Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Recap 2/1

One CHEEKY Episode 

When we last left our crazy heroine, she finally let that 170lb monkey wearing an “I love Josh Chan T-shirt” off her back! That’s right people, she said it and now that she said it what is she going to do about it? This cheeky episode is all about her plan to woo Josh by taking a blast to the past – Summer Camp.

The Small Pill

Wanting a way to re-spark her connection with Josh, Paula and Rebecca decide the best way would be to recreate the feelings of when they just met. Hmm, conveniently Josh is a counselor at a camp every year (to his girlfriend Valencia’s disdain). Inspired, Rebecca pays off the camps director and buys her way into the camp, deeming herself ‘The Director of Female Empowerment’ (she went to an ivy league college, she can do that) and gets on the bus!

Elsewhere in West Covina, Greg must confront his commitment issues with Heather, Rebecca’s hipster neighbor, when she asks him to be exclusive. And Rebecca’s boss, Darryl, invites the crew of boys over to offset his loneliness.

The Placebo

Oh yes, the fake ish (seems to be a lot of it in this show) – Rebecca under the guise of a ‘caring counselor’ attempts to be there for a giant gaggle of teenage girls. When I say giant I don’t mean big group, I mean these girls are BIG compared to little ‘ol Rebecca, who they nick name Cabbage Patch Kid; I’ve been saying there’s something in the water. She ironically advises the girls to stop focusing on boys, as that gives them power over us as women (the pot says to the group of kettles). They of course act like the devil teenage spawn that they are, resulting in Rebecca having a black eye and a ‘let’s take a selfie’ date at Blowy Point, with Josh. Unknown to Rebecca ‘Blowy Point’ isn’t named for it’s outrageous winds … and we’ll leave it at that!

Minor setback: Rebecca ends up at the nurses as she has an allergic reaction to mosquitos. Though the trip’s not going terribly, Rebecca is getting closer to what she wants – alone time with Josh and an opportunity to read him her heartfelt letter written by teenage Rebecca to teenage Josh.

Back at Darryl’s – Darryl happens to be striking out with the guys, so what’s the least desperate, most logical thing to do? He hires women for the party! (Via Sophisticate Party Casting: 25 Sophisticated women there in less than 30 minutes!). This actually goes over well and everyone has a good time. ‘White Josh’ stays after to help Darryl clean up, and he reassures him that he is his friend. They share a moment and Josh hits Darryl with a kiss! Yes, a kiss! Granted, the kiss was on the cheek; it ended with a wink and, just like Darryl, I was left dazed and confused. #gaywhitejosh?

The Big Pill

Did you think a black eye and an allergic reaction to mosquitos were going to stop her? Rebecca made her way up to Blowy Point, letter in hand, a windbreaker on her back and lots of freaking courage. Seriously, I had to take a deep breath for her at this point because reading basically a love letter to your ex is a very cringe worthy moment, that went exactly how I thought it would. Josh Chan laughed. Laughed at adult Rebecca pouring out the heart of 16-year-old Rebecca with feelings that have never changed. Oh the agony. She doesn’t finish her letter and trots down Blowy Point defeated.


And if I felt it, you know Rebecca felt it – that deep punch in the gut of rejection. However, being that she was the self appointed Director of Female Empowerment she now had to get in front of the girls camp and make a speech. Needless to say she doesn’t make it through without breaking down; confessing she’s in love with a man that will never love her back and how small she feels. She’s deemed #thirsty by the camp girls and only garners their sympathy when she is brought to her knees in tears. #poorcabbagepatch

In a twist of irony, the devil teens empower Rebecca and advise her to never put a man first! They sing like a pop super group that Rebecca should ‘Put herself first in a sexy way….for him’; Speaking to the fact that as revenge, women tend to make themselves over for self esteem… and attention. I thought that was kind of a secret, but now that it’s not, I do find it an intriguing social point to pick apart. (Thanks Crazy Ex GF for social female enlightenment)

Positive Reinforcement

 Though I don’t happen to be a Josh fan, I will say one thing –he’s a nice guy. This is probably what prompted him to give Rebecca’s trashed letter a second look. On second glace he finds in it the validation he had been missing from his life (and his girlfriend). “I believe in you and you make all the difference in the world to me” were the words by sixteen year-old Rebecca that late 20 something year old Josh needed to hear. He confides in Rebecca that no one has ever understood him like she has, and he is very appreciative. So appreciative, in face, that he kisses her!…On the cheek! Yet another a cheek kiss … which according to Paula can mean nothing, something, or EVERYTHING.

I guess we are going to have to wait to find out how much Josh’s cheek kiss really meant next week. Don’t forget to watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on Atlanta’s CW every Monday night at 8:00pm or if you miss a moment, come back here and catch up with our recap.


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