Legends of Tomorrow Recap 2/4

The More Things Change

Hey there, Legendary Legion!

Sorry I missed you last week, but I’ve returned to catch you up if you missed Legends of Tomorrow last night and impress all the folks around your office (or your YouTube Channel comments, whichever)!

After the startling death of Hawkman last week, our crew of Legends have united in tribute to his sacrifice.  Before we pick up the fragments of that catastrophe, we’ll have to start in 1700 BCE in Ancient Egypt! Vandal Savage is doing his priest thing at the time, and a stranger emerges in an attempt to kill him.  That stranger is Rip Hunter, Time Master!

In keeping with the time-jumping nature of the show, we’re now back in 1975, and the Legends are stuck in that year until Hawkgirl recovers from being stabbed and the jump ship gets repaired after Chronos damaged it.  Hunter tells Jax to take a look at the jump ship since he is an auto mechanic.  Apparently in the future, jump ships on time machines will have the same basic structure as cars do now, or else I have no idea why Hunter would ask Jax to look into it at all.  Jax agrees to do so.  Hunter commands everyone else to sit still for a bit.

White Canary walks in on Hunter as he is looking at a picture of his son.  Canary calls Hunter out and insists that he has no plan, and Hunter agrees, because how can you kill an immortal?  White Canary draws on her League of Assassins training to point out that there are all sorts of weak points one can have without death being one of them.  She suggests that they should go after his money.  Hunter admits it could set Savage back decades, so Hunter then excitedly has Gideon track down where Hunter keeps his fat stash of cash, and off they go!

In the medical bay, Martin Stein and Ray Palmer are puzzled over how best to assist Hawkgirl, who has several fragments of the dagger used to stab her last week still inside her.  In addition to being very uncomfortable, these fragments are killing her.  Ray Palmer says he should shrink down with his Atom suit, go inside her, and blast the fragments.  I’m of the mindset that if real medicine was like this, I would have become a doctor.  That’d be the coolest job in the world!  Stein says they should run tests because the suit may not work properly in that environment.  Palmer says there’s no time; I’m pretty sure there’s a law that someone has to say that once in every superhero movie/comic book/episode.  That’s not a bad thing, mind you.

Gideon manages to track down Savage’s money, and he says he will be going alone.  White Canary insists on coming with him, but he says she should bring no weapons.  Hunter starts feeling a bit sorry for himself here, but that just brings on our lovable Rogues, Heat Wave and Captain Cold.  They say they want to come along because they know about banks.  Heat Wave’s also tired of being cooped up; he proclaims that it will soon make him make poor choices.  He wants to hit Hunter, but Cold keeps him from doing so in order to lift a key from Hunter.


Palmer has now shrunk down into The Atom, and Stein injects him into Hawkgirl.  Palmer is flippant at first as he roams inside Hawkgirl, making jokes about the Titanic and the amazing arcade classic Asteroids!  He is also 100% correct; blasting apart these dagger fragments (dagments?) is a lot like Asteroids, especially when a small bit of one slices right into his suit!  How could he have played Asteroids and not have been ready for that? Palmer exits Hawkgirl, as his suit has lost containment.

White Canary and Rip Hunter saunter into the bank, where they are told that the deposit must be worth 10 million dollars just to have this private bank hold it.  Keep in mind that’s in 1975 dollars.  I am pretty sure that in today’s economy due to inflation, that would be ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD.  Rip maneuvers his way into a meeting with a bigwig in his office, and while he hacks what appears to be the world’s first PC, White Canary informs Rip that these guys at this bank aren’t on the up and up.  Rip thinks such a notion is hogwash right up until the point where the bankers and the security guards (who White Canary notes appear to be South African mercenaries) attack them.  This includes the bigwig they were just talking to.  He now has a katana.  Rip and Canary make short work of these mooks, despite the bigwig telling White Canary that she “brought a knife to a sword fight.”  Rip is dismayed that White Canary brought weapons, even though said weapons are currently saving his life.  I really love the choice of music for this fight scene!  White Canary goes into a bloodlust, and Rip Hunter stops her from killing the bigwig.  White Canary calls herself a monster.

The Rogues head down to the jump ship and say they are just checking on Jax, who informs them that the jump ship could hit Mach 3.  Jax apparently learned how to fix AND operate the jump ship by reading the manual (maybe he read that manual with Barry Allen-like speed?).  The Rogues want Jax to take them out on a heist of the Maximilian Emerald.  Jax refuses and says they can just shoot him.  Captain Cold smooth talks him, and Jax says that even if he wanted to take them out, he couldn’t because they need a key … the same key Captain Cold boosted off of Hunter earlier (of course)!

Stein talks to Palmer, telling him they will do better next time.  Palmer says there’ll be no next time.  Stein tells Palmer he should have confidence in what they’re doing, but Palmer’s confidence level is on ‘E.’  Stein starts using different types of rhetoric to get Palmer to be confident, but instead Palmer just gets upset that Stein doesn’t recall him from the time when he was Professor Stein’s student.  Stein is irritated and informs Palmer that the suit is Hawkgirl’s only chance.  Palmer looks pensive.

Hunter and Canary question the bigwig, who we find out is named Blake.  Blake asks Hunter what Hunter’s name is, and if he is the Gareeb.  Blake says the Gareeb is their order’s oldest monster and enemy.  What order?  Glad you asked.  These folks worship Vandal Savage and have through the ages!  This revelation causes Hunter to reveal that he had gone back in time to attempt to assassinate Savage prior to assembling our Legends.  This is what we were seeing at the start of the show.  He hesitated, which ended up with him being captured.  Savage then called him Gareeb.  Hunter is upset with himself for not finishing the job; White Canary attempts to assuage him by informing him that it’s hard for good men to kill, but Hunter finds that cold comfort as he looks forlorn in the way that someone does after they hear, “Let’s just be friends, ok?”

We’re off to Central City, 1975, as the Rogues and Jax have no trouble lifting the Maximilian Emerald.  It looks a lot like kryptonite; could it possibly tie into the upcoming Flash/Supergirl crossover?  I have no idea, but that’d be sort of awesome if it did!

White Canary and Rip Hunter keep questioning Blake, who tells them of a Vessel that Savage has.  This vessel, is Carter Hall (Hawkman)’s body!  White Canary and Rip Hunter are seriously upset at this aberration, and they go to get his body back!  Hunter contacts Gideon to assemble the team, but she informs them that Jax and the Rogues are not there because…

Captain Cold now has the emerald, and he demands to be taken to his old neighborhood.  Turns out that he wanted to steal the emerald because his dad gets arrested attempting to steal it, and after he gets out of prison he will be a violent man toward Cold’s mom and a young Captain Cold himself.  Cold doesn’t care at all if this move screws with history because, “History screwed with me first.”  Chilly line, right? [Come on, I had to do it once!]


Stein is talking to Palmer now about having a loss of confidence of his own…when Palmer was Stein’s student.  He says his acting like he didn’t recall Palmer was all a ruse to get back some of his pride.  He said Palmer is the only student he ever had that intimidated him, and he isn’t sure why Palmer isn’t so cocky now because he was the best student ever.  Not gonna lie, I thought this was great!  What isn’t quite so delightful is the sad story of Palmer losing his fiance and being powerless to prevent it but having to watch the event unfold as he was trapped.  He said his initial attempt (failure) to save Hawkgirl made him feel powerless again, which is something he had sworn would never happen after his fiance’s death.  Stein says he can’t save her, but he can save Hawkgirl.

Blake takes White Canary and Hunter to the party where The Vessel is being held, and he says they’ll need him to find it.  All he finds, though, is the trunk of the car after White Canary knocks him out.

The Rogues are now at Captain Cold’s house, and he meanders through his childhood home.  He seems bothered by all of the trinkets of yesterday.  As he sees his teddy bear he turns around to see…HIMSELF.  His younger self was thirsty and asks if Cold is a friend of his dad’s.  Cold says sort of, and then he informs his younger self to never allow anyone to hurt him, neither in his head nor his heart.  He doesn’t use that flowery language, though.  At this moment, Cold hears his Dad cock a gun behind him.  Cold sends his younger self to bed and turns around to confront his Dad.  Cold says he knows about his upcoming attempt to nab the emerald, and he gives it to him.  Cold informs him to never lay a finger on his wife or child, and that he’d just kill him now…but otherwise his sister would never be born.  Cold’s dad is freaked out by this!  Cold remarks to his teammates later that he thought he’d feel different, but he doesn’t.

Hunter and White Canary try and blend in in what appears to be a weird formal for the Hellfire Club of X-Men lore at this point, but don’t worry; it’s gonna get even weirder in here before it’s all said and done.  While dancing to blend in, Hunter informs White Canary that he sees her as no monster, but that she can change to get better to drive past her bloodlust.  They see an opening to delve deeper into the complex, and they do so by using the old “drunk girl needs to use the restroom” routine on the guards.  For real, that always works.  The room in here looks a lot like The Police video “Wrapped Around Your Finger,” except this room holds Hawkman’s body, so it’s less creepy than the video, which has a living Sting.  Of course, right about the time they try and start making something happen, Blake and a cadre of guards arrive and take the two heroes into custody.

Stein has located three fragments, and Palmer transforms back into The Atom and goes for it, sparing just enough time to wonder how Jax puts up with having Stein in his head all the time.  Palmer does his job well, despite losing his confidence for a bit and having to get nudged by Stein.  Palmer then reveals that he knows that Stein doesn’t recall him, and Stein cops to it but says he had so many gifted kids that there’s just no way he could possibly recall all of them.  He lied to give Palmer the boost he needed.  Palmer says he was great, and Stein says he would have gotten better grades if he was that great; Palmer, though, was talking about saving Hawkgirl!

Hunter asks a creepy guy about the body, and they respond that the source of Savage’s power isn’t money; it’s belief.  Savage literally has a cult following, and as we see more of them, the scene switches from that of the aforementioned Police video to what appears to be the movie ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ (which Heat Wave will point out in a bit).  Savage tells them that after their last strike against him, he was afraid he might have to wait awhile to find his attackers; that’d be no issue for him, he boasts, for immortality has taught him patience.

Savage also shares a form of immortality with his followers by having them drink Carter Hall’s blood.  So they’re vampires?  Sort of?  As Savage’s cult starts chanting, Hawkgirl comes out of her coma chanting it as well.  She informs Stein and Palmer that Hunter and Canary are in trouble, and they tell the Rogues and Jax to meet up with them at the location of Savage’s Kubrick Cult.

Savage attempts to discern why Hunter hates him so much, and he takes the locket that holds Hunter’s picture of his wife and child.  He realizes he hasn’t killed them yet and says he’ll have something to look forward to.  Just as Savage is putting Hunter on blast for not having any followers, in come the Rogues and Jax to save the day!  Heat Wave makes his Eyes Wide Shut joke as he frees White Canary, who then joins in on turning the tide against Savage!

White Canary is told to make a getaway with Carter’s body as Hunter and Savage square off!  Hunter wins and slits his throat, but he tells Savage his wife’s and kid’s names as he does it, enabling Savage to possess said information when he heals from the wound.  Savage says he’ll focus on finding and killing them.  For a Time “Master”, Rip Hunter makes lots of what are seemingly rookie mistakes.

Hunter checks the timeline, and it remains the same.  He tells Gideon to get a lock on Savage so they can head in his direction.  Cold asks if the timeline has changed a bit later, and now his dad goes to prison for trying to sell, rather than trying to steal, the Maximillian Emerald.

We see Carter’s funeral now, as everyone pays their respect and Hawkgirl asks Carter to come back to her.  Everyone agrees they’ll all have to be in it together from here on out.  Gideon says it looks like Savage resurfaces in 1986.  The team mentions parachute pants, but I am pretty sure those aren’t en vogue until 1989 or so.  I was alive then; I remember!  The team is off to 1986, and we’re off to the next episode!


See you in Time!


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