Jane the Virgin Recap 2/1

When Inspiration Strikes Out

Though I haven’t said it before, I will be saying it now and implore you to pay attention in the future – Someone needs to do something about that cute baby Mateo’s little foot! I know it doesn’t sound like a huge threat, but it’s always getting Jane in trouble!

This week, Jane finally makes headway with her thesis. She writes all night just to have her laptop ruined by orange juice, by way of Mateo’s first crawl, losing said thesis. This then leads to a whole new adventure in which Jane learns a life lesson. Granted, most JTV episodes have that undertone of ‘Jane learns a personal lesson’, this one really lays it on thick and is basically the episode’s main focus.

He was a Sk8r Boy, She was a Jane

Lena, Jane’s best friend, convinces Jane to “get her groove back” by getting some virgin action. After all, it’s been six months since she last kissed Michael. Lena takes it upon herself to make Jane a dating profile in which Jane briefly explores her options.

Her first actual date with a cute scientist guy; Jane imagines him, her and Mateo on the beach exploring sea snails. Needless to say, Jane was too clingy and scared off the 24-year-old scientist prompting him to block Jane from his profile.

Her second date is actually with the flirty guy from the computer store, who’s an A1 sk8r boy. Jane ventures to the skate park and catches some air on her first board ride (in a bad way). She shares a kiss with the random sk8r and imagines her life with him, her and Mateo at the skate park – that bubble is busted by the fact that sk8r boy actually already has a girlfriend!

Her mother and Abuela remind Jane that she has always been a serious person and maybe, just maybe, she’s not the ‘date a rando’ type, but a relationship person. With being distracted from dating, the thought of losing her thesis is now out of her head and Jane can see clearly now! She rewrites her thesis (even better than the first time) and rewrites her dating profile to match herself and not Lena. She gets 0 matches, but now sees even more clearly that Jonathan, her professor, is her perfect match! As you guessed, that steamy kiss they shared on the preview was imagined, but I’m sure they will share a kiss in the future! And I’m sure it will be just as exciting… and judging by next week’s preview, even more awkward..

Past Inspiration

Back tracking just a little, we last left Rafael drugged by his mother and the detectives Michael and Barnett just figuring out said mother was actually international crime boss Mutter.


Fret not people, Rafael was actually okay, and Mutter left him right were she dropped him, as he did not produce what she wanted most, the flash drive!

But where could it be? Upon racking his brains on the tragic loss of his ex-partner and ex-lover Nadine, Michael examines their last moments together.

He comes to conclusion that her death was his fault, as he didn’t trust her like he should have. However, on their last meeting, she “accidentally” cut him on the leg and reassured him if this operation didn’t work, “It’s on you”. And she meant that quite literally! Michael realizes that she didn’t just cut him, but she gave him an implant! And the chip that Mutter is looking for was actually embedded in his leg!

Will serious Jane find serious love with her unknowing love interest? Will Michael and the crew out smart Mutter and save the day? Will Lena mind her business? I guess we will find out next Monday at 9:00pm on Atlanta’s CW! And if you miss it, a sarcastically-worded Jane-inspired recap will be right here waiting.


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