girl seems to have disappeared and can’t clear their story.

As it seemed, the assassin wasn’t at Polis but at Mount Weather the whole time! He heads to the room Gina’s occupying and greets her with 3 stabs to the back, then detonates Mount Weather’s self destruct function! With what little breath she has left after getting attacked, Gina radios Raven and Jackson chases after the assassin, who is already heading for the hills.

Unfortunately, the assassin gets away, Gina dies from her stab wounds, and all of Mount Weather explodes! Bye Pike’s men. Bye Bellamy’s Girlfriend who seemed to come from nowhere! Hello brand new war! (Just what the Ice Queen wanted).

Raven and Jackson, who were outside Mount Weather during the attack, radio Bellamy with their condolences and now all of Polis knows that all of Ice Nation was out for blood. If the attack didn’t solidify it, a representative of Ice Nation there made it clear.

In a secret Ice Nation gathering in the woods, the Ice Queen is seen for the first time [in all her iciness] and next to her, a man that we all forgot about, that made all this happen… the last of the mountain men… Emerson, the assassin.

So we learned the Ice Nation are ruthless as heck, and this season just got a lot more intense. Watch The 100 next Thursday at 9:00pm on Atlanta’s CW to find out if there’s an all-out war.


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